Taylor Hudson Weight Loss: Has David Dobrik’s Assistant Lost Weight?


Taylor Hudson has had a significant weight loss since she was hired to be David Dobrik's assistant in 2020. houseandwhips.com

Taylor Hudson appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss over the last three years. Fans are very much curious to know what David Dobrik’s assistant did, what diet plan she followed, and what exercise regime she stuck to, to lose her weight. However, Taylor Hudson, being the private person that she is, has never acknowledged her weight loss. 

Taylor Hudson first rose to prominence in 2020 when one of the highest-paid Youtubers David Dobrik hired her to be his assistant. Back then, she was not exactly overweight but she would not be considered slim by today’s beauty standards either. While many came to love her because of her professionalism and such, there were several people who didn’t like that she was a bit “fat” as they say and often mocked her because of her weight. It’s hard to tell she is the same person she was then, now that she’s had a drastic weight loss.

She looks like a completely different person in her recent pictures now that she’s massively transformed. Her followers are curious to know how she did it and wish she would reveal her diet plans and exercise regime. Let’s discuss Taylor Hudson’s weight loss!

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Did Taylor Hudson Have a Weight Loss?

Taylor Hudson (@taylortayh) has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation over the last three years. She looks much slimmer and fitter than she did in 2020 when she first started getting popular.

Taylor has gotten much skinnier since she was hired to be David Dobrik’s assistant and even though the online hatred she was targeted with back then just for not being as slim as people who would have liked her to be (based on the rigid and biased beauty standards) was never warranted, after the weight loss, there’s nobody that comes after her because of her size. Looking back, it was very sad what she had to go through just because she couldn’t fit the standards.

Taylor Hudson has undergone a dramatic weight loss over the last three years. houseandwhips.com Taylor Hudson has undergone a dramatic weight loss over the last three years.
Image Source: Distractify

Even though Taylor Hudson was really good at her job and was very much professional with David Dobrik (as much as they can be while pulling pranks on people) from day one that she entered The Vlog Sqaud‘s orbit and didn’t really give a chance of complaining in that regard, she was bullied for looking chubby. She must have been affected by that because she seems to have deliberately undergone a weight loss journey to shut people’s mouths.

Earlier, Taylor was much chubbier in the face and had a very round face and her body was like that too. Now, it’s very noticeable that she’s had a weight loss because she doesn’t look as chubby and round as then. Look at her face and it seems like she has lost her face fat. And look at her body and it looks the same way. She’s flaunting her new body after losing weight a bit too much for someone who did not have much social media presence before. It’s like she’s shoving her slimmer physique in the hater’s face.

Though Taylor Hudson has gotten slimmer and fitter over the last three years, it does not seem as though it is coming from a good place. It very much looks like she was pressured into embarking on a weight loss journey because she was bullied for being “fat.” She was never “fat” in the first place. It’s just that she was round in the face and she was not slim as per the current beauty trends. And the internet piled on her for that.

It clearly affected her too much that now, if you scroll through her Instagram page, it looks like she has made her physique her entire personality. Back then, she was very private and didn’t use to post as much. But that’s changed since Taylor Hudson had a weight loss and got much slimmer and fitter than before. Fans are happy for her that she accomplished what she set out to accomplish but they hope that she learns to let go of any criticisms about her body.

Taylor Hudson Has Not Yet Acknowledged Her Weight Loss!

Taylor Hudson has not yet acknowledged her weight loss. houseandwhips.com Taylor Hudson has not yet acknowledged her weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

Even though the optics may make it seem like Taylor Hudson was pressured into having a weight loss because of the harsh remarks and mockery and ridicule she received online for being chubby, she has not yet acknowledged her physical transformation despite a lot of curiosity regarding her diet and exercise regime. Was it wrong on the fans’ part to assume that she chose to lose weight because of the hatred she faced and not because she wanted it for herself?

But what were they to make of the sudden change in her online behavior and social media presence? Taylor Hudson’s been flaunting her new body a lot on Instagram post-weight loss. This came across as a little bit strange to her fans because she was very private before and she used to keep a very low profile. I mean, her Instagram was private back then.

And there’s nothing people knew about her except the fact that she went to Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego and The University of Alabama which they gathered from her supposed Facebook page notes. Now, she constantly updates her followers which is not a bad thing. It’s possible that she may have wanted to go the influencer route. But it’s hard not to think that she lost herself to the online bullies.

Now, fans hope that they are wrong about that one and that Taylor Hudson embarked on a weight loss journey for herself.