Heston Blumenthal Weight Loss: Is It Because of Some Kind of Illness?


Heston Blumenthal's weight loss has sparked health concerns among people. houseandwhips.com

Heston Blumenthal’s weight loss has sparked health concerns among his followers. They are worried that he has some kind of illness that is causing him to keep on losing weight because he has been losing weight for several years. Heston Blumenthal has never addressed his weight loss but once he opened up about his business stress which cost him his health. Many attributed the change in his physique to his stress after that. 

Heston Blumenthal is a very creative, unconventional, and unique chef in that he has pioneered multi-sensory cooking, flavor encapsulation, and food pairing and he has developed unusual recipes such as snail porridge, triple-cooked chips, soft-centered Scotch eggs, and bacon-and-egg ice cream. People love to see his cooking shows to see how he cooks and how he makes the ingredients work together.

The proprietor of the Fat Duck, he has been awarded honorary degrees from London universities and Reading, Bristol, for his advocacy of a scientific approach to cooking. You would think that such an expert at cooking would lead a very delicious and healthy life. But with time, he continues to look as if he is starving. Such worrying and noticeable is Heston Blumenthal’s weight loss and fans are concerned for his health because they think he has some kind of illness.

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Heston Blumenthal’s Weight Loss: He Has Gotten a Lot Skinnier in the Recent Years!

Heston Blumenthal (@thehestonblumenthalteam) and his weight loss, at this point, seems like a tale as old as time because when, in the past five years, have you looked at him and not been shocked to see him thinner than before? Can you honestly say that you have not been concerned for his health after looking at him? Everyone who has been keeping up with him believes that he has some kind of illness that’s ailing him.

Heston Blumenthal's weight loss has sparked health concerns among his fans. houseandwhips.comHeston Blumenthal’s weight loss has sparked health concerns among his fans.
Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

The British celebrity chef has never exactly been someone who you would call fat but I swear he used to look very healthy. He used to be of medium build and he looked fine then unlike now when he has lost tons of weight and looks very sickly. He never looked like he had any extra weight in him that he could do with losing but for the past few years, he has just been losing and losing. His weight loss is really scary and people are worried for his health.

Many of Heston Blumenthal’s followers are concerned that he is suffering from some kind of illness and why wouldn’t they be concerned? Just look at Heston. He looks so sickly. Just compare how he used to look to how he looks now in his before and after weight loss pictures and then only will the drastic difference hit you. He has gotten very skinny and he does not look the fit and athletic kind of skinny. He looks not fine.

He has looked that way for quite a while. It’s been several years since he started to get skinny and he still continues to get thinner and thinner. At this point, you cannot look at him and then not wonder what’s going on with him because it is as if he is on a never-ending weight loss spree. He does not seem to be in the best state of health and fans want him to take care of himself and also share what’s wrong with him because they are curious to know what it is that’s causing him to look the way he does.

Is The Reason Behind Heston Blumenthal’s Weight Loss Some Kind of Illness? Details of His Health!

Fans are curious but Heston Blumenthal does not care because he has yet not acknowledged the discussions about his weight loss. He probably thinks it’s his business to worry about and nobody needs to know if he has some kind of illness which it is and which nobody needs to know but since he’s a public figure, people are going to be concerned and curious.

Fans think Heston Blumenthal might have lost weight because of stress. houseandwhips.comFans think Heston Blumenthal might have lost weight because of stress.
Image Source: The Today Show

Anyway, the television personality has never bothered to explain his weight loss to his fans even though the curiosity regarding it may have come from a place of genuine concern for him but he once talked about stress costing him his health and ever since then, his fans have been running with theory that the illness he is suffering from is his business stress.

Heston Blumenthal, in an interview in 2017, said that his business with his restaurant The Fat Duck stressed him out and cost him not just his marriage and relationships but his health as well. It’s very possible that the stress from running his restaurant might have caused him to undergo weight loss. He had money problems as it took very long for the place to even break even.

I nearly went bust three times, financially it’s cost me a fortune. I’d say it was probably eight or nine years before it started making a profit because I just kept on putting it back in. It cost me some of my relationship with my kids, it cost me my marriage. We went to ten houses in ten years, they wouldn’t give us a mortgage because we didn’t have anything. Nothing.

Dealing with money problems and the stress of managing the restaurant later on caused Heston Blumenthal to start developing health issues. He said that he was starved of sleep and was always exhausted. This really might be the reason behind his weight loss.

I didn’t need glasses until I was 40, I’ve had a back operation, I’ve got metal in my back, metal in my hip from all the hours standing up. It’s just an awful lot that you sacrifice. I had levels of exhaustion I never knew possible, 15 hours a week, every week, that’s the amount of sleep I had.