Did Mariah Carey Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out The Singer Then and Now!


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Did Mariah Carey Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out The Singer Then and Now!

Did Mariah Carey have plastic surgery? She had tons of it according to some experts. The singer has had Botox or laser treatment, cheeks augmentation, lip fillers, liposuction, and a butt lift. There was a report that she used her assistant’s card to hide her cosmetic procedures and some leaked invoices showed that Mariah Carey has had fat-freezing and firming procedures. However, she has never come forward to admit that she has had any of the plastic surgery procedures done. 

Mariah Carey is one of the most influential musicians of all time who is credited for inspiring multiple generations of pop and R&B artists, and for merging pop music through her crossover collaborations. She is gifted with insane vocal abilities and is noted for her five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, and signature use of the whistle register. She is rightfully referred to as the Songbird Supreme. It’s no surprise that she is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with over 220 million records sold worldwide, what with her unparalleled talent.

She was always destined to be super famous with her gifts. Being known all over the world is no help when she wants to avoid being the target of plastic surgery and weight loss surgery speculations. She has tried everything to keep people from knowing about what she does to her face and her body to maintain it and keep it the way it is. But the truth has slipped through the cracks. If anyone asks did Mariah Carey have plastic surgery, we can easily tell she has even though she has never admitted it!

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Did Mariah Carey Have Plastic Surgery? Experts Say She Has Had Tons of Work Done! The Singer Then and Now!

Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey), according to the experts, has undergone tons of plastic surgery which includes Botox, cheek augmentation, lip fillers, laser treatment, breast implants, and a butt lift. She also reportedly had fat-freezing treatments which she charged to her former assistant’s cards.

Mariah Carey is not just gifted with exceptional vocals but she is also blessed with a gorgeous face. She is an evergreen beauty who still looks the same as she did two decades ago. Well, not exactly the same but even more beautiful than before. Even more endowed and filled than before. Seeing it that way, things have taken a suspicious turn. How can someone be more endowed as they age than when they were young? She is definitely more beautiful than ever but it’s not natural, right? This is the obvious case of plastic surgery, isn’t it?

If you are having trouble believing that Mariah Carey had a plastic surgery transformation because she does not look like she has undergone any cosmetic treatments (Translation: She does not look botched which is the most obvious form of plastic surgery), then we present the expert’s opinions as well. And spoiler alert: most of them lean in favor of her having nips and tucks. And you will understand the beauty of great cosmetic surgery is the subtlety of it.

Dr. Gary Goldenberg and Dr. Rian Maercks have best explained the changes in the singer’s face, breasts, stomach, and butt over the years. The plastic surgery experts have given perfect and fitting reasoning as to why her appearance has changed like that.

Firstly, let’s hear the expert opinions about Mariah Carey’s face. What plastic surgery did she get to look like that? Well, according to Dr. Goldenberg, she has had Botox or laser resurfacing or micro-needling, fillers on her cheeks, and laser treatment or chemical peels for her skin.

As per the expert in plastic surgery, Mariah Carey’s completely smooth forehead is either the result of Botox injections or laser resurfacing, or micro-needling. There’s a higher chance that it is Botox because she has no crow’s feet around her eyes when she smiles either. He also believes that her cheeks have been augmented with filler because she has more upturned eyes now which could be due to facial contouring with fillers.

He thinks that Botox got rid of her gummy smile and that she got Restylane or Juvederm injections on her lips to keep them shapely and full. The All I Want For Christmas is You hitmaker probably also got chemical peels or laser treatment for her skin as the pores are much smaller and there’s no evidence of dyspigmentation there. Now, these might not necessarily be plastic surgery but she had to tons of work done to look like that.

Moving on to the real plastic surgery she had (on her body), Dr. Maercks said that Mariah Carey had breast implants, a butt lift, and liposuction. He said that her bust appeared to have been enhanced by high-profile subpectoral breast implants and additional fat transfer and that the reason her butt appeared fuller could be either implants or fat transfer ‘Brazilian Butt Lift.’

Speaking of her mid-section, he also explained that Mariah Carey might have had liposuction of the abdomen which might be a reason she appears a bit heavier today with a similar waistline. He also believes the fat extracted after the plastic surgery was used to enhance the buttocks and possibly breasts.

These are expert opinions that might be true but I don’t think Mariah Carey is going to come forward to admit that she has undergone any of these plastic surgery procedures because she has a history of going out of her way to hide that she got work done. Remember the scandal in 2019 when it became huge news when she revealed that she used her assistant’s credit cards to pay for cosmetic treatments?

Daily Mail reported that Mariah Carey never wanted people to know about her plastic surgery and that’s why the Emotions songstress would put all those procedures on Lianna Shakhnazaryan‘s (former assistant) or Stella Bulocnikov‘s (former manager) card. The invoices show that she had had at least six cosmetic procedures – including fat-freezing and firming treatments.

One of the invoices that the outlet saw was for a total of $32,765 and included $10,000 in PLLA buttock filler injections, a $4,800 LipoFreeze fat-melting laser treatment to her upper breasts, and an $8,900 firming ultrasound procedure to her neck and jawline. The receipt was issued by the upmarket Epione Beverly Hills clinic and was billed to ‘Stella Carey’, which is believed to be a pseudonym used by Carey. However, it was sent to the singer’s Manhattan mailing address.

There was a separate bill for a total of $7,915 that was paid for with Shakhnazaryan’s own American Express credit card. The bill was for a vShape tightening radio-frequency treatment to the thighs, apparently for the singer, plus a $485 case of protein shakes. The receipt was registered under ‘Margot Channing’ which is believed to be another pseudonym for the star that she often uses to check into her hotels.

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