Greta Van Susteren Is Very Open About Her Plastic Surgery!


Greta Van Susteren is very candid about her plastic surgery. – Greta Van Susteren has clearly had plastic surgery to maintain her appearance. She looks very frozen and stiff and suspiciously so without any wrinkles. She is believed to have had Botox and a facelift. Greta Van Susteren has only ever opened up about having an eyelift and that was decades ago. She has not talked about having other plastic surgery procedures. 

Greta Van Susteren currently serves as a television news anchor for Newsmax TV. She is a former criminal defense and civil trial lawyer who used to work as a legal analyst for CNN. She co-hosted Burden of Proof with Roger Cussack from 1994 to 2002. She gained fame during her coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial. She has also worked for Fox News and MSNBC.

Greta Van Susteren was with Fox News hosting On the Record for 14 years from 2002 to 2016. She left the network for MSNBC where she presented For The Record for six months in 2017. After that, Greta Van Susteren started working for Newsmax where she began hosting The Record. She was listed as the 94th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2016 which means she’s made it as a successful television personality. So, let’s talk about her plastic surgery procedures!

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Greta Van Susteren’s Plastic Surgery: She Has Had an Eye Lift!

Greta Van Susteren (@greta) appears to have gotten a lot of plastic surgery. She is suspected of having Botox, fillers, and a facelift but she has only ever talked about her having an eyelift.

Greta Van Susteren got plastic surgery in 2002 before she started her new job at Fox News. houseandwhips.comGreta Van Susteren got plastic surgery in 2002 before she started her new job at Fox News.
Image Source: Forbes

It was in 2002 when she was easing into a full-time career as a television personality that Greta first decided to get cosmetic procedures. Up till the time she worked as a legal affairs analyst for CNN, she was more a lawyer than a presenter or host. She knew it was a change in territory when she took up the job of hosting On the Record on Fox News. She had entered in more of a journalism mixed with showbiz realm. So, ahead of her debut as a host, she got plastic surgery.

Anyone could tell that Greta Van Susteren had gone under the knife because there was a noticeable change in her face. Everyone was talking about it and so, she did too. She did not shy away from the fact that she had decided to get a plastic surgery procedure. In an interview with ABC News’ Dr. Nancy Snyderman on Good Morning America, she said,

What I’m told is that I’m the first in the news business that’s talking about it. But it wasn’t like an admission of a crime to me, it was like — well, here it is.

Greta Van Susteren got a procedure to remove the bags from under her eyes and it brought about a very obvious difference. She looked very rejuvenated around her eye area and much younger as a result. She even talked about it on the premiere of her talk show. It was a very interesting episode because it was the first time anyone was so forthcoming about the plastic surgery they had had. People were used to celebrities lying about it. But Greta went on the record saying,

My only hope is that the swelling is gone before my 30th high school reunion this summer. As I’m sure you all understand out there, I’m hoping to make jealous all those guys who wouldn’t date me in high school.

Plastic Surgery Was All Greta Van Susteren’s Decision!

Greta Van Susteren decided to get an eyelift under no one's influence. houseandwhips.comGreta Van Susteren decided to get an eyelift under no one’s influence.
Image Source: CBS News

Susteren revealed that she decided to get work done because she got an unexpected month off before she was to start her new job at Fox News. She said that she was just sitting with her husband when she looked in the mirror and decided that she needed to do something about her eyes. Her husband was very supportive about it plus, she had free time. So, she went ahead and got plastic surgery. And you have got to admit that eyelift really worked out for Greta Van Susteren.

She also made sure to mention that it was her sole decision to get that eyelift and nobody pushed her into doing it. She did not do it under the influence of the network. There were rumors that she underwent the plastic surgery procedure at a network’s request. But no, it was all her.

I did this because I wanted to do it and for no other reason.

It was very brave of her to admit to this. Since then, Greta Van Susteren seems to have maintained herself with too much Botox because her face looks kind of immobilized now. She is also suspected of having fillers and a facelift but aside from the eyelift, she has never admitted to other plastic surgery procedures.