Olivia Flowers Plastic Surgery: The Southern Charm Star After Nose Job and Lip Filler!


Olivia Flowers from Southern Charm has been very honest about her plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Olivia Flowers has been very candid about getting plastic surgery. The Southern Charm alum has not just shared about the cosmetic procedures she got but she has also revealed her surgeon. She looks completely different after her nose job and lip fillers. It does not look like Olivia Flowers would have been able to successfully hide the fact that she had plastic surgery even if she wanted to. Check out her before and after pictures. 

It’s unbelievable how quickly Olivia Flowers has risen in terms of popularity, I mean, it’s barely been two years since she debuted on Bravo! reality television show Southern Charm. She now has more followers and clout than some of the other cast members who have been on the show from its very first season. She has gotten way ahead of them. She really won at the reality game. Maybe she’s learned it from when she appeared on MTV’s Teen Cribs in 2009.

She is not just a reality star but she is also an actress who has done several projects. She has worked in three short films Chasing Waves, We Follow You, and The Check, and she has also done a television show titled We’re Pretty Terrible. She’s not new to screen and she’s certainly not a new face to the public which is how they know that her appearance has changed drastically and why they suspect that she has had cosmetic procedures. Let’s find out about Olivia Flowers’ plastic surgery!

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Southern Charm: Olivia Flowers’ Plastic Surgery; Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Olivia Flowers (@oliviabflowers) has been very open about the plastic surgery she has had. She has revealed that she has undergone a nose job and lip fillers. She has also discussed having Botox that one time.

Olivia Flowers has been very candid about her plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comOlivia Flowers has been very candid about her plastic surgery.
Image Source: Us Weekly

You might have noticed that Olivia from Southern Charm has started to look unlike herself these days. Just scroll through her Instagram page and see if you can recognize her. I bet you won’t be able to because a lot of her fans are having trouble placing her because of how drastically her appearance has changed. She looks like a completely different person. So, why wouldn’t people suspect that she has had plastic surgery?

Olivia Flowers looks like everyone but herself. And it’s not just that she looks completely different and unrecognizable from before but it’s also that she now looks like the archetype of an Instagram influencer. She looks very generic in that regard and the way she looks, perfectly polished and refined and very aesthetic, has unofficially been dubbed the ‘plastic surgery’ look. That’s how everyone can tell she has dabbled in cosmetic procedures but even if people couldn’t tell that she has had artificial enhancements, she would reveal it herself.

That’s right. Turns out she’s not the one to shy away from the choice she made of not staying natural and going under the knife to get the appearance she wants. I guess she feels empowered by owning up to what she did without hesitation. If that’s the case, good for her. More celebs should follow in her footsteps instead of perpetuating the unattainable beauty standards.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Has Olivia Flowers From Southern Charm Had?

Anyway, the point is Olivia Flowers has been refreshingly honest and open when it comes to her cosmetic surgery. In December 2022, she shared a photo on Instagram that sparked speculations about cosmetic work. She looked very unrecognizable in that photo because she had a whole new face there. As people started going wild with their theories, she put a stop to it when she admitted to having plastic surgery as a response to the question if she had work done on her face.

Olivia Flowers has admitted to a nose job, lip fillers, and Botox. houseandwhips.comOlivia Flowers has admitted to a nose job, lip fillers, and Botox.
Image Source: Yahoo News

She not only confirmed going under the knife but also revealed who her cosmetic surgeons were. She actually tagged cosmetic nurse injector, Zach Childress (along with a lip emoji) and the two plastic surgeons of Profiles Beverly Hills, Dr. Jason Litner and Dr. Peyman Solieman (along with a nose emoji). I don’t think that she could have been clearer than that about having a nose job and lip fillers. That’s the most informative admission of plastic surgery I have ever seen.

Olivia Flowers also once mentioned having Botox on her lower face which rendered her unable to smile at all. She said that she learned then not to ever get Botox before filming because it’s not good to be on television with botched Botox set in on the face. That’s all the plastic surgery she has admitted to. Nose job, lip fillers, and Botox.

Even if the Southern Charm alum hadn’t admitted to it, people would have known anyway (but it’s great that she didn’t try to lie about the change in her appearance) because really, on looking at her before and after pictures, they can’t seem to get over the extremely small nose she got. As they said, Olivia Flowers had a small and normal nose before but now it looks too pinched and small for her face. They wonder why anyone with an already tiny nose shave it to be almost non-existent. Plastic surgery was absolutely not required there.

They also can’t stop talking about her overly-filled lips. Also, some of them suspect that she has had her jawline shaved or something done to her jaws. If she had had any cosmetic work on her jaw, she has never admitted to it.