Did Taylor From Southern Charm Get a Boob Job?

Derick Scholz

Taylor From Southern Charm seems to have gotten a boob job. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm has lately started to spark the rumors that she got a boob job. Her breasts were never super huge. In fact, they looked kind of small but now, it seems like she has grown a cup size or two in her recent pictures. Taylor Ann Green has not responded to the rumors that she got a boob job yet. 

Nobody thought that Taylor Ann Green would be anything but sweet and kind when she was first introduced on the Bravo reality show Southern Charm during its 7th season in 2020 as Shep Rose‘s girlfriend. The pair made the most adorable couple and the viewers couldn’t get enough of them as they seemed so in love with each other. Unfortunately, they didn’t last and Taylor has not been doing well in the aftermath of their breakup.

Taylor Ann Green has been making one big mistake after the other and the reality star is currently embroiled in drama. She did some pretty controversial things like getting involved with her ex’s best friend. Anyway, the point is that the Southern Charm alum is in the center of the drama which means that all eyes are on her which means intense scrutiny of her which has led to speculations that she got a boob job. Let’s talk about the plastic surgery rumors that she is facing currently!

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Southern Charm: Did Taylor Ann Green Get a Boob Job?

Taylor Ann Green (@tayloranngreen) from Southern Charm has lately become the target of boob job speculations. She is suspected of getting work done on her breasts to enhance them.

Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm has sparked boob job rumors lately. houseandwhips.comTaylor Ann Green from Southern Charm has sparked boob job rumors lately.
Image Source: The US Sun

If you have not been keeping up with Taylor and all the drama going on around her, get in touch because there’s something new and it’s not about her relationships or friendships. It’s about her plastic surgery. Out of all the Southern Charm cast members who were all accused of getting excessive cosmetic surgery only to end up looking generic by killing what made them unique, only Green was considered to be natural. Now, she is the new subject of speculation about a boob job.

Taylor Ann Green looked very fresh-faced when she first came to the show and everyone thought that she was going to stay that way because she was gorgeous and also because she was relatable in a way that nobody else on the show was, like she wouldn’t get plastic surgery. She was your regular girl on the show and ‘someone who works as a clinical assistant to a dentist is not going to get work done.’ Well, now, she got a boob job.

Well, over the years, you could tell that she has experimented with Botox and fillers but they didn’t seem a big deal because they were non-invasive. But her breast enhancements seem to have made a lot of noise. The Southern Charm viewers had already started to suspect that she had undergone a boob job when they looked a cup size bigger in the latest season.

Taylor Ann Green From Southern Charm Has Not Acknowledged The Rumors of Her Boob Job!

Taylor Ann Green has not confirmed having plastic surgery on her breasts. houseandwhips.comTaylor Ann Green has not confirmed having plastic surgery on her breasts.
Image Source: Page Six

But it’s when Craig dropped that line out of nowhere to Taylor that the viewers were convinced that she had gotten plastic surgery to enhance her breasts. He said, “There’s plenty of other people to show your new boobs to.” He really outed that she got her boobs done like that in one of the episodes. Even if he hadn’t, the Southern Charm audience would have known it because they were on to it. But what Craig did made it an unofficial confirmation of Taylor Ann Green‘s boob job.

She has never talked about getting her boobs done but she always had a tiny chest and lately, she had been starting to show off her breasts which did not look as tiny as people remembered. She might have been doing that to flaunt her assets. With all such show-offs, people could tell that she had a boob job. Some of the Southern Charm viewers felt bad about Taylor Ann Green’s plastic surgery because they think she did it because she was insecure about being flat. As a Redditor pointed out,

I know flat chested girls tend to be really insecure and Shep literally said in some season that she [Taylor] was a member of the itty bitty titty committee. With him not being able to commit to her I’m sure she is going through some kind of identity crisis.

Note that Taylor Ann Green has not yet responded to rumors that she had a boob job.