Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss: The CBS News Journalist Lost 22 Pounds With a Healthy Diet!


Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss: The CBS News Journalist Lost 22 Pounds With a Healthy Diet!

Nancy Cordes who currently works as a reporter for CBS News has reportedly lost around 20 pounds. Some claim she was suffering from a sickness that caused her to lose weight, while others claim she lost weight simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Nancy is in better shape than she’s ever been for whatever reason. Keep reading the article to learn more about Nancy Cordes’ weight loss journey with before and after pictures.

Nancy Cordes (born on August 10, 1970) is an American media personality and one of the country’s most well-respected journalists who is best recognized for her current position as CBS News‘ chief congressional correspondent. Nancy contributes to all CBS News platforms on a daily basis.

Cordes has covered key issues in this capacity, including the escalation of the fight over President Barrack Obama‘s healthcare reform. She was a key component of CBS News’ congressional election coverage in 2008 and 2010, and she flew with the Obama campaign for the 2012 campaign coverage network.

Nancy also formerly worked as a correspondent for ABC News in New York from 2005 to 2007, covering major news events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War, and the 2004 election. She previously worked for NewsOne, an ABC News affiliate news program, as a Washington correspondent (2003-04). Cordes has also worked as a reporter for WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., prior to joining ABC News.

Nancy Cordes is a journalist, and those who watch the news see her on a regular basis and a significant change can be observed in her, as the American media personality has lost a lot of weight, and admirers are curious as to how she did it. So there you have it: here’s everything we know about Nancy Cordes’ weight loss journey.

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Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss Journey: How Did the Multiple Award-Winning Journalist Lose Weight?

Nancy Cordes (@nancycordes) is a well-known journalist who works for CBS News and her official Instagram account currently has 2745 followers. Nancy is currently one of the most fascinating people due to her weight loss of approximately 22 pounds.

A large glow up on the journalist in addition to the weight loss is clearly noticeable on the journalist. Nancy appears to be healthy and confident, but she has yet to reveal the explanation for her miraculous transformation.

Some believe she has adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost weight in order to stay fit and healthy, while others believe her health condition is one of the causes of her losing weight. Given that there is now no material on the internet indicating that the journalist is ill or has become ill, the logical conclusion that Cordes’ weight loss was caused by something else appears to be the best explanation.

It’s not simple to lose 22 pounds, especially when you’re in your 50s. Looking at her before and after pictures, Nancy Cordes clearly put in a lot of effort during her weight loss journey, but she has yet to reveal how she was able to achieve such a dramatic makeover. She has managed to attract the attention of everyone who is now attempting to reduce weight and achieve a flawless body.

However, because she has not explained how she was able to lose so much weight, her supporters may only conjecture at this time. It appears that the journalist started working out and eating a healthy diet.

Additionally, because Nancy Cordes’ weight loss was so extreme and occurred in such a short period of time, some people assumed she was suffering from a sickness. People who are sick and have fatal conditions tend to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.

However, there are no official sources or proof that Nancy is afflicted with any sickness. In fact, it can be seen that she appears healthier and better than before as noticed on television and in her Instagram images. As a result, Nancy Cordes losing a significant amount of weight due to a disease is nothing more than hearsay.

It’s also very uncommon for women to undergo significant changes after becoming a mother. A mother’s body goes through a number of changes during the nine months of pregnancy. Nancy Cordes underwent a significant weight loss journey, as does every woman who becomes a mother.

On the other hand, some physiological changes may be unexpected and catch some women off guard. It’s unclear whether she gained weight before the pregnancy or as a result of hereditary problems.

Whatever the explanation for Nancy Cordes’ remarkable change, it is undeniable that she looks fantastic for a woman her age. Nancy’s supporters hope that one day she would open up about her weight loss journey and explain the method she utilized to achieve such a dramatic transformation.

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