Where was Peacemaker Filmed? HBO Max Filming Locations Explored!


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Where was Peacemaker Filmed? HBO Max Filming Locations Explored!

Peacemaker was filmed in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The HBO Max filming location sites for Peacemaker feature all across Metro Vancouver, notably Cloverdale, Surrey, a southeastern neighborhood of Greater Vancouver, in addition to South Surrey.

The latest HBO Max original show Peacemaker has it all: a highly arrogant protagonist, a hidden task force that doesn’t exist, an overload of dramatic gun-slinging and bloodshed, and the brilliant spectacle of a pet eagle who enjoys poking into buttocks.

The superhero action-comedy spectacle, created by James Gunn centered on the eponymous DC Comics character, chronicles the hero’s escapades and follies in the aftermath of the 2021 movie The Suicide Squad while musing on his beginnings.

The Peacemaker, a superhero transcending good and evil, is a professional killer who also happens to be a pacifist. Furthermore, he makes it a point to carefully motivate kindergarten children, despite the fact that he is not equipped to do so.

WWE superstar John Cena makes his return from the film, and a strong supporting cast joins him on Peacemaker’s roaming tour-de-force excursion. The majority of the story takes place in an urban area, including cafes, schools, and factories, with some action taking place in the bush.

You may, however, want to pinpoint the locations where the show is shot. Let us take you on an ultimate ride if you’re interested.

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Where was Peacemaker Filmed?

Peacemaker was filmed mostly around Canada, particularly in British Columbia. The inaugural season’s preliminary photography began on 15th January 2021, with the tentative title The Scriptures.

After 131 days of shooting, the crew completed the project on 11th July 2021. Michael Bonvillain, noted for his efforts on Cloverfield and American Ultra, was the cinematographer, with Lisa Soper in charge of set design.

For a variety of purposes, the Canadian Film Industry has solidified itself as a credible option to its southern counterpart. The weather is cold and sunny; the staff and guild volunteers are driven to succeed, and the hefty tax credit offered by the regional government is the icing on the cake.

Now, we’ll take you to the particular places where Peacemaker is filmed.

HBO Max Filming Locations for Peacemaker: Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

James Gunn, whose credentials include Slither (2006) and the Guardians of the Galaxy series, planned to base the show in an unidentified Pacific Northwest hamlet. As a result, the director relocated his cast and crew to Vancouver, a logistically appropriate location.

Furthermore, with the COVID-19 outbreak raging, he needed to take extra precautions to ensure the cast and crew’s welfare. When was show was filming, Canada was generally handling the COVID-19 problem better than the surrounding US, making Vancouver better able to handle the project.

The Peacemaker crew spent a lot of time filming all across Metro Vancouver, especially in Cloverdale, Surrey, a southeastern neighborhood of Greater Vancouver. Cloverdale was the location for filming from 17th February to 22nd February, with the production staff returning in July to film extra scenes.

The vintage Dann’s Electronics facility at 5657 176 Street, which also served as a movie site for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2020), is a notable filming location in the city.

South Surrey was used for some of the filmings, particularly on 24 Avenue near King George Boulevard and 152 Street. John Cena was caught flaunting his outfit and occasionally dripping in fake blood in various spots throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

Despite his hectic production schedule, James Gunn showed his appreciation to some of his biggest admirers.

Peacemaker is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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