Love is Blind: Taylor Rue’s Plastic Surgery; Is She Really Fake?


Reddit thinks Love is Blind's Taylor Rue's had plastic surgery.

Taylor Rue from Love is Blind Season 5 has left the viewers wanting to know if her beauty is all-natural or if she has had plastic surgery. Many of them, like JP, seem to think that she looks a bit fake and has gone under the knife to get that perfect Instagram look. Taylor Rue is suspected of having plastic surgery including Botox, a nose job, and fillers at the very least. The Love is Blind alum has never confirmed any of these procedures.

Now that the latest season of Netflix’s dating reality show Love is Blind is over and the reunion episode has aired, the viewers have a lot to discuss. But hold that thought because first, let’s talk about how gorgeous and dazzling Taylor Rue looked at the reunion. Anything else comes after that. It’s hard to believe that Taylor was rejected for her appearance and the way she looked by JP on the show because come on, she actually looks ethereal and she was literally glowing.

The reality star looked perfect and stole every frame she was in. Not many viewers could take their eyes off her which, after some time, got suspicious. Just how shiny can one look? Can anyone really look that stunning naturally? Or did she the aid of cosmetic procedures to look the way she did? Many are inclined to believe the latter. So, here, let’s talk about Love is Blind’s Taylor’s plastic surgery!

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Taylor Love is Blind Plastic Surgery: People See The Fake in Her Looks That JP Talked About!

Taylor Rue (@taylormrue) from Season 5 of Love is Blind is suspected of having plastic surgery by the viewers of the show because she is perfection personified and that is extremely sus. She is believed to have had Botox, a nose job, and fillers.

After Taylor’s big reveal, everyone was taken aback by how beautiful she looked. They really thought that JP won at his love life by finding a girl he liked for her personality and then that girl turning out to look that stunning. But he fumbled hard and what made him fumble that hard? Many think things go deeper than that but JP claimed that he couldn’t get into Taylor because of the way she looked.

Taylor from Love is Blind seems to have had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comTaylor from Love is Blind seems to have had plastic surgery.
Image Source: Business Insider

He really said that he wasn’t a fan of the way she presented herself during their first meeting because she was too made-up for him and that looked fake to him. He made some callous remarks about having a problem with her false eyelashes and cakey makeup. Did he really expect to come on Love is Blind and find girls without makeup or plastic surgery? The show is all about glam and glitz and it was not very wise of JP to make that comment. He should have known what he was getting himself into. He should not have been all,

I understand you tried to present yourself, and look as best you could, but I feel like if you would’ve presented yourself like this, without any makeup, it would have been better. It felt like you were fake.

JP really said that he would rather Taylor wear less makeup or no makeup at all. Well, JP, that’s not really your call to make, is it? And besides, were you really unaware that looking like a glam doll is kind of a prerequisite in dating shows like Love is Blind? The contestants are meant to attract the viewers and a normal, everyday look is not going to do it. So, of course, the gals were going to look all made up and extra. Oh, and by the way, JP, it’s not the makeup that made her look fake, it’s plastic surgery.

JP was not really lying when he said that Taylor looked fake, he was just wrong in giving that as a reason to not be with her. Anyway, Tay looked gorgeous but also fake. Everyone could tell that she was not exactly natural. I mean, she clearly has an Instagram face and features that look perfect but in a generic kind of way. No amount of makeup could make you look that glam, it had to be plastic surgery.

What Plastic Surgery Did Taylor Rue From Love is Blind Get? Reddit Discusses!

If you somehow missed that memo, just notice how refined Taylor Rue looks. She has a perfectly symmetrical face and flawless, almost non-existent skin texture and while it’s dazzling at first sight, the more you look at her, the creepier it starts to get because that’s plain unnatural, too artificial. The Love is Blind viewers noticed her plastic surgery only after they spent a few minutes composing poems about her beauty.

Reddit thinks Taylor Rue has had Botox, a nose job, and fillers. houseandwhips.comReddit thinks Taylor Rue has had Botox, a nose job, and fillers.
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Reddit threads about the reunion had lots of comments about the realization of Taylor’s beauty being artificial. One user noted how she looked so stiff and frozen and could barely move her face and how that was most likely because she had Botox. On a thread about appreciating her look, they brought up her plastic surgery.

But she’s not naturally pretty [even in mexico]. She has fillers and Botox in her whole face, a terrible nose job, and eyelash extensions. So even JP saying he likes her natural … there’s hardly anything natural about her. Her face had no movement or expression besides her filled lips. It was scary. She’s young and has a completely frozen face.

Many Love is Blind viewers seemed to agree with that. They all seemed to think while Taylor was undoubtedly gorgeous, she looked a bit fake and unrealistic because of the fillers and overly made-up look. If you stare at her intensely (word of advice: don’t do it), you might see through the beauty and see the Botox and fillers, the weird and uncanny peeking through. She also supposedly had a nose job. Now, there are no before and after pictures for comparison but do we really need those? She’s so heavy on her curated looks that it’s not hard to tell that she has had plastic surgery.

Note that Taylor has not acknowledged the speculations about her cosmetic procedures and has not revealed if she has gone under the knife. Given how JP rejected her because of her appearance and for wearing makeup, she might not want to reveal if she had anything done at the moment. So, there are no confirmations of her plastic surgery.