Sara Davies’ Weight Loss: What Kind of Tablets (Pills) Has She Been Using?


Sara Davies’ Weight Loss: What Kind of Tablets (Pills) Has She Been Using?

Many people are curious to know if Sara Davies used any kind of tablets (pills) for her weight loss. Well, the rumors are completely fake as she claims to have lost weight with her workout routine and strict diet.

Sara Anne Davies MBE, aka Sara Davies, is a British businesswoman, entrepreneur, and television personality. She started gaining fame in 2019 after she joined the panel of the BBC television program Dragons’ Den for its seventeenth series, replacing Jenny Campbell. Aside from that, she is the founder and owner of Crafter’s Companion.

Recently, Sara has been in the news after she launched her Christmas home range with QVC. She took to Instagram to give her fans a first look at the Sara by Sara Davies range. The post has received more than 500 likes in 19 hours. She also mentioned in the video that more home units would be available soon and that many people seem to love the product.

On the other hand, we’ve recently discovered that people have been curious about her early life, especially her weight loss transformation. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Sara Davies Has Not Used Any Weight Loss Pills or Tablets!

Sara Davies (@saradaviescc) has inspired many of her fans with her weight loss. Although many people criticize her and think she has been using some tablets or pills to lose weight, the news is just a fake rumor. She started getting concerned about her weight in 2021, and she joined Strictly Come Dancing to improve her weight.

Sara has been in the news for her weight since the beginning of her career. If you guys have been with her in her journey you might have seen her weight fluctuation.

Although she has been very healthy since her early days, she has tried to lose weight through different methods. Recently, in 2023, she seems to have had the biggest success in her life, as her weight loss has inspired many of her fans.

Sara Davies was rumored to use weight loss pills (tables). houseandwhips.comSara Davies was rumored to use weight loss pills (tables).
Image Source: Instagram

Sara’s recent weight loss has amazed many of her fans. While some of them are motivated by her, some of them have been accusing her of using pills and tablets to lose weight. The Internet wants to know the exact details of her weight loss and if she has been using any shortcut methods to achieve her current looks.

What Tablets (Pills) Has Sara Davies Been Using?

There have been rumors that Dragon Den‘s contestants have been using a pill to reduce their weight. Not only rumors, but the fake product has also posted a picture where people on Dragon’s Den have seen a before and after look. Rumors have been flooding all over the internet, and the scam email has also offered contestants to use their medicine for weight loss.

After seeing the flyer for the product, many people started criticizing all the contestants, including Sara Davies. Well, if you are still believing the flyer of the fake product, let us tell you that it is a scam and many known people are just being involved without any reason. Sara has not taken any medicine to lose weight.

How Did Strictly Come Dancing Help Sara Davies With Her Weight Loss?

In 2021, when Sara Davies joined Strictly Come Dancing, she mentioned how necessary it was for her to join the show. She was warned by her doctor that her BMI was too high and that she needed to lose roughly two stones to get back into the healthy zone. The worry made her join the show, and it turns out she had a good decision.

Sara Davies suffered from gestational diabetes for a long time. houseandwhips.comSara Davies suffered from gestational diabetes for a long time.
Image Source: Instagram

Sara had been facing her health problems since she was pregnant with her first child. She suffered from gestational diabetes in both her first and second pregnancies. Although many people face gestational diabetes problems during pregnancy, only some people face them after giving birth, and Sara is one of them.

After eight months of joining the dance show, when she was asked about her weight loss, she didn’t mention losing any weight but said that she felt fresh and loved the new thing. She also said that her husband, Simon, has been reaping the rewards of her healthier lifestyle and is loving her toned physique. She stated;

I don’t know if my BMI has changed, but I feel great. I hate going to the gym, but I’ve just been prancing around feeling a million dollars with my trousers falling down. Simon is not a complimentary person. He’s the one who keeps my feet on the ground. While everyone else is telling me how awesome I am, he won’t overdo it.