Ashley McBryde’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Singer Get Cosmetic Procedures to Appear Younger?

Derick Scholz

Ashley McBryde's Plastic Surgery: Did The Singer Get Cosmetic Procedures to Appear Younger?

Ashley McBryde joined Wynnona Judd on the stage of the CMT Awards for a performance of I Want to Know What Love Is, which sparked plastic surgery speculations about her. The entire time she performed, the singer looked like a doll. Very smooth and not a wrinkle and crease to be seen on her face which made people think she must have had Botox in the least. However, Ashley McBryde has not yet acknowledged the plastic surgery speculation about her so, we can’t entirely be sure. 

You could always feel and see that Ashley McBryde was very passionate about music in her songs. She is one of the most incredible country singers. Having been drawn to various types of music from a young age, she developed a passion for writing songs and was very determined to make a career in music. She later moved to Nashville to pursue a music career and the rest is history.

She released a pair of self-released albums herself. In 2016, she released an EP which got her a music recording contract with Warner Music Nashville. Ashley McBryde released her album Girl Going Nowhere in 2018 which led to recognition from several music associations and took her places. She also did well with her second album Never Will. Now, she has a Grammy (she was nominated for six), a Country Music Association Award, three Academy Country Music Awards, and a nomination for a Daytime Emmy.

And she recently gave a performance at the CMT Awards that moved everyone. But only momentarily because very soon after that, people were talking about the work she must have done. Plastic surgery speculations followed the performance because she looked really stunning and doll-like and fans didn’t think that it was natural. So, let’s talk about Ashley McBryde’s plastic surgery!

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Ashley McBryde’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Suspect The Singer Has Had Botox Which Has Given Her a Very Smooth Appearance!

Ashley McBryde (@ashleymcbryde) surprised everyone when she recently joined Wynnona Judd who had taken the stage at the CMT Awards to perform a cover of Foreigner’s hit song I Want to Know What Love Is. They were great and everyone loved them. Their performance was very moving and it stunned the crowds. What stunned the audience more was how absolutely stunning they looked.

Wynonna Judd looked great and as for Ashley McBryde, she just appeared other-worldly. Divine was one word that was used to describe her and many people agreed on that one. Ashley appeared too gorgeous and doll-like which eventually led the compliments on her looks to speculations about plastic surgery. This is not very uncommon for the industry they are in. In fact, I expected it to happen.

If someone doesn’t make a big show of the wrinkles, lines, and creases on their face and how embracing them makes them happier and wiser by the time they are 37, if someone looks even a little bit different than they did about two decades ago, or of someone looks the same as they did two years ago, plastic surgery speculations about them is to be expected.

Ashley McBryde looked doll-like smooth while performing which sparked plastic surgery speculations.

Ashley McBryde looked doll-like smooth while performing which sparked plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Billboard

Now, Ashley McBryde falls in the first category. Not making a show of how she loves and embraces the wrinkles and lines that aging has brought even when she’s so old. Like where are the wrinkles and lines and creases and crow’s feet? For the record, she’s just 39 but for the entertainment industry where youthfulness and beauty is worshipped, that’s too ancient. So, when no wrinkles were to be seen on the singer’s face, naturally, assumptions that she had plastic surgery began.

Ashley McBryde did look so beautiful and young. She appeared so younger for her 39 years. Her face looked too smooth and her forehead looked so shiny. She didn’t have a wrinkle or a crease to be seen on her face. She didn’t get crow’s feet when she smiled. She looked like a dream, very surreal. People didn’t think that it was natural. So, they began to suspect she had plastic surgery.

Maybe it’s a little fair for people to not expect her to look like that. However, Ashley McBryde was there for the CMT Awards. Of course, she was going to be all glammed up. You can’t be expecting people to make a point about how imperfections are beautiful on one of the biggest awards nights. So, maybe it was not plastic surgery. I mean, people suspected that she had Botox and it’s not surgery anyway. But maybe it wasn’t any cosmetic procedure. It could be just makeup.

Ashley McBryde's fans suspect she has had Botox in the least.

Ashley McBryde’s fans suspect she has had Botox in the least.
Image Source: People

Because if you go scroll through Ashley McBryde’s Instagram page, you will see a lot of her pictures where she is looking real with crow’s feet around her eyes and wrinkle on her forehead, and smile lines on her cheeks. It’s just that in the recent event, she was super dolled up and literally resembled a doll. So, really a good makeup artist can make a big difference and maybe the singer got the best one. It doesn’t have to be plastic surgery.

Plus, it’s also possible that the photos of her from the event have been photoshopped and airbrushed to make her look perfect. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time, would it? So, for those wondering if Ashley McBryde has removed the lines on her face with plastic surgery, maybe just go through her Instagram page.