Simon Callow’s Husband: What is The Actor’s Relationship with Sebastian Fox Like?


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Simon Callow's Husband: What is The Actor's Relationship with Sebastian Fox Like?

Simon Callow’s husband is Sebastian Fox. He works in tech. The couple met in 2012 through a mutual friend. After getting to know each other for a few months, they moved in together. After about four years, Simon Callow tied the knot with Sebastian Fox and took him as his husband.

Simon Callow is known and loved for his comedic roles in A Room with a View and Four Weddings and a Funeral despite the fact that he came into prominence as an actor when he played the titular role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the 1979 Petter Shaffer play Amadeus for which he was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award.

He has the most perfect comic timing which earned him BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performances in both. He has also appeared in Maurice, Howards End, Shakespeare in Love, and The Phantom of the Opera.

He is a very lively person and very charming as well. People just adore him, not just because of his acting but also because of who he is as a person. He has managed to keep himself interesting to people even after working for decades in the entertainment industry. One thing people want to know about him is his relationship with his husband. Let’s learn more about Simon Callow’s husband Sebastian Fox and what they are like together!

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Simon Callow’s Husband: The Actor Got Married to His Spouse in 2016!

Simon Callow is married to his husband Sebastian Fox. The couple tied the knot in 2016.

Simon Callow first met Sebastian Fox in 2012 through a mutual friend. Nobody ever thought that they might end up together and in four years, they were going to be husband and husband because they were from vastly different worlds and they were not in the same age group either. When they met, Fox was 29 and working as a management consultant. That might have sounded boring to Callow who had been in the arts all his life and was 63.

But something about the management consultant Sebastian Fox might have intrigued Simon Callow because not long after, he would take him as his husband. They began dating shortly after they met and over a period of four or five months, they got to know each other really well. They developed a very strong bond from early on despite their differences. Or maybe BECAUSE of their differences.

Simon Callow met his husband Sebastian Fox in 2016.

Simon Callow met his husband Sebastian Fox in 2016.
Image Source: Telegraph

Simon Callow said that the differences between him and his husband were strength. He did not treat those as obstacles to overcome. He said that one of the things he loved about his spouse Sebastian Fox was that he adored what he did which is totally different from what Callow does. He was a management consultant who later went to work in tech and the actor never found it boring.

Simon Callow likes how complementary they seem in terms of the skills they have. His husband Sebastian Fox has masses of skills and analytical powers that Callow lacks completely but he has other attributes that Fox lacks. If you think about it like that, they complete each other and that’s the most romantic thing about them. The differences in this case are truly their strength and something that keeps them interesting for and interested in each other.

Sebastian Fox said that their relationship works with the difference because they do not want to be soulmates to each other and they have their own interests. According to Simon Callow’s husband, the defining aspect of their relationship is that they were living their lives on solid and shared foundations, that they did stuff together all the time but they were not necessarily living in each other’s pockets. Callow says,

We are radically different from each other, in many ways, despite this crucial thing, which is we have got this terrific sense of the meaning of commitment to each other.

So, the pair hit it off despite the differences and after dating for a few months, they moved in together. It was sooner than they expected but Sebastian Fox needed to move out of his flat and Simon Callow and himself took everything in stride. Not that it was a difficult choice but they had barely been together. And not long after they moved in, they began thinking about marriage.

Simon Callow and his husband have an age gap of 34 years.

Simon Callow and his husband have an age gap of 34 years.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

Simon Callow is one of the earliest public figures to come out of the closet. He came out in 1984 in his book Being an Actor for which he was praised. Because he is one of the first ones to come out, it might seem hard to believe that he originally resisted the idea of same-sex marriage. But he did and only sometime later he came around to believing that gay couples deserved the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. His husband Sebastian Fox must have changed his belief.

Simon Callow said that when he met his present husband Sebastian Fox, he knew immediately that all those years something in the back of his mind had been telling him that though his past relationships had been passionate and fulfilling, they had not been comparable to the marriages of his heterosexual friends and they too were built for permanence. He said,

I am a gay man. I am in love with my partner and am deeply committed to him, as he is to me. We intend to stay together until the day one of us dies. There is a word for that sort of commitment: marriage.

Simon Callow got married to his husband Sebastian Fox in 2012.

Simon Callow got married to his husband Sebastian Fox in 2012.
Image Source: The Irish News

When he understood that, he got married. Simon Callow tied the knot with his ‘glamorous and fantastic and beautiful’ Sebastian Fox on the Greek island of Mykonos. They vowed to be together forever and took each other as husband and husband in a private wedding ceremony that was a lively affair that ended with the actor making his way home at the end of the night in fits of laughter.

About choosing Greece as their wedding venue, Simon Callow said,

I just love it there. But it is also a very conscious decision to embrace civilization and culture, one of the very few instances where homosexuality was an actual integrated part of society. It’s wonderful to make such a great commitment, such a great affirmation of love, in that almost innocent landscape. That pure world.