Is Cris Cyborg Transgender? Many People Wonder If The MMA Fighter is a Male or a Female; A Lot Think that She Was Born a Man, a Different Gender, and Turned into a Woman Later on!


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Is Cris Cyborg Transgender? Many People Wonder If The MMA Fighter is a Male or a Female; A Lot Think that She Was Born a Man, a Different Gender, and Turned into a Woman Later on!

Cris Cyborg is often mistaken to be transgender because of her very masculine features despite being a female. Many think that she has transitioned from male to female as she was born a man, something she didn’t want to be. Not many think that Cris Cyborg looks like a woman even when some of her old pictures showed that she looked like a woman and definitely didn’t ‘look’ transgender then.  

Cris Cyborg is one of the most successful and famous female MMA fighters in the history of the MMA. The Brazilian–American fighter is widely regarded as one of the greatest female mixed martial artists of all time. She is currently Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion, having held the title since January 2020.

She also happens to be a former UFC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC World Featherweight Champion. She is also the only MMA fighter (male or female) in history to become a Grand Slam Champion, holding world championships across four major mixed martial arts promotions.

Despite her immense success, she is often trolled and called transgender because of how manly she looks. Many think that she was born a man and later turned into a woman. They get confused, upon seeing her, and wonder if she is a male or a female. So, is Cris Cyborg transgender? Read to find out about her sexuality!

Is Cris Cyborg Transgender? Many People Think The MMA Fighter Was Born a Man! Or Is She a Woman?

Cris Cyborg (@criscyborg) may be regarded as one of the strongest fighters in the MMA but even she has not become able to fight every single rumor about herself. Among all the rumors, one of the most distasteful ones – the rumor that she is transgender –  is one she absolutely detests, given how many times she has expressed her hurt at being referred to as transgender.

So, if you ever come across anyone saying that Cris Cyborg is transgender, know that it is untrue. I mean, I could absolutely see why many would get confused thinking if she is a male or a female, why many would assume that she was born a man. She has a very loud voice, an extremely muscular physique, and a powerful jaw, all of which are in contrast with the conventional feminine characteristics of a woman. So, I can see why many would guess that she is transgender.

Cris Cyborg stands tall and heavyset at five feet and eight inches and 66 pounds. Not to mention, she has ripped abs and muscles which a lot of other female MMA fighters do, which makes a lot wonder if she was born a man and turned into a female or if she was a woman always.

The truth, however, can be read from her reaction to being called a trans, which is usually of rage, hurt, and upset. She is not a male like many seem to suspect. But the masculine features that have everyone confused? Some people who have not already decided that she is trans on seeing her have a theory that it could be because of her steroid use. She did use a lot of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the past. Remember she has failed a few drug tests in the past?

That must be why Cris Cyborg looks more like a male than a female because she definitely transformed herself permanently which made her transgender when she abused steroids and PEDs. There are pictures of her before she took them and after. In the before, she looks like a woman, whereas in the after, you might get confused and mistake her for transgender.

But just because it is confusing to you whether Cris Cyborg is a male or female upon seeing her, don’t bring that up unnecessarily, alright? Because she doesn’t have a great track record of doing nothing when she was called out to be a male. Think of her spat with Angela Magana!

The duo may have been separated by 30 pounds of weight class, but that never stopped Angela Magana from calling Cris Cyborg a man with a penis every chance she gets. And it also surely didn’t stop Cyborg from punching Magana in the face when the two crossed paths in Las Vegas. It never happened before that a UFC female champion struck another female outside of the cage, but it also never happened that a woman was relentlessly mentally harassed by people calling her transgender.

You could sympathize wth Cris Cyborg and understand the harsh feelings toward Magana. In a Twitter post, she discussed the cruel words of Magana when she called Cyborg a man and repeated for the thousandth time that she was indeed, not transgender. Even though her sexuality and gender were none of Magana’s business, she had to repeat that she had been a woman always.

Also remember the time when social media staffer Mark Aragon, who represented Holly Holm‘s team at the JacksonWink MMA Academy, called Cris Cyborg a ‘dude’ after her victory. He wrote of Cyborg’s history on Instagram,

This dude is tough as hell! That being said at the press conference he said Holly was the first one to make his nose bleed.

Those plain mean and juvenile name-calling kinds of things that he did felt hurtful to Cris Cyborg so, she made it clear that it was ‘not acceptable’ for someone involved with Holm’s camp to ‘call her transgender‘. Even the UFC agreed with her and banned Aragon to enter future events.

Cris Cyborg appreciated this considerate move on the UFC’s part saying that everyone is entitled to work in an environment without being subjected to prejudice.

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