Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under The Knife?


Taryn Manning is suspected of having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Taryn Manning is suspected of having plastic surgery because she noticeably looks different than before. The Orange is the New Black star is widely believed to have had Botox and lip fillers in particular. Taryn Manning has never bothered to respond to such plastic surgery allegations. She’s a tad more controversial than that.

Taryn Manning is mostly recognized for portraying the role of Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. She first rose to prominence when she did movies and played the roles of Nola in Hustle & Flow and Janeane in 8 Mile. She is also known as Cherry from Sons of Anarchy. Besides her acting, she is also known for being messy as h*ll. With substance issues and violent tendencies (alleged), she has generated a lot of controversy.

The frequent controversies have widened her reach on social media and boosted her popularity for worse or for better. Because of the rise in her popularity, plastic surgery speculations about her also have risen. She doesn’t look the same as before and doesn’t look very normal and natural which has led people to think that she has had cosmetic surgery. So, let’s discuss Taryn Manning’s plastic surgery!

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Taryn Manning’s Plastic Surgery: She is Believed to Have Had Botox and Lip Fillers!

Taryn Manning (@tarynmanning) is suspected of having undergone plastic surgery because of the notable differences in her appearance in comparison to before. She is mostly believed to have had Botox and lip fillers.

Taryn Manning is widely believed to have had plastic surgery to refine her face. houseandwhips.comTaryn Manning is widely believed to have had plastic surgery to refine her face.
Image Source: Deadline

The Orange is the New Black star has always been a beautiful woman in the traditional sense. She had features that were considered to be conventionally attractive. She would not be deemed as the kind of person who would need plastic surgery (Not that anyone needs it but let’s be real, it’s not a perfect world, it’s glamor and people are going to judge the way you look). But lately, looking at her, it seems as though she has fallen prey to whatever causes people to get cosmetic surgery.

Taryn Manning has clearly done something to her face is what a lot of her followers believe because her appearance does not look like it did before at all. She somehow looks more perfect than before yet not as beautiful. She used to give girl-next-door vibes before but now, it’s as if she possesses unattainable beauty if it can be called that. Her features are mostly the same, only more refined than before and that has made the biggest difference. The difference which many believe is due to plastic surgery.

In particular, the Hustle & Flow actress is suspected of having Botox and lip fillers. Because her skin looks radiant and glowing and perfect and there’s not a wrinkle or line to be seen on her face, her followers think that she may have gotten the anti-wrinkle injection. She’s not that old to be getting Botox shots (she’s only 44) but she does not look as old as she is supposed to look and people think that’s because she has taken the aid of plastic surgery to retain her youth and look young.

Why Do Fans Believe That Taryn Manning Has Had Plastic Surgery?

Taryn Manning has yet not responded to plastic surgery speculations.
houseandwhips.comTaryn Manning has yet not responded to plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Page Six

Taryn Manning has the smoothest forehead which sometimes looks a bit too shiny and glow-y in an unnatural way. People can’t help but think that she has had Botox in those situations. It’s mostly about her skin, most of her other facial features are the same except for her lips. Her lips, people have noticed, look noticeably bigger than before. They used to be thinner but now, it’s as if they have been plumped up. Her fans are convinced that she has had lip fillers. In some of her pictures, it looks like there’s a shadow on her upper lip which looks like a moustache which many believe is the effect of lip fillers. They are sure that she has had plastic surgery.

But Taryn Manning has never claimed to have undergone plastic surgery. She’s never admitted to going under the knife for any reason. And it does not look like she ever will. It seems as though she couldn’t be less bothered by people making cosmetic surgery accusations about her because she does not care about such a trivial matter when she is used to making headlines for some serious controversy with her drinking issues and violent tendencies.

Plastic surgery speculations, for a person of that notoriety, are not at all bothersome. Taryn Manning may not feel that they are important enough to pay attention to, or maybe she’s just busy licking a married man’s butthole. Either way, the point is that she has not admitted to having cosmetic surgery and until she does, people’s assumptions about her appearance are just speculation, nothing more.