Zhao Lusi Looks Perfect Because of Plastic Surgery!


Zhao Lusi is believed to have gotten plastic surgery to look perfect. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Zhao Lusi is suspected of having plastic surgery to tweak her face and fit into the beauty standards. The actress allegedly had a double eyelid procedure and a nose job. She is also thought to have done something to her cheeks. Zhao Lusi has never admitted to plastic surgery even though she used to have a completely different face shape in her childhood pictures.

Zhao Lusi is one of the most famous Chinese actresses. She is most known for her performance in The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Dating in the Kitchen, The Long Ballad, Who Rules The World, Love Like the Galaxy, and Hidden Love. She has come a long way from when she entered the entertainment industry as a host of the variety program Huo Xing Qing Bao Ju.

Zhao Lusi got her acting start in the web drama Cinderella Chef in a supporting role. She gained prominence in 2018 when she did another supporting role in the historical romance series Untouchable Lovers. After that, her career has only gone uphill. She is an immensely popular and widely loved actress now. As she garnered more followers, she came to be on the receiving end of a lot of attention and scrutiny. Lots of scrutiny in the case of actresses always leads to plastic surgery speculations so, let’s talk about it!

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Zhao Lusi’s Plastic Surgery: She is Suspected of Having Double Eyelid Procedure and a Nose Job!

Zhao Lusi (@rooosyzh09) often becomes the subject of plastic surgery discussions because she looks too perfect and too good to be true. She is suspected of having a nose job and a double eyelid procedure. She also supposedly did something to slim her cheeks and change the shape of her nose.

Zhao Lusi is suspected of having plastic surgery to look perfect. houseandwhips.comZhao Lusi is suspected of having plastic surgery to look perfect.
Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

The Long Ballad star is most likely one of the most stunning actresses in China. She is incredibly beautiful and her face is extremely gorgeous. It’s too perfect and flawless. She has a typical feminine face with a tiny, narrow nose, and a small mouth. She also has double eyelids and with that, she has the most desired facial features that are the beauty standards for East Asians. The fact that she has standardized beauty has led to speculations that she has had plastic surgery.

Zhao Lusi does not look unnatural or like she has undergone some procedures that went botched but still, because she looks very conventionally attractive with not a single facial feature out of standard, people wonder if she has attained her looks and beauty with the help of cosmetic procedures. Because it has become a very common practice in the entertainment industry to get plastic surgery, fans always keep their eyes out for it.

Keeping their eyes out for celebrities getting cosmetic procedures, Lusi’s fans got their hands on her childhood pictures and that’s when their suspicions turned into convictions. The Untouchable Lovers actress may not look plastic but she definitely had plastic surgery because she can’t go from having monolids to double eyelids naturally and her nose certainly cannot go on shrinking with time.

Zhao Lusi Has Never Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Zhao Lusi has never admitted to having cosmetic procedures. houseandwhips.comZhao Lusi has never admitted to having cosmetic procedures.
Image Source: China Entertainment News

It’s very obvious that the Chinese star has gone under the knife to alter her features when you compare pictures of her when she was young to her more recent ones. Now, you might say that it’s growing up and that people obviously change and grow into their looks as they become adults. While that’s true, in the case of Zhao Lusi, it’s not the puberty glow-up, it’s definitely plastic surgery.

Her features have been altered in accordance with the beauty standards. It cannot be a coincidence that her monolid turned into a double eyelid and her wider and flat nose got narrower, smaller, and more refined, which are the typical standards of beauty. She has not admitted to it but plastic surgery, she has definitely had.

Also, have you noticed the change in the shape of Zhao Lusi’s face? She used to have a rounder face with chubbier cheeks whereas now, she has a very oval face with much slimmer cheeks. She is thought to have something done to her cheeks for that reason. Some people think it’s plastic surgery, some think she just edits her cheeks in her picture. As one fan pointed out,

Zhao Lusi is actually very insecure about her cheeks….she would often use filters when posting sns to slim down her cheeks…. she’s often get bullied about it and you think it’s only weibo and chinese sns, but I’ve seen so many international haters on twitter calling her pi*g and fa*t…it’s just crazy…I loved her plump and round cheeks…And she’s one of the actresses that I can watch without being so uncomfortable looking at their physique…