Brooke Schofield Before and After Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


Brooke Schofield's fans seek her before and after weight loss pics.

Brooke Schofield underwent a dramatic weight loss of 20 pounds and got lots of compliments from her followers. The influencer started to get triggered by all the comments because it made her think that she did not look as good before she lost weight. So, Brooke Schofield made a video asking her followers to never comment on somebody’s weight loss unless it’s known that they are actively trying to lose weight. 

Brooke Schofield first gained prominence when she appeared in one of Tana Mongeau‘s YouTube videos. Since then, she has garnered a large number of followers on social media and she is now a proper professional influencer. She does not just influence, she also acts. So far, she has had roles in Leave Him in the Dust and Hook, Line, and Sinker.

Anyway, let’s talk about Brooke Schofield’s weight loss because as some of her followers are saying, she has been making her weight her whole personality lately as she’s constantly talking about her physique only. However, there’s more to her talking about her weight than just that and Brooke has said some important things regarding people commenting on someone’s physique. What exactly? Let’s discuss that!

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Brooke Schofield’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose 20 Pounds? Check Out Her Before and After Pics!

Brooke Schofield (@brookeschofield) went through a significant weight loss of 20 pounds in less than a month a few months ago. Her dramatic physical transformation which had everyone in awe got them complimenting her body and appreciating her physique which eventually kind of triggered her.

Brooke Schofield had a weight loss of 20 pounds in just a month. houseandwhips.comBrooke Schofield had a weight loss of 20 pounds in just a month.
Image Source: House & Whips

So, about five months ago, Brooke really took everyone by surprise when she revealed her new physique on social media. She had gotten 20 pounds lighter and at first, people couldn’t fully believe what they saw because it was like, one minute, she was kind of chubby and filled out, whereas next month, she had gotten extremely slim. Her face looked so sharp and angular because of the weight loss and people couldn’t stop complimenting on her new body.

While Brooke Schofield was happy about all the positive attention and appreciation of her body in the beginning, it started to get to a point where she felt like people thought she looked great only because she lost weight and it registered in her mind that she didn’t qualify as beautiful in people’s eyes before she had weight loss. The comments she had been enjoying later started to trigger her and she made a TikTok video addressing that issue.

At the end of last year, I lost a lot of weight really quickly. I lost, I want to say, 20 pounds in a month. And since then, pretty much all of my comments have been about that. If you look at a photo of me in a bikini or a video of me in a bikini, the search bar will be like ‘Brooke Schofield, before and after,’ and all the comments are ‘oh my god you look amazing’ ‘you’ve never looked better’ ‘wow what did you do.’

The influencer had people in her comments section wanting to know what she did to lose weight and she was flattered at first but it started to bother her later because as she thought about it, she didn’t really do anything to lose weight. It just happened when she was going through a break-up because she didn’t take care of herself during that period. She didn’t do anything right for weight loss and so, the overwhelming amount of people curious to know about it made her uncomfortable.

Brooke Schofield Asks Followers Not to Comment on Anyone’s Weight Loss!

It was not just about Brooke Schofield having to think of her break-up every time somebody asked her what she did to lose weight. The comments saying ‘you look so great now’ led her to think that people thought she didn’t look as good before her weight loss. That realization took her down because she never thought that there was something wrong with her body before. So, she asked her followers to understand the consequences of such type of seemingly harmless comments.

It’s really dangerous to do that, because I never thought I looked bad before. I was really confident before, and the amount of people who have put so much emphasis on how much better I look now? Like, oof.

Brooke Schofield says that comments on people's appearance can be dangerous. houseandwhips.comBrooke Schofield says that comments on people’s appearance can be dangerous.
Image Source: Yahoo

Also, even if Brooke ignored how people made her feel that she was not good enough before she lost 20 pounds, they still didn’t know that she was actively trying to lose weight so, they should not have commented on her new body because she did not get that new body in a healthy way. Her transformation was rooted in a negative cause (she starved herself for months after her breakup) and nobody should not be appreciated for such kind of weight loss because it might prevent them from recovering.

Full transparency, I lost weight in the least healthy way possible. I wasn’t eating. Not on purpose. I was going through the worst breakup ever. I couldn’t eat. I had such bad anxiety I couldn’t eat for months, okay? There was no Ozempic involved. It was me literally unintentionally starving myself because I was sad.

That was not a healthy way to have weight loss, definitely something to applaud but something to get over. She had to recover from it but because of all the comments, Brooke Schofield got the idea that her followers didn’t think she was beautiful before she lost 20 pounds and that led to her getting scared of what was coming as she recovered and moved on from her breakup. She would start eating again, gain weight, and she was terrified of it. As she said,

And you know what happens when you’re happy? You start gaining weight back again. But now I’m terrified to gain a pound, because there’s been so much emphasis on my weight loss and how good I look or whatever.

Thus, Brooke Schofield made that video to explain that comments on one’s appearance, even if flattering and made with good intentions, may be harmful. So, she asked her followers to be careful when making comments on people’s bodies. She said that it was better not to make any remarks about anyone if it’s not known that they are not on a weight loss journey.

You don’t know how someone lost the weight. Unless you know somebody is actively really trying and adopting a healthy lifestyle and stuff, probably don’t comment on any transformation or weight loss.