Snooki’s Weight Gain: She Has Been a Victim of Online Body Shaming!


Snooki’s Weight Gain: She Has Been a Victim of Online Body Shaming!

Snooki recently admitted to facing many problems due to her weight gain. After her second pregnancy, she has been facing a fluctuation in her weight, which has led her to be the victim of online body shaming.

Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, aka Snooki, is an American reality television personality. She gained fame after she was introduced by MTV in the reality show called, She Really Going Out with Him? Recently, she has been in the news after she slammed every negative comment she has been facing. Why did she face a backlash?

Snooki faces many negative comments due to her weight. Recently, she posted a 3-minute video clip replying to the backlash on TikTok. In the video, she talked about how the negative comments have been draining her mind. She also talked about her mental health in the video and asked her fans to stop bullying.

After the video went viral, many people started to wonder more about Snooki’s personal life. Some people also have questions about her weight gain. In this article, we will be talking about the bullies she faces due to weight gain and the reasons behind her transformation. Let’s get started.

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Snooki Recently Addressed the Criticism She Faces Because of Her Weight Gain!

Snooki (@snooki)has been struggling with her weight gain for so long. After giving birth to her second child, she started gaining weight, which seems to be a huge problem in her life. She has tried to shed weight many times, but each time it backfires on her physical appearance and she ends up gaining some. This has led her to be a victim of body shaming.

Snooki has faced many problems due to her weight gain throughout her life. Talking about her early days, she was not the same as her current look. She used to be thin and lean when she appeared on the MTV reality show. After her first pregnancy in 2012, she started facing weight fluctuations in her life. At that time, she claimed to have lost 42 pounds post-pregnancy.

Snooki before and after weight gain. houseandwhips.comSnooki before and after weight gain.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

Pregnancy weight gain and loss are normal things, but at the time when Snooki lost some weight, many were concerned about her health. She also seemed to be worried about her health at the time, but after consulting with a doctor, she was relieved.

After shedding some weight, Snooki started working out and maintaining her weight. She said that if she doesn’t workout she will gain weight gain. After a year of giving birth to her first child, she was 96 pounds and while people criticized her for her weight, she admitted that 96 pounds was normal for her. She stated;

People are jerks. I don’t look emaciated — I look healthy! My arms still jiggle when I wave! I’m 4-foot-9, which is the size of a third grader, so weighing 96 pounds is normal for me. People ask me why I’m still working out — I’ll gain the weight back if I don’t.

How Much Weight Did Snooki Gain After Having Her Second Child?

After some years of being Snooki‘s idol weight, she shocked her fans with the good news of expecting a second child. On September 26, 2014, she welcomed her second child into the world. Her second pregnancy gave her the opposite experience from her first pregnancy. After welcoming her second child, she gained more than 6 pounds.

Snooki’s weight gain started being a problem, and to overcome the problem, she took a long break from her pregnancy and started giving her physical appearance shape. She even had a breast augmentation to obtain a C-cup in 2016. After two years, she again announced that she was expecting her third child, and she welcomed another boy in December 2018.

Snooki Recently Talked About Her Struggle With Weight Gain!

Well, it’s not an easy thing to give birth to three children. Many people claim that not only their personal lives but also their physical lives change a lot after giving birth. Similarly, Snooki received a lot of criticism and bullying due to her weight gain after her third child. However, at that time, Snooki ignored every comment and started focusing on her exercise.

Snooki recently expressed about facing online body-shaming. houseandwhips.comSnooki recently expressed about facing online body-shaming.
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In 2020, Snooki inspired many of her fans after she shared her abs picture on Instagram. The mom of 10-month-old Lorenzo admitted to losing 44 pounds by flaunting her tiny waist and toned biceps on Instagram. Many fans were impressed by her dedication and hard work, but it seems like her idol weight remains with her for a short period. She soon started gaining weight again and faced backlash for her weight gain in 2022.

Snooki’s weight gain doesn’t seem to be drawing any conclusions for now, and it has been one of the most talked about topics. She has proven herself every time, but this time it looks different, and she must have faced difficulties. Recently, she has talked about her weight gain problem and online body shaming. She said,

Everyone fluctuates with their weight. Everyone goes y’know here and there with it. And who are you to call people ‘pigs’ and ‘fat’ and ‘disgusting’ and [say] ‘your body looks terrible’? Like no. This is an education for you.If you think those things, which I’m sure a lot of people have opinions. […] Everyone has an opinion about everybody. You wanna judge people’s looks, people’s bodies, do it in the own comfort of your a**hole mind, or just like call somebody, call your a**hole friend to gossip about somebody’s weight.