Iam Tongi’s Weight Loss: Did The American Idol Winner Lose Weight?


Iam Tongi's Weight Loss: Did The American Idol Winner Lose Weight?

Iam Tongi’s weight loss is trending on the internet which is strange because he has not lost any weight recently because he’s been too busy on American Idol. But if fans were searching about it to know if he has talked about his weight and losing it because he’s massive at about 104 kgs, there’s nothing there. If Iam Tongi is thinking of embarking on a weight loss journey, he has not spoken about it. 

You all have heard about Iam Tongi? He’s one of the most talented people to come out of Hawaii. He is an incredible singer-songwriter who became an overnight sensation in the music industry after his audition for Season 21 of American Idol. In February 2023, he really took world by the storm with his iconic rendition of James Blunt‘s hit single Monsters.

He had captivated and mesmerized audiences worldwide with the cover of ABBA‘s The Winner Takes It All and Louis Armstrong‘s What a Beautiful World and with that, proved that he is one of the best ones out there. But it was his cover of Monsters which locked it in the first place when it went viral and became the most-watched audition with more than 11 million views on YouTube.

His American Idol journey came a full circle after he performed a duet of his audition song with James Blunt during the finale. That must have been surreal for him because did you know that he won? Yeah, he won the 21st season of American Idol. You would think there’s nothing else anyone wants to talk about besides that. But, no, his weight loss is trending on the internet. Let’s find out what it’s about! Let’s discuss Iam Tongi’s weight loss!

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Iam Tongi and His Weight Loss: He Has Not Lost Weight But Is He Thinking of Losing It?

Iam Tongi (@wtongi) has not had any weight loss (not noticeable at least) and if he’s thinking about losing weight, he has not spoken about it publicly.

Iam Tongi's weight loss is trending on the internet. houseandwhips.com Iam Tongi’s weight loss is trending on the internet.
Image Source: Us Weekly

Iam Tongi must be on cloud nine right now because he was crowned the winner of American Idol in its 21st season. It was on May 21 that he became the youngest man to win the ABC singing competition. Because he is also the first person from the Hawaiian islands to get there, the whole of Hawaii must be proud of him. There’s nothing bigger going on at the moment in the entertainment industry.

Except there’s been some overshadowing of Iam Tongi’s win which seems crazy because who wants to talk about anything other than Tongi winning? As it turns out, some people are claiming that the competition is rigged and some people want to know about his weight loss. Amidst the celebrations and happiness and all, Iam’s fans want to know about him losing weight which just came out of nowhere because there’s nothing to suggest that Iam has changed physically in any way. The rigging thing is people just being bitter but about the other one, it’s hard to say.

Iam Tongi became the youngest male to win the American Idol. houseandwhips.com Iam Tongi became the youngest male to win the American Idol.
Image Source: Hollywood Life

It’s hard to make anything of it because Iam Tongi definitely has not had weight loss. If he had, it’s not noticeable at least and if it’s not noticeable, it shouldn’t have been trending. So, one thing we can tell is that his fans are not searching about that because he looks like he lost weight and got rid of some extra pounds from his body. They most likely want to know if he’s made any public statement about doing something about his weight.

Iam Tongi is undoubtedly very talented and can move everyone with his performances but maybe that was not enough for people because apparently, all this time, his size and weight had been preceding it all and it just took him winning to come out? I mean, it’s not an appropriate time to be thinking about if he’s given any thought about embarking on a weight loss journey because it can ruin his mood and win, right? I mean, imagine winning one of the biggest singing competitions and celebrating when you get asked the question, ‘So, what are you going to do about your weight?’

Iam Tongi has not shared if he has weight loss plans for the future. houseandwhips.com Iam Tongi has not shared if he has weight loss plans for the future.
Image Source: Yahoo News

It’s not what happened. Iam Tongi was not asked straight-up if he was thinking of embarking on a weight loss anytime soon but still, if he found out that one of the suggested searches on Google about him is his weight loss, he would definitely not feel good about it. As it is, he is most likely struggling with his weight for people to be adding on to it.

I mean, you have seen him. Iam Tongi is hard to miss because he’s massive. He’s definitely overweight to the point that he would have difficulties carrying his weight and doing daily life activities like walking, and climbing up and down the stairs. He allegedly weighs roughly 104 kgs (230 pounds) and that’s not the epitome of fitness or anything close to it. And there’s space for weight loss. So, maybe his fans want to know about his mindset about losing weight. Maybe they want to know if he has shared anything about his struggles with his weight.

Well, if that’s where Iam Tongi’s weight loss was coming up then, I have news for you that there is no news because he has, up till now, never mentioned his weight and size at all. He has not talked about his struggles with his weight and if he has any plans of losing weight in the future. As of now, he’s basking in his historic American Idol win.