Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause’s Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise, Workout Routine!


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Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause's Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise, Workout Routine!

Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset is on a weight loss journey and changes can be seen when comparing her before and after pictures. The Netflix alum is taking the weight loss thing very seriously with a proper diet and exercise plus workout routine. But what triggered Chrishell Stause to suddenly have a goal of weight loss with impressive abs? Find out by reading this article!

Chrishell Stause is incredibly popular and trending on the internet since she is a cast member of Selling Sunset, and when this news broke, people began searching the internet for Chrishell’s whereabouts and detailed information about the Netflix star.

We can also say Chrishell Stause rose to prominence after her role on the Netflix reality show, Selling Sunset, an American reality television series developed by Adam DiVello for Netflix. The series is centered on The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles, and follows a group of agents as they navigate their personal and professional lives.

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Chrishell Stause Before and After Weight Loss: Selling Sunset Star’s Diet and Exercise, Workout Routine!

When it comes to the personal life of celebrities like their spouse, weight loss, weight gain, and plastic surgery, people seem suddenly interested to find out more information related to it. Similarly, Chrishell Stause (@chrishell.stause) has lost weight and the star of Selling Sunset was serious about weight loss. She has found a way to balance shooting, selling items, presenting TV shows, and writing books while also finding time to exercise.

After a two-year marriage, Chrishell divorced her husband, Justin Hartley. The 1.67m tall reality star took the divorce terribly and was dissatisfied as it was filed by her ex-husband. The actress’s divorce took a mental toll and disappointment following her separation from Justin, she then embarked on a weight loss program to be active and healthy and to keep her mind busy and have unnecessary thoughts.

Generally, participating in physical activities and taking care of one’s physical health are the most common strategies followed by people to improve their mental health and the 40-year-old Selling Sunset alum also followed the same strategy.

Fans have also speculated that Chrishell Stause might be following a strict weight loss plan and workout routine to stay slim, fit, and healthy. Also, some believe the star of Selling Sunset might be using the weight loss journey to forget about her recent divorce and her spouse and just focus on herself.

According to the actress’ social media posts, she trains with athlete and founder of power 8 LA Ocho (@ochodada) on the reg the video of their workout sessions, which two of them have posted, demonstrates that their workouts are no laughing matter and are taken very seriously.

From where it can be speculated just how much serious she is about weight loss. From her recent story on Instagram, the actress has revealed that the workout duo normally does around an hour session once a week. Ocho also was amazed at Chrishell Stause’s hard work and stated to WH. that,

Her drive, determination, and work ethic mean she adapts and destroys everything I put her through, she works so hard that I saw results in two weeks.

The actress stated that after giving her all during each training session, she takes at least two or three days to allow her body to recuperate. Experts believe that overdoing a high-intensity training plan without adequate rest may cause your mitochondria (the cells responsible for energy and blood sugar management) to malfunction.

When comparing Chrishell Stause’s previous pictures and today’s images, fans were taken by surprise. There is little doubt that her divorce and breakups were big motivators for her to begin her weight loss journey.

The popular Netflix alum has yet to reveal how many pounds she lost during her weight loss journey, but it is apparent that she underwent a significant makeover.

Chrishell’s weight loss journey teaches us that with enough effort and resolve, we can overcome any challenge, as she was able to improve both her physical and mental health by focusing on herself.

Is Chrishell Stause Dating G-Flip? 40-Year-Old Actress Seen Holding Hands With 27-Year-Old Australian Singer G-Flip!

While you are in the spotlight, people tend to focus on the celebrities’ personal life and if they see you with someone they start circulating rumors and gossip jumping to conclusions without proper evidence.

A Reddit user recently observed the Kentucky-born actress-turned-real estate agent, Chrishell Stause, holding hands with the singer, G Flip after a show in Denver, Colorado which shows that the reality star has moved on.

G-Flip, who is a non-binary Australian singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and musician from Melbourne, Victoria, and uses they/them pronouns, wore a red jacket, baggy pants, and sneakers, whereas Chrishell wore a leather jacket and tight jeans.

Now, speculations are circulating about Chrishell Stause’s probable new fling. She may or may not be dating a 27-year-old Australian singer and they’ve also been giving each other some rather flirty comments on Instagram but neither G-Flip nor Chrishell have confirmed anything.

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