Has Tess Daly Had a Boob Job?


Tess Daly is widely suspected of having a boob job. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Tess Daly has been speculated to have undergone a boob job ever since she started hosting Strictly Come Dancing. The television presenter has killer curves with huge round breasts that look so good to be true which is why people suspect that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her boobs. Tess Daly has never responded to the rumors of her boob job.

Tess Daly made her way to a career in showbiz when she was scouted outside of a restaurant for modeling. She worked professionally as a model for a few years before she got into presenting in the 2000s. Since then, she has mostly been a television host. She is widely recognized for co-presenting the BBC One celebrity dancing show Strictly Come Dancing since 2004.

Besides that, Tess Daly has hosted This Time Tomorrow and the National Lottery show broadcast on BBC One. She has also presented the BBC telethon Children in Need with Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton since 2008. She has done a lot of shows and she has been consistent with her presenting skills in all of those shows just like how her boob job rumors have been consistent throughout her career. Let’s talk about that!

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Tess Daly’s Boob Job: Her Breasts Look Too Large and Perfect For Fans To Think They Are Natural!

Tess Daly (@tessdaly) has been the target of boob job rumors ever since she started her career in presenting. You can trace the speculations back to the early 2000s.

Tess Daly is not new to being accused of having a boob job.
houseandwhips.comTess Daly is not new to being accused of having a boob job.
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Tess has been hosting Strictly Come Dancing since 2004 and since then, she has garnered thousands of followers with her impeccable presenting skills, just the right amount of candor, and wittiness. Not just that, she has also mesmerized every viewer with her breasts. That’s right! She has heavenly curves and the audience is never not amazed by how perfect her boobs are. No wonder the boob job rumors have been following her for all this time.

Every time Tess Daly wears a tightly fitted, figure-hugging top, it sends the viewers into a frenzy. I know it sounds ridiculous that her breasts create that kind of fixation among the audience when they are mostly tuning in to watch the celebrity contenders and their dance but it’s true. There have been multiple instances when she has really stolen the limelight from the entire show with her boobs. They are very powerful and too good to be true so, every time viewers look at her boobs, they wonder if those are real or if she has had a boob job.

She is very well-endowed. She has got curves to die for, with those large round breasts, a narrow waist, and ample buttocks. She has always been very voluptuous yet, people can never believe that her boobs are natural. Most of the audience tend to think that they are far too big and perky and perfect for them to be natural. They suspect that she has had some kind of boob job to keep them perky.

Tess Daly Has Never Confirmed Having a Boob Job!

Tess Daly has never responded to speculations that she had plastic surgery to enhance her breasts. houseandwhips.comTess Daly has never responded to speculations that she had plastic surgery to enhance her breasts.
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She has probably read millions of comments that go like,

Tess’s boobs are absolutely enormous!


Has Tess always had big boobs? Where have they sprung from?

With those huge boobs, Tess Daly never had a chance of escaping those boob job speculations. Most people would not be able to take their eyes away from her chest if she ever flaunted her assets in a fitted dress. There have been many times when people thought that the size of her breasts was increasing. In one such instance, she did address the supposed wardrobe mishap.

When everyone couldn’t stop talking about how huge her boobs looked and the boob jobs rumors intensified, she explained the situation about her breasts saying that they looked bigger than usual because she did a terrible job at selecting a proper bra that fits her. In an interview with Hello! magazine, she said,

I went, “Oh my god, why did nobody tell me about the boobs?” What happened was, the bra I had on didn’t fit the dress so I wore one of those designs that has gel at the sides, which kind of pushes you up and, I guess, gives you an extra couple of cup sizes.

That was the only time Tess Daly responded to anything about her breasts. Other than that, she has never acknowledged the speculations that she had a boob job even once. As far as she is concerned, her boobs are natural. They really might not be artificial enhancements after all because huge and perky do not always mean unnatural.