Carla from Bankstown Weight Loss: The Drag Superstar Lost 70 Kg After Surgery!


Carla from Bankstown Weight Loss: The Drag Superstar Lost 70 Kg After Surgery!

Carla from Bankstown underwent a weight loss of 70 kg in just a year since getting gastric sleeve surgery. The drag superstar, whose real name is Ben James, said that she was at her heaviest at 186 kg which was mentally hard for her as she used to be bullied for her size. However, after getting weight loss surgery, Carla from Bankstown has massively transformed and she says it was one of the best decisions of her life. 

Carla from Bankstown is a sass master and the queen of humor. No wonder she is so popular, even though she’s not a real person and a drag queen character created by so than Ben James, and more so than the creator himself. Ever since she created a series of videos where she acted as the ‘over it’ secretary to former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, we could tell that she was going to be special. She’s outspoken and opinionated and is beloved by many.

She recently spoke about her weight loss and unveiled the major transformation that she had a year after she got gastric sleeve surgery. She opened up about the struggles she had with her weight while she was growing up and how she was bullied for her size which eventually resulted in her deciding to have surgery to lose weight. Let’s talk about Carla from Bankstown’s weight loss!

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Carla from Bankstown Weight Loss: Gastric Sleeve Surgery Was Not the Easy Way Out But She Managed to Lose 70 Kg!

Carla from Bankstown (@carlafrombankstown) has undergone a massive weight loss of about 7o kg since she had gastric sleeve surgery a year ago.

Carla from Bankstown before and after weight loss
Carla from Bankstown before and after weight loss
Image Source: Instagram

In a recent interview with Daily Telegraph‘s Sydney Confidential, drag superstar Carla from Bankstown opened up candidly about her struggles with weight and how she had a drastic weight loss after having gastric sleeve surgery, and how it was anything but the ‘easy way out’ with her stomach one-quarter of the size it used to be. So, let’s read what she has to say!

Carla from Bankstown, whose real name is Ben James, describes herself as an ’emotional eater.’ She comes from a really big family and every Sunday, they used to have big lunches and eat and eat and eat. In those lunches, she must have eaten to her heart’s content unrestrictedly which began to turn into a problem because she soon began to struggle with her weight and weight loss.

Carla from Bankstown ate without restrictions and her weight also grew that way. At her heaviest, she was 186 kg. She didn’t want to get bigger than that but no matter what she did, she couldn’t lose weight. She was bashed, bullied, and beaten down because of her weight. She developed body dysmorphia because of all the bullying she received because of her size. And the fact that she couldn’t have weight loss the normal way only disheartened her.

But if she couldn’t do it by herself, she was going to take the aid of surgery. So, Carla from Bankstown opted to have weight loss surgery. She went ahead with gastric sleeve surgery which is a procedure that removes about 80% of the stomach, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana. It was a success because now, she’s 75 kg lighter. And she hopes to lose another 20-30 kg to reach her goal weight of ‘well below the 100 kg mark.’

Carla from Bankstown got gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight.
Carla from Bankstown got gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight.
Image Source: 9Now-Nine

Because a small stomach restricts the amount of food people can consume, Carla from Bankstown began to eat only small amounts of food to ensure she didn’t feel sick or stretch her stomach. Now, she eats the same thing as before but just two mouthfuls and she’s full. That has resulted in significant weight loss in a short amount of time. However, it was not as simple as in, you have the surgery and then you lose weight. She said it involved her having to retrain her brain because you can still re-stretch your stomach.

Even if it was a struggle, Carla from Bankstown managed to not restretch her stomach and have weight loss. She has had a massive transformation in terms of her weight and as a result, her confidence has grown. About three weeks ago, she celebrated one year of surgery and posted before and after pictures on Instagram and captioned the snaps,

One year ago today, i made one of the best decisions of my life. My weight was always something I struggled with and I’ve been bashed, bullied and beaten down for it. Today I celebrate my weight loss, i’m down 70kgs in one year! It hasn’t been easy for me. A lot of people say it’s the “easy way out” but it’s really not. You have to retrain your brain on how you eat and drink, and make sure you’re getting enough nutrients and vitamins without eating a lot of food. At my heaviest, I was at 186kgs and I’m not ashamed to share that with you. I’m not going to lie, mentally it’s been extremely hard and I’ve been going through a bit of body dysmorphia, I look in the mirror and still see that person on the left, but I’m getting there. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support, it means the absolute world to me ❤️