Natalie Cassidy Plastic Surgery: What Has She Done To Her Face?


Natalie Cassidy is suspected of having plastic surgery on her face.

Natalie Cassidy is suspected of having plastic surgery by her fans because they have perceived that her face looks a bit different than before. People speculate that the EastEnders actress has had Botox and a facelift to look younger. Natalie Cassidy has never admitted to having plastic surgery to look young. She has, however, admitted to having breast implants.

Natalie Cassidy is probably most recognized by the general public as Sonia Fowler from the BBC soap opera EastEnders even though she has been in lots of stuff.  After all, that was her most prominent role and she has been playing Sonia since 1993. She has also appeared in the BBC sitcom-horror Psychoville and she has made appearances in several television shows as well. She notably took part in the seventh series of Strictly Come Dancing and the ninth series of Celebrity Big Brother.

She has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. But still, when it comes to her, the more notable thing between her career and her appearance is her appearance. Because she has fluctuated a lot in terms of her weight, she has gone from being labeled a ‘whale’ to being appreciated for being ‘fit.’ She has often made headlines because of her weight. Now, it looks like she is making headlines again not because of her weight but because of her looks as fans speculate that she has had plastic surgery on her face.

A lot of her followers have begun to perceive a change in her face that they suspect might be due to procedures she had to remove the signs of aging. Let’s discuss Natalie Cassidy’s plastic surgery!

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Natalie Cassidy’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does Her Face Look Different?

Natalie Cassidy is believed to have had plastic surgery on her face. houseandwhips.comNatalie Cassidy is believed to have had plastic surgery on her face.
Image Source: Entertainment Daily

Natalie Cassidy (@natcass1) is believed by her fans to have undergone plastic surgery on her face to get rid of the signs of aging. She is especially suspected of having Botox and a facelift. There are many people who believe she has had weight loss surgery as well. However, she has only ever admitted to having a cosmetic procedure (breast implants) on her body.

Natalie Cassidy has always looked gorgeous and attractive to many of her fans who have no preconceived biases of the standards of beauty. But she has always been conscious about her appearance. Given how young she entered the entertainment industry, it’s not surprising that she grew up to be very self-aware about her looks. The glam industry is only that from the outside, behind the scenes, it is demanding at best and cruel at worst. Cruel in the sense that it perpetuates impossible standards of beauty. There’s a reason it’s the sector where the practice of getting plastic surgery is most concentrated.

Besides the fact that Natalie Cassidy was a part of the shallow and unforgiving entertainment (glam) industry, it probably didn’t help her self-esteem that she was not exactly a slim person. She struggled a lot with her weight as she bounced from one spectrum of being overweight and labeled a ‘whale’ to another corner of losing all that weight and getting slim to be appreciated for being fit. She didn’t like that she had to put in a lot of effort to look the way she wanted. Looking at how she felt about her looks, people began to think that she made the perfect candidate for plastic surgery.

And many of her fans think that Natalie Cassidy has undergone surgery to lose weight. A lot of people are not convinced that she got slim naturally, by doing diets and working out like she said. Lately, they seem to think that, not only has she used surgical means to lose weight but she has had plastic surgery on her face as well. Apparently, they perceive a slight difference on her face which they suspect is due to the cosmetic procedures she probably got to get rid of the signs of aging.

Natalie Cassidy Has Never Admitted To Having Plastic Surgery on Her Face!

Natalie Cassidy has only ever admitted to having breast implants. houseandwhips.comNatalie Cassidy has only ever admitted to having breast implants.
Image Source: Hello! Magazine

At least, that’s what they believe. Natalie Cassidy is only 40 and I don’t think she would be needing plastic surgery anytime soon because she still looks young. But apparently, she looked that young only because she had cosmetic procedures on her face to remove the wrinkles and get a fresh-looking appearance. She supposedly had Botox to get a smoother appearance. And a facelift too, because of how slim and pulled back she looks.

But to counter that, she had not even developed the wrinkles on her face, and the reason she could be looking slim and pulled back on the face is that the fluctuations in her weight are bound to make her puffy face look slim and slim face puffy. Also, about some subtle differences that cannot be missed, it can be just aging. It does not necessarily have to be plastic surgery.

But there’s a chance that it could be plastic surgery because Natalie Cassidy said that she hadn’t ruled it out when admitting to having breast implants to boost her curves from a 36B to a 36D. In 2009, she said,

I love my boob job and wouldn’t rule out having more surgery – never say never.