Stella McCartney’s Plastic Surgery: How Does She Look So Young For Her Age?

Derick Scholz

Stella McCartney's Plastic Surgery: How Does She Look So Young For Her Age?

Stella McCartney is at that point in her life where she sparks plastic surgery speculations every time she makes a public appearance. The fashion designer, who is Paul McCartney’s daughter looks very young for her age but not natural, prompting her followers to speculate that she has had Botox, lip fillers, cheek fillers, and chin augmentation. Stella McCartney has never responded to plastic surgery allegations. 

Stella McCartney is a very prominent and high-profile fashion designer. Her prominence may partly be due to the fact that she is the daughter of British singer-songwriter Paul McCartney and the late American photographer and animals rights activist Linda McCartney. She is noted for her use of vegetarian and animal-free alternatives in her designs. She has been designing an activewear collection for Adidas since 2005.

However, it’s not her designs that grab the eyeballs these days. In fact, it’s her face only that sparks interest among people but not for a good reason. People just think that she looks so weird with all the plastic surgery procedures she has had. She is 51 now, she is supposed to have aged but hasn’t, so cosmetic surgery speculations were bound to happen but with the way she looks, people don’t just speculate, they are sure that she has had work done. Let’s discuss Stella McCartney’s plastic surgery!

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Stella McCartney and Her Plastic Surgery: People Say She Looks Like Chucky’s Sister!

Stella McCartney (@stellamccartney) most likely has had plastic surgery for the purpose of keeping aging at bay and looking young always. She is suspected of having Botoxlip fillers, cheek fillers, and chin augmentation.

Stella McCartney appears to have had plastic surgery to retain her youthfulness. Stella McCartney appears to have had plastic surgery to retain her youthfulness.
Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Stella McCartney has a very striking face and she always holds the attention of anyone who looks at her but is that necessarily a good thing? In her case, it’s not because when people can’t take their eyes off her, they are not thinking something like ‘oh, she’s so breathtakingly gorgeous.’ They are just thinking the different versions of ‘why does she look like that, young for her age but so weird, that can’t be natural, she had to have something done.’ Yeah, it’s plastic surgery that has made her face so striking and you can tell, not in a good way.

People were just reminded of how young Stella McCartney looked for her age when she attended King Charles III‘s coronation concert in Windsor, England. She performed an original spoken-word piece on conservation which is one of the monarch’s favorite causes and on the red carpet, she sported an oversize plaid blazer from her own line. But it was not her words or her outfit that people talked about. It was all about her face and her plastic surgery.

Stella McCartney may look young for her age and might have attained a semblance of youthfulness but in that process, she seems to have lost her naturalness because though she does not look her age, she does not actually look ‘young,’ she just looks so unnatural and weird in a way that humans are not supposed to be looks-wise. One can only look that strange because of plastic surgery.

Stella McCartney has a very weird complexion, which prompted plastic surgery speculations. Stella McCartney has a very smooth face and a weird complexion, which prompted plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Teen Vogue

So, what if Stella McCartney has a wrinkle-free face and a line-free forehead? She still has the smoothest and shiniest forehead that looks so distractingly bad. And what if she has overly plumped cheeks? She also has the weirdest complexion. And what if her lips are too full? She also looks like she’s been stung on the lips from some of the closer angles. Yeah, every single facial feature has been altered with plastic surgery.

The fashion designer has most likely had Botox, cheek and lips fillers, and something is done on her chin as well. All of these plastic surgery procedures collectively have resulted in such an unnatural face that people compare her with the scary character from the horror film Child’s Play. ‘Stella looks like Chucky’s sister. What happened to growing old gracefully?’ They say, ‘What’s happened to her face?’

Stella McCartney has never responded to plastic surgery allegations. Stella McCartney has never responded to plastic surgery allegations.
Image Source: The Guardian

Well, Stella McCartney herself has never responded to that question, but some plastic surgery experts have given their opinions. Dr. Mervyn Patterson, a cosmetic dermatologist, said about Stella that she is very obviously a woman that has Botox regularly which you can tell because you can’t have a line-less forehead in your 40s without some help.

He also noted that it’s the cheeks that are the most striking things about Stella McCartney’s face and said that it’s because she had fillers in her cheeks and whenever she smiles, she gets that golf ball effect where the fat of her cheeks projects forward because there is no room for the cheek to move up to. She must have gotten too much of fillers. Going overboard with plastic surgery has always been a costly mistake.

Dr. Patterson also mentioned that it looks unusual when Stella McCartney smiles or animates her face because she has had too much fillers in the process to plump up her lips. Another expert, Dr. Nick Percival of Cosmetic Surgery Partners thinks she has had chin augmentation as well. He said that her jawline looks more defined and her cheeks very prominent which could be only because of some cosmetic work on her chin.