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On September 11, 2022 By Harvey

Is Chris Pine Gay? Who is The Don’t Worry Darling Star Dating? Or Is The Actor Married?

Chris Pine has never revealed himself to be gay. The Don’t Worry Darling cast has only dated women before. So,...
On August 29, 2022 By Rachel

Is Bella Thorne Gay? The Shake It Up Star’s Sexuality Revealed!

Bella Thorne is not gay, she is pansexual. The Disney star revealed in 2019 on Good Morning America that she...
On August 1, 2022 By Sharon

Is Barack Obama Gay? Does the Former President Support Gay Marriage?

Some people wonder if Barack Obama is gay. Well, the 44th President of the U.S. has been married to Michelle...
On July 28, 2022 By Rachel

Is Jack Dylan Grazer Gay? Actor’s Sexuality Revealed; Pronouns Changed to He/They!

Is Jack Dylan Grazer gay? He is one of the major cast in the supernatural horror movie It where he...
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