Robert Herjavec Plastic Surgery: The Secret of Looking Young!


Robert Herjavec is suspected of having plastic surgery including Botox and a hair transplant.

Robert Herjavec is suspected of having plastic surgery to de-age himself and look young. The businessman allegedly has had Botox and a hair transplant. He has never admitted to having plastic surgery but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by people that Robert Herjavec’s receding hairline has grown longer and his wrinkles are not as pronounced as before. 

Robert Herjavec was brilliant as an investor in the business reality series Dragon’s Den. He seemed to know exactly what he was looking for and people loved that about him. So, he went on to be featured on several versions of the show, including the American version of ABC’s Shark Tank, the Australian Network 10 version also titled Shark Tank, and the Canadian version of CBC’s Dragon’s Dens.

He might be mostly known from Shark Tank but did you also know that Robert Herjavec is not just another businessman but he’s a self-made millionaire who founded BRAK Systems? He also is the founder of The Herjavec Group which is now one of the largest information technology and computer security companies in Canada. He has been receiving much attention lately because of the way he looks. People think he’s had plastic surgery but has he? Let’s discuss!

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Robert Herjavec’s Plastic Surgery: How Does He Look Younger Than Before?

Robert Herjavec (@robertherjavec) is believed to have undergone plastic surgery in order to look younger than his age. He supposedly de-aged himself with the help of Botox and a hair transplant.

Robert Herjavec looks as though he's had plastic surgery to look young. houseandwhips.comRobert Herjavec looks as though he’s had plastic surgery to look young.
Image Source: Fox News

Herjavec has started to look a bit different and younger than before and it has not escaped his follower’s notice. People continue to be surprised at how youthful he looks in some of his recent Instagram pictures as if he could be someone half his age because it was not always that way. He didn’t always look that fresh which is to mean that he had already started to age. Now, it looks as though he has gotten plastic surgery to reverse the aging.

Robert Herjavec legit looks like he has de-aged himself in some of his pictures. He looks very young in such pictures and in such a way that it does not look natural at all. Something about his skin just looks artificial (in some photos, he looks as if he’s been edited to oblivion) and that’s where people come in with speculations that he has had plastic surgery in order to grasp onto his youth.

Going by the way he looks now compared to a few years before, it appears as though he was scared of aging so, he got cosmetic treatments to not look old. But whatever it is he has had did not do very good for him because his pillowy complexion does not do him any favor. Sure, he does not look as old as he did before but many would say he looked better when he looked old than how he looks now. So, plastic surgery made him look young but at what cost?

What Plastic Surgery Has Robert Herjavec Had?

Robert Herjavec is suspected of having Botox and a hair transplant. houseandwhips.comRobert Herjavec is suspected of having Botox and a hair transplant.
Image Source: Fox Business

Also, what plastic surgery, one might add? Well, it has to be Botox, right? I mean, what else can change people’s complexion and make it look that waxy if not the anti-wrinkle injection? There are many people who counter that he couldn’t have had Botox because if he had them, he would not have wrinkles and lines on his face which he still does. But even they would have to admit while Robert Herjavec is not completely smooth, his wrinkles are less pronounced than before and seem to be fading. It must be that his Botox is wearing off.

Besides Botox, he seems to have had a hair transplant as well. He has been very open about his struggle with hair loss. He used to have a receding hairline not long ago now, he’s grown it out and his hairline seems full. It has to be plastic surgery, right? There are rumors that he uses different types of hair systems to cover up his balding areas. But his hair does not look like it’s a hair system.

Whatever it is, Robert Herjavec has never revealed and so, we don’t know if he has had plastic surgery to fix his receding hairline or not. He has also never addressed the rumors about him getting Botox. People truly believe that he has de-aged himself by getting cosmetic treatments because he did not like being bald and looking old but note that, he has never admitted to having plastic surgery of any kind. As far as he is concerned, he is not concerned with all the rumors going on about him.