Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery: What Has She Done to Her Face?


Rosanna Pansino has had way too much plastic surgery on her face.

Rosanna Pansino hates it when her followers ask her if she had plastic surgery but fans cannot help wondering that because the YouTuber looks completely different from before. Her face has completely changed and it looks like it’s due to Botox, cheek fillers, and lip fillers. Rosanna Pansino has denied having plastic surgery except for the time she revealed that she had breast implants when she had them removed.

Rosanna Pansino is one of the most popular internet personalities in America right now. One of the highest-paid content creators on YouTube, she was ranked first on the list of Top Influencers: Food List by Forbes in 2017. She’s penned and published two cookbooks based on the internet series Nerdy Nummies she’s hosted since 2011 (she has won a Shorty Award and been nominated five times for Streamy Award for her hosting). She’s also released a baking line.

Besides the cooking and influencing, Rosanna Pansino’s also done a bit of acting. She acted in the web series Broken Quest in 2013 and in the YouTube Premium Series Escape the Night in 2018 and 2019. She has been the host of HBO Max series Baketopia in 2021 as well. She also happens to be a classically trained singer who released her debut single Perfect Together in 2015. On a totally unrelated note, let’s discuss her plastic surgery because why not?

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Rosanna Pansino’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Wrong With Her Face?

Something has happened to Rosanna Pansino‘s (@rosannapansino) face and people think it’s Botox, cheek fillers, and lip fillers. She had to have had plastic surgery because what else would change her look so dramatically?

Rosanna Pansino is believed to have had too much plastic surgery on her face. houseandwhips.comRosanna Pansino is believed to have had too much plastic surgery on her face.
Image Source: Us Weekly

So, you might have noticed that Pansino has started to look way different from before. It’s jarring to see how drastically she changed in such a short time. She used to look so cute and adorable but not anymore. People have said that she now looks like a bizarre caricature of who she was and I don’t think there’s a more apt description of her appearance. Looking at her, it does not take a genius to figure out that she has had plastic surgery because there’s absolutely no subtlety to it.

It’s very sad that Rosanna Pansino felt that she had to get cosmetic procedures and that she might have felt pressurized to meet the beauty standard to look young as she was aging because look at what an absolute mess she has made of her beautiful face when she didn’t have to. Ironically, the procedures that she got to retain her youth have aged her even more. She looks much older than her age with plastic surgery.

The anti-wrinkle injection has made her look like a wax figurine. The YouTuber looks very off with Botox on her forehead and specially, on her cheeks and around her mouth. She just looks so hard and smooth on the forehead like marble. As for her face, she looks shinier and not in a good way, a healthy glowing way, but in a plastic way. Now, she’s got that wide-spread clown mouth that comes from having too much Botox. Too much plastic surgery can never be good for your looks.

Also, Rosanna Pansino’s lip fillers! Why did she get her lips filled so much? They may not have been full before but she looked just fine with it. Now, it’s protruding from her face so much it looks weird. Some people think that it may not have been that way because of lip fillers at all. They argue that her lips may have swelled because of the hormone injections she had been taking to freeze her eggs and not because of plastic surgery.

But the majority of her followers are not convinced as they seem to think that she just sounds like she’s had filler. As a Redditor put it, people who get too much lip fillers and distort their mouth are just unable to talk the way they used to and she seems like one of those. Well, she does sound weird and different than before. She talks like she has something in her mouth and come to think of it, she started to sound that way since her lips got bigger. So, it really seems to be plastic surgery after all.

Rosanna Pansino also seems to have had some work done on her chin and something on her eyes. Too much work and she chose just the worst doctor because she looks very strange and not young at all. A fan of hers said that she should get a refund from her surgeon because she looks awful now and I do not disagree with that one. She certainly did not intend to go for what she got with that plastic surgery.

Insane amount of botched surgery. Looks more like a silicone doll every video.

Rosanna Pansino Has Always Denied Having Plastic Surgery!

Rosanna Pansino has denied having cosmetic surgery on her face. houseandwhips.comRosanna Pansino has denied having cosmetic surgery on her face.
Image Source: Medium

The most frustrating thing about this whole thing is that she still continues to pretend that she’s all-natural and she has not done a thing to her face. I mean, come on Rosanna, you aged more than a decade in six months and you look like a mannequin. Do you really think you can have your followers think that you have not dabbled in plastic surgery at all? They have eyes and your cosmetic procedures are the most obvious thing in the world.

Not that Rosanna Pansino is in any way obliged to divulge if she has had artificial enhancements because she’s not and she gets to be private about it in case she doesn’t want to share it with the world but it’s the straight-up denial that annoys her followers. I mean, if you don’t want to talk about it, just maintain silence but no, she gets visibly irate when people ask her about it and says that her face is all-natural when it’s obviously not. She’s just insulting the intelligence of her followers by denying that she has had plastic surgery.

What her fans don’t get is why can’t she be open about getting work done on her face when she had no problem talking about her breast implants. Oh, and by the way, did you know that Rosanna Pansino had breast implants? Nobody ever even suspected as much till she revealed that she had them after she took them out. In 2021, she made a post on Instagram and shared that she had gotten plastic surgery to enhance her breasts 13 years prior to that and that she had decided to finally remove them. After surgery, she explained why,

Surgery was a success! I’m so happy about going all natural! While I don’t regret getting augmentation 13 years ago, I’m at a place in life where I’m just as happy without them! They even took my natural fat cells and filled in the missing volume💕Everything came out so good! They look amazing!

If only Rosanna Pansino could be just as open about the plastic surgery on her face! Maybe she will reveal that she’s had Botox and fillers on her face all along if and when she decides to get them dissolved.