Meg Ryan’s Bad Plastic Surgery: How’s Her Appearance Now?


Meg Ryan’s Bad Plastic Surgery: How’s Her Appearance Now?

Over the years, Meg Ryan’s appearance has been accused as the result of bad plastic surgery as she now looks absolutely unnatural and unrecognizable. However, the Hollywood darling has not publicly stated if she has received any cosmetic treatments.

Meg Ryan is an American actress who made her acting debut in the drama film Rich and Famous in 1981. She then joined the cast of the CBS soap opera As the World Turns in 1982. Likely, she also acted in movies like Promised Land, Top Gun, and the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, directed by Rob Reiner which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Recently, Meg Ryan made a rare public appearance in New York City on May 10, 2023, to support Michael J. Fox at a screening of his new documentary, STILL. Similarly, some social media commentators were taken aback by the actress’s appearance and got curious to know about her plastic surgery as she looked excessively bad. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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As Bad as Her Plastic Surgery Is, Meg Ryan Has Been Pretty Secretive About the Actual Reason Behind Her Transformation!

When women have the audacity to age, especially famous figures, it becomes abundantly evident that nothing we do is right. Nothing we do appears to please anyone, let alone everyone. Meg Ryan (@megryan) is proof of this, because she dared to leave her house with her bad plastic surgery appearance, and she is now being bullied as a result. However, despite more than a decade of conjecture about her appearance, the Hollywood sweetheart has not commented publicly about whether or not she has undergone any cosmetic procedures.

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery.Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Sportskeeda

Meg Ryan is currently 61 years old. She was 35 at the time of You’ve Got Mail and 30 at the time of Sleepless in Seattle. According to the internet, she was intended to be stuck in time with her 30s face for eternity. But when she went to see the world premiere of Still on May 10, 2023, a new film about her buddy Michael J. Fox and his struggle with Parkinson’s illness, several media outlets described her appearance as unrecognizable. And because she hasn’t been pictured in public in a long time, everyone was ready to criticize her choice of aging.

Has Meg Ryan really had any plastic surgery? Sure, most likely. For several years, she has been accused of bad plastic surgery. But don’t forget that women’s bankability in the entertainment industry is totally dependent on their ability to keep their young appearance. Because in Hollywood, if you’re over 35, you’re almost always cast as someone’s grandmother. So you should always appear younger than that, no matter what.

Women can’t do anything right when it comes to aging. We’re crony old hags if we age gracefully. If we finish our task, we’ll be Frankenstein (yes, someone really called Meg Ryan that). It must be exhausting, isn’t it? It is completely unsustainable to live in a society that despises the aging process and women. We live in a society where everything from sickness to natural disasters to gun violence is there to take us out at any time—when will we comprehend that aging is a gift? A privilege is available only to those who are fortunate enough to live it.

Meg Ryan's latest appearance.Meg Ryan’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Fox News

If people want to embrace the gift of age, wrinkles, and grey hairs and all, that’s excellent. Who cares if they wish to fight ageism or alleviate concerns about plastic surgery? We’re either damned if we do or damned if we don’t.

Wake us up when society starts criticizing 90s rom-com stars like Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Tom Hanks, and even Meg Ryan’s ex, Dennis Quaid, for their aging habits. If you’re angry about plastic surgery, get angry at celebrities who deny having it in order to enforce unachievable and poisonous beauty standards (remember: you’re not ugly—you’re just poor).

Additionally, the Huffington Post previously published an article titled Meg Ryan’s Face Is None of Our Business after the actress became a Twitter trend following her appearance at that year’s Tony Awards Back. And since 2015’s Ithaca, she hasn’t been in a major motion picture but she surprised fans last year when she said she was returning to her rom-com roots in the romantic comedy What Happens After where David Duchovny has also been tied to Star. However, no production details have been released till now.