Love is Blind: Zanab Jaffrey’s Plastic Surgery; Did She Get a Nose Job and Cheek Fillers? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Love is Blind: Zanab Jaffrey's Plastic Surgery; Did She Get a Nose Job and Cheek Fillers? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Zanab Jaffrey has sparked rumors about getting plastic surgery after she showed up in Love is Blind: After the Altar where she looked completely different and unrecognizable. Fans suspected that she had cheek fillers, lip fillers, a nose job, and Botox. The Love is Blind star also seemed to have lost weight. However, Zanab Jaffrey has acknowledged neither weight loss speculations nor plastic surgery rumors. Fans seek before and after pictures.

It was great to catch up with all the contestants of Love is Blind Season 3 on After the Altar episodes and see how they were doing – to see how many of the couples lasted, how many went separate ways, and if they went separate ways, why did they. It didn’t take long to find out what the cast members were up to. So, viewers quickly moved on to their appearances for something to discuss.

The first thing they noticed as Love is Blind: After the Altar played on screen is how none of the contestants looked the same as they did before. Sure, time had passed since the finale of Season 3 but the changes were just so drastic for them to be a product of time. Zanab Jaffrey was probably the one who changed the most. She was impossible to place, she was completely unrecognizable because she looked like a completely different person. This kind of transformation is a recipe for plastic surgery rumors.

So, there it was. Fans flocking to social media to discuss just how dramatically the reality star had changed and to check with others if they were correct to assume that she had work done on her face. She must have seen it coming because such reactions are to be expected in the entertainment sector. Never mind the fact that Cole called her a liar because she apparently agreed to keep on dating even if they didn’t marry only to put him on blast at the altar and leave like that. That’s not juicy at all, unlike Zanab Jaffrey’s plastic surgery.

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Zanab Jaffrey’s Plastic Surgery: The Love Is Blind Cast is Suspected of Having Cheek Fillers and a Nose Job!

Zanab Jaffrey (@zanabjaffrey) allegedly had plastic surgery including cheek fillers, lip fillers, a nose job, and Botox. She looked like a completely different person in Love is Blind: After the Altar.

The only thing of interest to fans was not that Zanab Jaffrey was called a liar by Cole but to wonder what plastic surgery she had gotten since she appeared in Season 3 of Love is Blind. And you know what people suspect of her? They suspect that she has had fillers on her cheeks and a nose job. Well, most of them. The discussion on Reddit showed some different perspectives that can be considered.

Many of the fans thought the reason that Zanab Jaffrey looked so different in Love is Blind: After the Altar is not plastic surgery but because of different styling, hair, and makeup. They were like, ‘she looks like she walked out of a music video from the 90s.’ But it was so much more than just hair and makeup. For one thing, she had lost weight and she looked much more slender than before. It seemed as though she had stopped eating.

But even with all that weight loss, fans noticed how the reality star’s cheeks looked plumper than ever. Like Zainab had lost weight. Shouldn’t that have the opposite effect? It should, but it doesn’t because she got plastic surgery to enhance her cheekbones. She so obviously had cheek fillers to make her cheekbones pop. Well, it worked because her cheekbones are so prominent now that those are the first things you notice when you look at her.

There’s even a TikTok of Zanab Jaffrey getting injected with cheek filler as some users who kept up with her after Love is Blind Season 3 ended pointed out on Reddit. They also suspect she has had other plastic surgery procedures such as lip fillers, smile line fillers, and Botox because they have noticed how the bottom half of her face seems to have been lifted because of her much higher cheekbones which could be only because of cheek fillers and they have taken note of how her smile lines have disappeared now.

Many viewers of Love is Blind have also spotted how Zanab Jaffrey’s nose looks completely different than before. Before she used to have a bit curved nose with a bump whereas now, her nose looks completely straight and refined. There’s no bump to be seen on her nose now even though she had a very prominent bump on her nose before. She definitely had a nose job to refine her nose. The changes seen on her nose just scream plastic surgery.

Many fans are not happy about the flight attendant‘s choice to have plastic surgery. They don’t mind the nose job that much. They just don’t care for the fillers Zanab Jaffrey has had because according to them, she looked just as gorgeous without them. If anything, they think she has ruined her look with all the fillers and she looked much better when she was filming for Season 3 of Love is Blind.

Some users on Reddit were a bit mean about her having plastic surgery and commented that it was sad to see Zanab Jaffrey morph into Bratz dolls. One person wrote that she went crazy with fillers.

There were some people who didn’t think that the Love is Blind cast had any plastic surgery at all. A Reddit user countered the cosmetic procedures speculations saying that Zanab Jaffrey had just dyed her hair lighter and overlined her lips which made all the difference. Another added to it and wrote that filters also made her look like that while the next person said that professional makeup was what changed her completely. Nose contour and a little highlight on the cheeks and she looked like she had cheek fillers and a nose job.

However, whether Zanab Jaffrey had fillers and a nose job or it was just professional make-up and hair styling that made her look different in Love is Blind: After the Altar, we can’t tell for certain unless she herself weighs in on the plastic surgery speculations and confirms or denies them.

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