Has Porsha Williams Received a BBL? Lipstick Alley Update!


Has Porsha Williams Received a BBL? Lipstick Alley Update! houseandwhips.com

Porsha Williams previously denied all the allegations about receiving a BBL. However, some Lipstick Alley users believe her butt wasn’t the same before and it looks way too bigger these days.

Porsha Williams, whose full name is Porsha Dyanne Williams Guobadia, is an American television personality who gained fame through her appearances on the reality television show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, from 2012 to 2021.

Later, she left the show in order to star in her spin-off series, Porsha’s Family Matters. Additionally, she was also the co-host of Dish Nation from 2013 until 2021. Known for her outspoken and vibrant personality, Porsha has been involved in numerous controversies and dramatic moments. Currently, she is making headlines as she is one of the contestants of the new Fox game show titled Stars on Mars.

On the other hand, many people have recently accused Porsha Williams of receiving a BBL as they believe the size of her butt has increased drastically in recent times. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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Porsha Williams Has Denied Receiving a BBL Multiple Times!

Porsha Williams (@porsha4real) has always been proud of her appearance. However, many netizens people she might have received a BBL ( Brazilian butt lift) as they believe her butt looks slightly bigger than she had before. However, she previously denied the allegation.

Porsha Williams claims she hasn't received a BBL. houseandwhips.comPorsha Williams claims she hasn’t received a BBL.
Image Source: Instagram

On February 2, she shared a video on her Instagram which her husband posted. In the video, she said “BBL where?” laughing away the rumors while pouring a wine. Meanwhile, Simon explained in the caption, “For starters, she got Yoruba ancestry and Decatur GA – all rolled into one perfectly formed posterior.”

Porsha Williams even went so far as to say that if she wanted to get the surgery done, she wouldn’t be afraid to say so, considering how frank she was when she had her breasts done. After a follower accused her of receiving a BBL, she responded,

You follow me so you already know I would be just as proud to show my fake a** like I did in naming my fake breast ‘Coco & Chanel’! Why be negative? Why don’t you want this message to land for girls or women who feel the need to be perfect because of the ‘gram! Why can’t I try to help with that so-called celeb body image! If people or even me want to get lipo, fine, but we should feel good with our regular ol’ self as well! We are normal just like anybody. It’s good to be reminded sometimes between my edited photo shoots and glam post! Be blessed.

While we’ve all been a fan of her transparency, many of us are still not convinced of the fact that she hasn’t received a BBL. Regardless of what the truth is, there is no denying that Porsha Williams looks absolutely stunning, and we appreciate her for being always responsive to fans’ queries. Nevertheless, we will surely get back to you again as soon as we get any updates.

Here Is What Users in Lipstick Alley Think About Porsha Williams’ Possible BBL!

Lipstick Alley users debate on Porsha Williams' possible BBL. houseandwhips.comLipstick Alley users debate on Porsha Williams’ possible BBL.
Image Source: Instagram

Even though Porsha Williams denied receiving a BBL, some Lipstick Alley users have expressed their views about her butt. One user wrote,

I don’t know if she got a tune up with her new man or what but she is full BBL status at this point and I don’t like it. I was blind but now I seeeeeee!!

Similarly, another wrote,

Her body before was perfection, body dysmorphia is one hell of a drug.
I’m geeking at simons reflection on the elevator door…

Meanwhile, some users believe Porsha has bigger buts from the beginning. (@Naka689) wrote,

No, Porsha’s always had a big butt… if anything, she’s giving Lipo 360. She had that waist snatched in a little bit, probably got tired of y’all accusing her fat ass of being pregnant. She looks goodT.