Ryan Day Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Fillers and a Facelift?


Ryan Day appears to have had plastic surgery because of how unnatural he looks. houseandwhips.com

Ryan Day appears to have had plastic surgery is what people have been saying after his recent appearance. The football coach looks very unnatural in that his face looks swollen and he can’t even open his eyes properly because his cheeks are so puffy. Ryan Day is suspected of having Botox, fillers, and a facelift because of those reasons but he has never admitted to having plastic surgery. 

Ryan Day currently serves as the head football coach at Ohio State University. He was the 24th in line to coach the players there and he has held that position since 2019. He has done a good job at it as his recent victory would show. His position might have been locked there since the 2018 season when he was named acting head coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes for the first three games, all of which he won, while Urban Meyer was placed on administrative leave.

Having attended the University of New Hampshire where he played quarterback and linebacker for the Wildcats from 1998 to 2001, he has had a brilliant coaching career since 2002. Anyway, this season, it’s not his coaching or career that’s the highlight, it’s his appearance and the speculations that he has had plastic surgery. People can’t help but think that he is without cosmetic procedures after looking at him because he looks so weird and unnatural. Let’s discuss Ryan Day’s plastic surgery!

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Ryan Day’s Plastic Surgery: The Secret of His Unnatural Looks!

Ryan Day (@day.ryan) is suspected of having plastic surgery including Botox, fillers, and a facelift because he does not look his age (he does not seem to have aged normally) and appears very weird and unnatural.

Ryan Day is believed to have had plastic surgery to look younger. houseandwhips.comRyan Day is believed to have had plastic surgery to look younger.
Image Source: Sports Illustrated 

He is currently the coach of the moment as he recently led the Ohio State Buckeyes to victory over Notre Dame, 17-14, and everyone’s talking about that. As the game is being discussed and replayed a ton, people have begun to notice something weird about his appearance. They have noticed that he looks very unnatural in a way that he is unlike other regular people. And people have a hunch that it’s because he has had plastic surgery.

Because surely, why would Ryan Day not have aged and developed a few wrinkles and lines like men in their forties? And also, why would he look like a mannequin? Some of his followers have described him as a mannequin and they don’t seem off in their description because he literally looks like he could melt any moment. He had been accused several times of wearing makeup and was mocked for it in the past. Now, it looks like he has taken a heavier step forward and gotten plastic surgery.

His face screams artificiality and if he had hoped to not look old, not look his age when he had the cosmetic procedures, he has certainly achieved that but if he had imagined that he would retain his looks from when he was young and preserve his youth, he must have been disappointed with the results of his plastic surgery because no way can he be said to possess any of the youthfulness to his looks that he had before. Now, he just looks uncanny valley.

Ryan Day looks like a person who you could learn from what not to do with your appearance and how to avoid messing with your face. He could show you the reason why you should let nature take its course and age normally and not intervene in its process. He could be the poster child for anti-plastic surgery.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Has Ryan Day Had?

Ryan Day has not admitted to having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comRyan Day has not admitted to having plastic surgery.
Image Source: ESPN

With his pillowy skin complexion and unusually smooth (and slippery)-looking appearance, Ryan Day appears to be a wax figure. How he does not have a single line and wrinkle suggests that he had had Botox while how puffy and swollen his face has become screams fillers on his part. Also, what’s up with his non-existent and creepy skin texture? What’s up with that unnatural perfectness if not plastic surgery?

Like one fan put it,

His cheeks and facial coloring always creeps me out.

Also, has Ryan Day had a facelift? Why does his face point upwards like it has been snatched? And why does his eyes seem so small? It was not always like that. He had to have his face lifted to make it tighter right? Only his overdose of fillers seems to have come in the way and made his eyes disappear because we can’t really tell if his eyes are closed or open. They are just narrow slits resting above his inflated cheeks now. He must rue the day he got plastic surgery, no?

Watching him on Game Day this morning. Did this guy get a face lift? I don’t think he could close his eyes if he wanted to…

Note that these are just plain speculations on our part and no matter how unnatural he looks, we can’t confirm that Ryan Day has had plastic surgery because he has not yet admitted to it. So far, he has not even addressed the discussions going on social media about his appearance.