Amanda Staveley Plastic Surgery: What Did She Do To Her Eyes and Face?


Amanda Staveley is trolled for her bad plastic surgery.

Amanda Staveley is massively trolled and ridiculed for having plastic surgery. People are convinced that the business executive has gone under the knife to get cat eyes. They also believe that she has had Botox and a facelift. Amanda Staveley has never admitted to having any plastic surgery. She has not even responded to those allegations.

Amanda Staveley is a prominent British entrepreneur who is infamous for her ties with Middle Eastern investors. She was instrumental in both the Saudi-Arabian consortium’s purchase of Newcastle United and a considerable investment in Barclays Bank. She had been trying to acquire Newcastle United Football Club as part of a Saudi Arabia-backed group and she ultimately found success in it in 2021. After the £300 million takeover, she and her PCP Capital Partners company also took a 10% share in the football club as part of an agreement. There’s a documentary out about it.

With the spotlight on her because of the documentary, she has become the target of mockery because of her appearance and her plastic surgery. It happens every time she’s in the limelight. So, let’s discuss Amanda Staveley’s plastic surgery!

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Amanda Staveley’s Plastic Surgery: She Has Had Botox, a Facelift, and a Cat-Eye Surgery!

Amanda Staveley has long been the target of online trolling mockery and ridicule because of her appearance. People are habituated to take a shot at her by making fun of her bad plastic surgery that they say changed her for the worse. They are convinced that she has had Botox and a facelift, along with cat-eye surgery. She has never admitted to any of that.

Amanda Staveley is believed to have had plastic surgery including Botox, a facelift, and cat-eye surgery. houseandwhips.comAmanda Staveley is believed to have had plastic surgery including Botox, a facelift, and cat-eye surgery.
Image Source: Financial Times

Amazon Prime has come with a new documentary We Are Newcastle United and while it does not offer any insight into how Newcastle United was managed by Eddie Howe or how the players were coached to become the great overachievers of last season, it sure shows Amanda Staveley in a different light than the public were used to. The public perception of her is that she is brass, snooty, and over-exuberant. But in the documentary, she came across as a calm, approachable, friendly, and caring person.

Many people were shocked to see Staveley in her element and behaving differently than they expected her to. But still, that was not enough for them to warm up to her so, they launched the online mocking campaign against her for having plastic surgery like they always do every time she’s in the spotlight. They hate her for her association with Middle Eastern investors and even if her demeanor doesn’t match their preconceived biases, they are not going to leave any chance to troll her.

So, it serves as ammunition to them that Amanda Staveley’s been looking weird lately. It’s very noticeable that she has had some cosmetic work done on her face because her face looks very unnatural and strange, especially her eyes. They are so wide open that it looks like she is always surprised to see something. Whatever she has had, it’s not very flattering and that has not boded well for her because she is often trolled because of her plastic surgery.

Amanda Staveley Has Never Admitted To Having Plastic Surgery!

Her cat-like eyes, her smooth forehead, and her angular and tight face sound good on paper but unfortunately, in real life, those facial features have not translated well because she doesn’t look very good and natural. Amanda Staveley appears very strange and by looking at her now, people would never believe that there was once a time when she used to work as a model. Plastic surgery has ruined her face.

Amanda Staveley has never admitted to having any plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comAmanda Staveley has never admitted to having any plastic surgery.
Image Source: The National

She should never have gotten Botox in the first place or if she really felt that she needed it, she should have been careful with it and not gone overboard because her forehead now looks so unnaturally smooth like you could see your reflection on them. She doesn’t have a great complexion either and that’s probably because of Botox and she looks frozen as h*ll because of it. She should have stayed away from plastic surgery.

Amanda Staveley shouldn’t have gotten that facelift or whatever it is that made her face so tight. It looks as though she’s cinched in the face. And how come her face got so angular and sharp? If she was under the impression that she looked good with that, then she’s dead wrong about that. But given how she’s trolled for her appearance, she probably regrets her plastic surgery.

Amanda Staveley has a few supporters who defend her whenever she’s bullied on the internet. They argue that it’s very low to make fun of her appearance because she has Huntington’s disease and she can’t help how she looks and besides, she may not have had plastic surgery after all. Apparently, Huntington’s disease affects all muscles and causes involuntary movements and tensing of the muscles involving the eyes, eyelids, nose, forehead, cheeks, and mouth, and can cause slow and weird eye movements.

However, I doubt that those few comments of support have anything on the massive trolling she receives every day. Anyway, we really don’t know how she feels about that because she has never responded to those plastic surgery allegations. She has never admitted to having cosmetic surgery.