Sonia Kruger Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look So Young?

Derick Scholz

Sonia Kruger admitted to having plastic surgery to look youthful.

Sonia Kruger has admitted to dabbling in plastic surgery such as Botox and microdermabrasion treatments. The television presenter is of the opinion that you should go for cosmetic enhancements if you feel like trying those out. Sonia Kruger, however, does not stand for magazines making wild plastic surgery speculations for clicks and has spoken out against it in the past. 

Sonia Kruger is quite literally a television icon. She has been a prominent figure in the Australian media for over 30 years. It seems as though she has been in every television show there is, in some capacity. She has hosted Big Brother Australia and she has co-presented the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars. She also worked as an entertainment reporter for Channel 7 and covered several events for the network, including the Olympics, the Melbourne Cup, and the Australian Open. Besides, she is also known for her role as Tina Sparkle in the dark 1992 film Strictly Ballroom.

In her career spanning nearly three decades, she has achieved a lot but she has not aged much which has generated a lot of curiosity among her followers. The praise for her age-defying complexion is increasing every day and so are the speculations about her plastic surgery. Here’s everything to know about Sonia Kruger’s plastic surgery!

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Sonia Kruger’s Plastic Surgery: She Has Admitted to Having Botox!

Sonia Kruger has admitted to having plastic surgery to look youthful and fresh. houseandwhips.comSonia Kruger has admitted to having plastic surgery to look youthful and fresh.
Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Sonia Kruger (@soniakruger) has admitted to having indulged in plastic surgery such as Botox and microdermabrasion treatments.

Whenever you see Sonia Kruger, you can’t help but think about how good she looks, and then you start wondering how she looks that good at her age. She’s 57 but she could pass off as someone in her forties. She looks way too youthful for her age and viewers are always wonderstruck when she comes on the screen. She had to have had some plastic surgery, right? That’s what people who see her conclude.

So, has she had cosmetic surgery? Well, she looks very fresh for someone who’s almost 60 and that seems to be a sign that she has had plastic surgery. But that’s not substantial. What’s substantial is her admission that she has indulged in cosmetic procedures. She has dabbled in such procedures to maintain her young looks and she has made no secret of it.

Sonia Kruger has had regular microdermabrasion and she has had intense pulsed light therapy and Botox injections.  She is not ashamed of any of it and has been very upfront about her plastic surgery. She believes that there’s nothing wrong with improving on nature and has been getting Botox shots since 1997 when she was working as an entertainment reporter on Channel 7’s 11AM.

Women are quite up-front about wanting to look younger. It’s one of those things, I think, you have to try. Well, you don’t have to, but if you want to and it makes you feel better about how you look or feel, then fine. 

Sonia Kruger thinks that it's fine to get cosmetic enhancements if you feel like it. houseandwhips.comSonia Kruger thinks that it’s fine to get cosmetic enhancements if you feel like it.
Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Sonia Kruger is pretty open-minded when it comes to plastic surgery and she has openly stated that people need to do their research and think it through before they make decisions to go ahead with cosmetic procedures. She said,

The way I see it is this, if you want to undergo cosmetic enhancements to feel more youthful and confident, I say go for it. If you wish to undergo surgery, make sure you think it through, do your research and make sure you see a qualified doctor.

Sonia Kruger is Not Fond of Magazines Making Plastic Surgery Speculations for Clicks!

Sonia Kruger does not shy away from admitting to plastic surgery but that does not mean that you get to make some extra speculations about the procedures she has had because New Idea did it and got slammed for it. She would rather nobody make any speculations about her because she’s admitting to everything she’s had. And if you do it anyway, she’s going to call you out.

Sonia Kruger lashed out at New Idea (magazine) making plastic surgery speculations about her. houseandwhips.comSonia Kruger lashed out at New Idea (magazine) making plastic surgery speculations about her.
Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Just like she did with New Idea. She accused them of making up a cover story with the headline “What happened to her face?” for easy clicks. The magazine published pictures of her taken while she was on a holiday in Hawaii and wrote that her “surprisingly inflamed red face gave the impression that she may have dabbled” in plastic surgery. They said that she had “perhaps [had] a little cosmetic intervention” and “definitely didn’t look her usual self.”

New Idea supported the article about Sonia Kruger’s plastic surgery speculation by quoting a cosmetic surgeon who seemed to think that she had possibly had laser resurfacing, a chemical peel, or strong intense pulse light treatment, and Kruger was furious about it. In response, she wrote,

What happened to my face? I went out in the sun. Story made up. Great use of Seven shareholder’s money … said no one ever. #whynotcallandcheck?