Joel McHale Pleased With His Plastic Surgery; Hair Transplant Did Wonders For Him!


Joel McHale has gotten hair transplant and some other plastic surgery as well. – Joel McHale has been very candid about his plastic surgery. After the three hair transplants he got, he has very lush hair and he looks much better than when he had a receding hairline. Joel McHale is also suspected of having other plastic surgery procedures such as jaw implants because his jawline’s gotten very strong but he has only ever admitted to having hair transplants. He also supposedly got Botox and a brow lift.

Joel McHale is mostly known for playing the role of Jeff Winger on the NBC sitcom Community. He is also widely known for his stint as a host of The Soup where he made very hilarious comments on pop culture. He has also done movies such as Spider-Man 2, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, Ted, and The Happytime Murders. He is a brilliant actor as well as a great television presenter.

Joel McHale also acted in the short-lived CBS sitcom The Great Indoors, presented a reboot of Card Sharks, and voiced X-PO in Lego Dimensions and The Scientist in Fortnite. He currently plays the lead role in the Fox comedy series Animal Control. Anyway, he’s recently been a subject of discussions about plastic surgery. Has he ever had anything besides a hair transplant? Let’s find out!

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Joel McHale’s Plastic Surgery: He’s Had Three Hair Transplant Procedures!

Joel McHale (@joelmchale) has been very open about getting plastic surgery to regrow his hair. Fans believe he has had other procedures such as Botox, brow lift, and jaw implants but he has never confirmed those.

Joel McHale got plastic surgery to regrow his hair. houseandwhips.comJoel McHale got plastic surgery to regrow his hair.
Image Source: Us Weekly

Doesn’t Joel look super hot? He’s had the most amazing glow-up, going from being a Community nerd with a receding hairline to having hair all over his head, developing the strongest jawline, and getting all bulked up. Getting bulked up was all him and his workout but he didn’t start growing his hair and developing much sharper facial features on his own. Those were because he had plastic surgery.

Not just women, Hollywood also plays on men’s insecurities and Joel McHale has given in to the pressure of “maintaining himself.” People never missed taking a dig at his balding head back when he was young. He started losing hair at a very young age and that can’t feel good. So, he went ahead and got a hair transplant to regrow his hair. The plastic surgery worked out very well for him but it doesn’t change the fact that it didn’t come from a good place.

Over the years, he started to get more hair on his head and people couldn’t help but speculate that he got a hair transplant. He chose to stay silent about it for the longest time until one day, he decided to come clean about the plastic surgery. During a podcast with Justin Long, he admitted to having not one but three hair transplant surgeries. Joel McHale admitted that he would have been bald if it wasn’t for the procedure. When he was asked when he began to lose his hair, he said,

Oh, 18, 19 [years old] … When I started The Soup, I look at some of the promo photos and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah.’ Maybe I’ve gone overboard and this really shows my midlife crisis but my theory is that I’m never going to die and it’s a good theory.

Hair Transplant is Not The Only Plastic Surgery Joel McHale Has Had!

Joel McHale is also suspected of having Botox and a brow lift. houseandwhips.comJoel McHale is also suspected of having Botox and a brow lift.
Image Source: Deadline

Now, he’s very happy and pleased about how the hair transplant turned out. He had the plastic surgery three times and it did wonders for him as he has very thick, luscious hair now. He bragged,

Three surgeries later, look at my hair! The technology is bananas now. They pluck your hair and stick it there. I’m Joel McHale for hair transplants.

It’s just not the hair that makes him so hot and happening. It’s his whole physical appearance. His physique and his face. Speaking of his face, he used to have very soft features when he was young. Now, he looks very sharp and defined with very strong facial features. It’s his strong jawline that really sets him apart from how he used to look before. There’s a reason why people suspect that the hair transplant isn’t the only plastic surgery Joel McHale has had. They suspect he has had jaw implants because as a fan pointed out,

He went from the singer from Jawbox to having a massive box like jaw. 

Besides the ever-widening jaws, his eye area looks as though it has opened up or something and people think it’s because his brows sit higher on his forehead. They suspect that he has gotten a brow lift. Also, he is speculated to have gotten Botox to smooth out his appearance. Well, he really seems to be aging with wrinkles and all so, that one might not be true. But he might have gotten that brow lift. A hair transplant may not be the only plastic surgery Joel McHale has had after all.