Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery: What Has She Done to Her Face?


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Coleen Rooney is often the subject of plastic surgery speculations.

Coleen Rooney is always sparking plastic surgery speculations because she has a very interesting face that changes very frequently but never to age. As per experts, she has had Botox, chemical peels, and fillers. There was also a rumor that she spent £50,000 on cosmetic treatments. Coleen Rooney has always maintained silence when it comes to her plastic surgery speculations.

Did you know that Coleen Rooney had a television career before she became the ultimate WAG or do you know her just as the wife of former English footballer Wayne Rooney? She wrote columns for celebrity magazines such as Closer and OK! magazine before she started doing television. In 2006, she presented Tonight with Trevor McDonald alongside him. She then made her own series for ITV called Coleen’s Real Women.

She also sold an exercise DVD that became a bestseller and she published a four-book series called Coleen Style Queen. She did a lot before she began to be known as the wife of Wayne Rooney and for her involvement in the Wagatha Christie trial. Anyway, she does not make headlines just because of the trial but often because of her appearance as well. It seems as though her face is constantly changing which always sparks discussions about her looks. So, let’s talk about Coleen Rooney’s plastic surgery!

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Coleen Rooney’s Plastic Surgery: She Has a Very Interesting Face!

Coleen Rooney‘s (@coleen_rooney) ever-changing and never-aging face has often sparked plastic surgery speculations. Experts claim that she has had Botox, chemical peels, and fillers to enhance her appearance and fans have no reason to not believe them.

Coleen Rooney appears to have had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. houseandwhips.comColeen Rooney appears to have had plastic surgery to enhance her looks.
Image Source: The Mirror

If you have been following Rooney these past few years, you would have noticed that her appearance is always changing and she is starting to look more and more refined every passing year. There’s something expensive about her look these days and people cannot help but think of plastic surgery when they see her face. She has sparked speculations about her cosmetic procedures numerous times over the years.

The change in Coleen Rooney’s appearance was probably first noted in 2019 when she made a public appearance at a business launch shortly after the beginning of her Wagatha Christie row. People could not recognize her for a while because she was sporting a whole new face, more refined and slimmer. They had never seen her lips to be that plump, her cheeks to be that full, and her skin to be that bright and tight before that. Of course, they suspected plastic surgery.

She never paid any heed to the speculations and did not bother to confirm or deny those, so, people took experts’ words at face value. Amar Suchde of AMS Aesthetics claimed that Coleen Rooney’s new look and face were to be credited to some simple “cosmetic tweaks” and her fans did not need Rooney to confirm her plastic surgery. Amar said that Rooney had had Botox, fillers, and peels among other things.

Coleen is noticeably glowing in her latest photos, which I’d suggest is due to a combination of some cosmetic tweaks, weight loss and facial peels. She has a naturally high cheekbone structure, but it appears she may have had filler in her cheeks to smooth them out around the apples. Also, it looks to me as if she’s had Botox in her forehead, which has raised her eyebrows, as well as a small amount of filler in her lips for more definition. It’s a good balance, though, and proportional to the rest of her face. Overall, her face does look slimmer, which is likely to be the result of recent weight loss – while the tightness could be down to good facials, or likely a retinol skin peel to resurface her complexion, something which is great for this kind of rejuvenation, delivering a firming effect.

Did Coleen Rooney Really Spend £50,000 on Plastic Surgery?

Coleen Rooney was rumored to have spent £50,000 on beauty treatments. houseandwhips.comColeen Rooney was rumored to have spent £50,000 on beauty treatments.
Image Source: BBC

2021 saw rumors that Coleen got beauty treatments worth £50,000 when she shared a selfie on Instagram. She was very fresh-faced and her followers had to do a double-take to see if it was really her because she looked very different. It didn’t seem possible but she looked even younger than before and she was all glowing with her wrinkle-free skin. And what was with her perfect pout if not plastic surgery?

Because Coleen Rooney debuted her fresh-faced look shortly after there were reports about her being really worried about aging and how people perceived her aging, fans easily believed the rumors of her expensive overhaul. Apparently, insiders spilled that she wanted to look her best and for that, she got lots of swanky treatments, smoothed out her skin, and plumped up her lips. Given how she looked, there was no other explanation besides plastic surgery.

Everyone was like, ‘What has Coleen Rooney done to her face?’ after that selfie and a few public appearances she made later. So, the expert once again chimed in on that. This time, the insiders alleged that the new glow to her face was because of the non-surgical procedures like Botox, lip fillers, and laser as well as EMSculpt (it’s a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that burns fat and builds muscles) and the plastic surgery expert said the same thing.

Amar claimed that Rooney appeared to have gotten fillers in her cheeks, lips, and under her eyes as well, and in just the right amount that gave her a fresh and plumped look. They noted that it was just the right balance on her face and if she did anything more, she would be going overboard.

Anyway, that’s what the experts say. As for Coleen Rooney herself, she has never responded to plastic surgery speculations.