Tony Lockett’s Wife: Who is The AFL Legend Married To?

Derick Scholz

Tony Lockett's Wife: Who is The AFL Legend Married To?

Tony Lockett is married to his wife Vicki Lockett. Because the footballer is a recluse, not much is known about his relationship status. There’s not much information about his wife and when Tony Lockett married her. He shares four daughters with Vicki.

Tony Lockett is easily one of the most popular and important football players of all time in Australia. I doubt there is a single person there who does not know his name. He is just that influential. The hype around him when he used to play for the St Kilda Football Club and then for the Sydney Swans in the AFL was crazy. Now, he’s retired and the hype he has now is not even half of what it used to be at his peak and still, he has such a big fan following. He has reached the status of a legend.

It’s not surprising considering how he is regarded as one of the most excellent full forwards and players in the history of Australian football. His achievements include multiple All-Australian selections, a Brownlow Medal, and two Coleman Medals for the league’s leading goal scorer. What’s surprising is despite the level of fame he has, there is absolutely nothing that the public knows about him besides his career.

He maintains such privacy that it’s like the sun doesn’t shine where he lives. Nobody knows about his personal life that sometimes you think if he isn’t just a figment of your imagination. Anyway, one of the most curious things about him is his relationship status. Is he single or does he have someone in his life? Could he be a married man? Does he have a wife? If he does, who is she and what’s he like around her? Let’s find out about Tony Lockett’s wife!

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Tony Lockett’s Wife: The Australian Footballer is Married to Vicky Lockett!

Tony Lockett is married to his wife Vicki Lockett.

Tony Lockett is married to his wife Vicki Lockett.
Image Source: Herald Sun

Tony Lockett is the biggest recluse among the footballers. This nature of him has made him all the more mysterious and intriguing. And I bet you want to know his relationship status and whether he hides from the public alone or if he has company. Because I know a lot of people just cannot imagine him with anybody. He’s not very social and it’s hard to imagine him with a wife. If there was a confirmation of him being a married man, it would seem like a fever dream to many.

However, hard as it may be to imagine him with a wife, the truth is that Tony Lockett is a married man. That’s right. He’s not single. When he is off being a recluse from society, he is not completely alone. He has a partner to give him company, the one with whom he vowed to spend his life together. Now, if you have got it together, you might be curious to know about his spouse. Just who is Tony Lockett’s wife? You might be wondering about the woman who married the footballer.

If Tony Lockett, the public figure himself is so inaccessible, what makes you think there would be any information about the recluse’s wife? There isn’t. Think again. We rarely hear from the footballer himself. He’s not going to be talking about his partner in public anytime soon. He’s married to privacy as well. The only thing that we know about the AFL legend’s spouse is that her name is Vicky Lockett. Other than that, we know nothing about her.

So, Vicky Lockett is the wife and we don’t even know when they first met, when they started dating, and when they decided to get married to each other. The one thing that came out recently was that the couple recently listed their coastal investment property in Kingscliff, New South Wales, on the market for up to $3.6 million. They purchased it in 2015 for $1.485 million.

Tony Lockett is very private in nature. So not much about his wife is known to the public.

Tony Lockett is very private in nature. So not much about his relationship status is known to the public.
Image Source: Fox Sports

Tony Lockett’s Early Life!

Tony Lockett was born in the western Victorian town of Ballarat to Howard Lockett and Liz. His father is a local football champion who would go on to be inducted into the North Ballarat Football Club Hall of Fame. Now, we know where he got his football skills from. He was the only one among the three children who inherited the skills. He has two siblings – a brother (Neil) and a sister (Di).

Besides football, he also had a passion for greyhound racing. This passion of his could be traced back to his grandfather Charlie, who was the supplier of pacemakers in the local greyhound racing club and a club committeeman at North Ballarat.

Tony Lockett went to Ballarat Secondary College. He began playing football in 1974 with the Under-12s team of his father’s club North Ballarat Football Club. He played a total of 120 junior games with the club. As a senior, he played just five games when he was 16 years old before he was recruited by St Kilda in 1982. And what followed is history.