Did Cora Jade Get a Boob Job?


Cora Jade has obviously gotten a boob job. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Cora Jade sparked speculations of a boob job in August 2023 when she posted a photo of herself flaunting her breasts which looked much larger than they were before. A lot of fans were supportive of her but there were equal amounts of trolls and some people expressed concerns that getting implants might not be the wisest decision for a wrestler. Cora Jade has not yet responded to all the remarks about her boob job.

Cora Jade is undoubtedly one of the most terrific female professional wrestlers we have right now though she has a hard time sometimes. Ever since she signed to WWE, she has been one of the best NXT superstars. She is even a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion with Roxanne Perez. Before she signed to WWE, she wrestled on the independent circuit under the ring name Elayna Black and also made appearances in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Impact Wrestling.

Cora Jade is not just one of the most amazing wrestlers but she is also one of the hottest. As a female wrestler, her body has been sexualized a lot. Especially, in the last few months, the sexualization has been over the top because she got a boob job. Ever since she posted a picture of herself flaunting her breasts which looked enhanced, WWE fans have been talking about that only. Her implants caused a lot of commotion all over the internet.

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Cora Jade’s Boob Job: Her Implants Caused Uproar on the Internet!

‘Did Cora Jade (@corajadewwe) get a boob job,’ is a question nobody’s asking these days because everybody knows that she has enhanced her breasts. There’s no question about it, only unnecessary remarks, supportive comments, and genuine concerns regarding plastic surgery.

Cora Jade's boob job broke the internet. houseandwhips.comCora Jade’s boob job broke the internet.
Image Source: Wrestling News

When Cora disappeared in the first week of August after she lost a match to Dana Brook and had a mini-breakdown about the loss, she kind of left every WWE viewer with an imprint of herself on their minds because never had people talked about her as much as when she went missing. The last they saw of her was when she stormed out of the locker room in a huff after wishing luck to the other wrestlers and then remarking that they would need it. Fans never imagined that Cora Jade’s next appearance would be a post on Instagram showing off her boob job.

The NXT superstar even deleted her Twitter account and her absence from WWE programming created more mystery when the details of her return to television were not hammered down immediately. There were no updates about her for the longest time until the day she came out of her break by posting new photos on Instagram after which she got people talking about her new body only. She flaunted her breasts which looked much larger than they were before and ended up flooding and breaking the internet with people questioning, ‘Did Cora Jade get a boob job?’

There had been rumors that she was off television because she quit NXT and was going to the main roster. Well, she ended those with her huge and enhanced bosom, didn’t she? While everyone had been very speculative about her career trajectory till then, it all went away when she debuted her new breast implants. What followed the visual revelation of her boob job was a lot of supportive comments, unwarranted trolling, and sincere worries about the plastic surgery.

While people were not entirely sure that Cora Jade had actually gotten implants in the beginning, when Dana Brooke implied that Jade had been to the doctor (surgeon) with her comment, “Sent ya off to the doctorssss…,” they became convinced of it as they took it as an insider confirmation. Since then, they have been really emboldened to make all kinds of comments about the wrestler’s boob job.

Cora Jade’s Fans Are Concerned That Her Boob Job Might Not Be Good For Her Wrestling Career!

Cora Jade got a lot of comments about her breast implants. houseandwhips.comCora Jade got a lot of comments about her breast implants.
Image Source: WrestleTalk

She was targeted by a lot of trolls for her decision to undergo plastic surgery and had lots of fans come to her defense with their supportive comments. Some also expressed genuine concern about her choice to get breast augmentation and its possible effect on her game and wrestling career. Her breast implants really broke the internet. Nobody would have ever imagined that Cora Jade getting a boob job would have that kind of power and hold over everyone.

Almost everyone was talking about it. Nice or not, they were talking. Some supportive comments were like,

Tbh never would I have expected a *boob job to fit her so well. Sometimes girls will overdo it and it’ll be unnatural to them but honestly hers look good.

Another fan commented on a Reddit thread about her boob job,

I did like her flat chest, but her surgeon did a fantastic job. Fits her body perfectly and no doubt gives her a confidence boost.

There were also many trolls who had only nasty things to say about Cora Jade like,

she already had a porn star name now she has the porn star body to match.

Some fans were genuinely worried that her boob job was going to cause problems for her when wrestling because as one of them said, “there’s always the risk that a rupture (of implants) could occur during a match. They got especially concerned when they learned that implant rupturing was not a new thing in WWE.
Yeah, some wrestlers have had problems with them. Charlotte Flair is one and I think Chyna did as well. There might be more that have kept it quiet. Implants have a shelf life even if you aren’t taking wrestling bumps on them.
Cora Jade had a lot of her fans worried about her career because of her boob job.
Boob jobs in wrestling invariably make me uncomfortable. Cannot watch a wrestler with implants without imagining that the next front bump they take will cause them to explode (especially when every third woman uses the chickenwing facebuster). 
She has yet to remark on all the remarks about her cosmetic surgery. Also, note that Cora Jade has not said it outright that she got implants, it’s just that the picture she posted was taken as a confirmation of her boob job because her breasts look very enhanced and large there.