Nick Crompton Weight Loss: How Much Weight Has He Lost?


Nick Crompton has undergone a dramatic weight loss in recent years.

Nick Crompton has had a very noticeable weight loss since 2019. The English social media influencer used to look quite bulky and massive just three years ago. Now, he has gotten trim and fit. You can check out his new look on his Instagram page and it will be obvious that Nick Crompton has had weight loss. What won’t be obvious is what he did to lose weight because he has yet not shared anything about the journey of his transformation.

Nick Crompton may have gone viral and kind of truly become an ‘internet’ hold name after he appeared in Jake Paul‘s music video and ended up as a meme material because of his rap verse ‘England is my city’ but he was not a nobody before. He was already a social media influencer though he was not quite known as he became later. He was a YouTuber-turned-executive at that point.

He co-founded a social media marketing agency Social Chain in 2015 and began building some of the biggest global brands. Nick Crompton came up with strategies for 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Apple. He also became the COO of the popular web group Team 10 which is when he did that song with Jake Paul. He departed the group in 2018. The same year, he was appointed as a Senior Director of Global Content & Artist Strategy at Universal Music Group.

Anyway, the point is he is a very well-known public figure with a sizable number of followers on Instagram. Since last year, his followers have been very interested in getting the deets about his physical transformation. He has drastically changed in the last few years and his fans want to know how he lost so much weight. What kind of diet did he follow? What kind of workouts did he start? Let’s get more into Nick Crompton’s weight loss!

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Nick Crompton’s Weight Loss: He Has Gotten Slimmer Than Before!

Nick Crompton has had a drastic weight loss in recent years. houseandwhips.comNick Crompton has had a drastic weight loss in recent years.
Image Source: Business Insider

Nick Crompton (@nick) has undergone significant weight loss in the last few years and fans are shocked to see his dramatic physical transformation. Though we don’t exactly know how many pounds he shed, we can tell it’s a lot because he has gone from fat to fit.

So, you have seen Crompton rapping his soul out in his ‘England is my city’ verse. Of course, you have seen it. Everybody’s seen it. It’s that one thing that put him on the map, the one thing he is most known for. Do you remember how he looked then? He was quite massive. Fat as some people would say. Now, he does not look the same anymore. He has gotten a whole new physique after his weight loss.

Yup, Nick Crompton has gotten a whole new body, you might have noticed because the transformation he has been through is not exactly subtle. It’s very visible which is to say he has lost a lot of weight. Many fans are curious to know how much he weighed then and how much he weighs now, but that information is not available in the public domain. All we know by looking at him is that he used to be heavy before but he has had weight loss in the last few years and he is heavy no more.

Nick Crompton’s Tips For Weight Loss!

Nick Crompton has not shared how he lost weight. houseandwhips.comNick Crompton has not shared how he lost weight.
Image Source: Business Insider

The entrepreneur really went from fat to fit and got everyone talking about his new body. Fans were stunned to see him when he debuted his new look after his transformation in 2022. They were very impressed obviously but mostly surprised because they had no idea that he had embarked on a weight loss. He never shared that he was trying to lose weight and get fit. Not that he is obliged to tell everyone of his journey but he never talked about his weight so, people never thought his physicality bothered him and so, they never took him to be someone who would try to transform himself.

In late 2019, Nick Crompton took an unofficial break from social media. At the time, he was heavy but he broke his social media hiatus two years later in 2021, he was no longer the same. He had undergone dramatic weight loss and had gotten much slimmer. He went away when he was fat and he returned back fit and slim and trim. He looked amazing and he looked so athletic. His physique was impressive.

But how did he get that impressive physique? Just what did he do to lose weight? What diet did he follow? What workout did he do? Nobody knows. He seems to have disappeared in time for his physical transformation only to reveal his new body after weight loss. He was quiet during the process and he showed only the results. He didn’t share the whats, whys, and hows. So, don’t ever ask Nick Crompton for weight loss tips because he does not seem keen on sharing the details of his physical transformation.