Yoo Jeongyeon’s Weight Loss in Moonlight Sunrise: Diet and Exercise Routine of the Twice Member!


Yoo Jeongyeon’s Weight Loss in Moonlight Sunrise: Diet and Exercise Routine of the Twice Member!

Since Yoo Jeongyeon’s weight loss is so transparent in Moonlight Sunrise by Twice, people have been curious to learn about her diet and exercise routine. Despite the fact that she is ill and still takes medication for treatment, the singer’s strong determination to lose weight in order to improve her look is praised by many of her fans.

Yoo Jeong-Yeon aka Jeongyeon, is a South Korean singer better known as a member of Twice, a JYP Entertainment girl group. While she previously revealed that she will be taking a break due to anxiousness on October 17, 2020, she returned to the stage at the 30th Seoul Music Awards on January 31, 2021.

On August 18, 2021, JYP Entertainment revealed that Jeongyeon will be taking a second break owing to a panic and anxiety issue. She rejoined the group in February 2022, beginning with the North American leg of the Twice 4th World Tour III.

In January 2023, Twice released a music video of their English track titled Moonlight Sunrise and viewers were quick to notice Jeongyeon’s weight loss. Many people claim that the singer looks slightly leaner. Well, let’s know about her transformation in detail.

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Jeongyeon’s Weight Loss Is So Evident in Moonlight Sunrise That Her Fans Have Been Dying to Know Her Diet & Exercise Routine!

Twice‘s Yoo Jeongyeon (@jy_piece) has been spotted with a dramatic physical transformation in recent months, and she has frequently drawn people’s due to her weight loss transformation. Previously, her abrupt weight gain following hiatuses due to neck problems, as well as stress and anxiety difficulties, had alarmed fans.

People believe Jeongyeon looks slimmer and more beautiful than ever. Fans were happy to see the Moonlight Sunrise singer looking healthy and slimmer. Many praised her for losing weight. One even commented, “Wow, how did she lose so much weight? She’s amazing.” Similarly, another added, “As long as she is healthy, she’s the best, please be happy.”

Jeongyeon before and after weight loss.Jeongyeon before and after weight loss.
Image Source: KBIZoom

People’s interest has always been drawn to the attractiveness and fitness of K-pop idols. Netizens have recently praised the image of Jeongyeon flaunting her attractiveness in everyday activities. She has gradually regained her form after a long illness caused by drug side effects that resulted in weight gain, and she is attempting to lose weight in order to improve her appearance.

The effect of the idol’s continuous will is plainly apparent through a series of recent images. Likewise, a series of images of Jeongyeon with friends practicing sports are now attracting great attention from netizens. In the photo, the idol has a naked face and is dressed casually. Notably, her face has shrunk in comparison to the period of fast weight gain in 2021. Later, Jeongyeon’s tennis instructor uploaded a photo on Instagram with good wishes on January 8th. In the post, he wrote, “Let’s have fun playing tennis in 2023.”

It seems that Jeongyeon has been taking care of her health through sports such as tennis. Many fans were relieved to see her looking much healthier and left comments like “I hope she won’t get sick in the future”, and “I want to see her in good health for a long, long time.”

However, Tennis isn’t the only hobby she seems to have picked up recently. Back in November, Jeongyeon shared a series of images on her personal Instagram account of herself surfing with fellow member Jihyo.

Jeongyeon's latest appearance.Jeongyeon’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

Currently, Jeongyeon’s face has become more angular and elegant. Many followers applauded the idol’s strong will; even though she is sick and takes medication for therapy, she continues to try to reduce weight by following a healthy diet and regular exercise routine in order to improve her appearance.

Previously, she might have read harsh comments regarding weight increase, which might have worked as a motivation for her weight loss journey. This makes supporters both appreciate Jeongyeon’s will and also feel sad for her because gaining weight due to illness is something no one wants.

When it comes to Jeongyeon’s body, netizens are always intrigued. The current Jeongyeon is smaller and healthier than it was at the end of 2021. For the first time, Her appearance on the side of weight gain astonished and disappointed the once-shining beauty. Twice members are finding it tough to choose to clothe and look down due to their weight gain… As a result, netizens have backed her determination to lose weight and improve her figure over time.

Prior to putting on weight, Jeongyeon was a name that frequently set the internet on fire with her distinctive and eye-catching visuals. She can weigh many different shapes, from short to long hair, from strong and frigid to feminine… Jeongyeon is expected to return shortly, despite her efforts to lose weight day by day.