John Kerry Plastic Surgery: Why Does His Face Look Unnatural?

Derick Scholz

John Kerry allegedly had plastic surgery to fight aging.

John Kerry allegedly had plastic surgery to combat aging and look younger. The White House Climate Envoy is suspected of having Botox to smooth out the wrinkles from his face and fillers to plump his cheeks. John Kerry, via his reps, has always maintained that he has not indulged in plastic surgery but people don’t believe that.

John Kerry currently serves as the first U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. He is a member of the Democratic party who previously served as the 68th United States Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017 in the administration of Barack Obama. He also represented Massachusetts in the United States Senate from 1985 to 2013. He was the Democratic nominee for president of the United States in the 2004 election. He lost to incumbent President George W. Bush.

He is now appointed in the post of a special climate envoy by Joe Biden and as an envoy, he is currently on a trip to China to hold talks about climate crisis. Not much has come out of it, except the resurgence in the plastic surgery speculations about himself. People are going on and on about his appearance and how he looks very unnatural. Here’s everything to know about John Kerry’s plastic surgery!

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Has John Kerry Had Plastic Surgery to Look Younger?

John Kerry (@ClimateEnvoy) is not new to people speculating that he has had plastic surgery. He is suspected of getting Botox and fillers to combat aging and look younger.

John Kerry is suspected of having plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging from his face. houseandwhips.comJohn Kerry is suspected of having plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging from his face.
Image Source: CNN

So, the Special Climate Envoy is currently in China on a trip to hold talks on climate change. Given the increasing heat, this planned talk between the two of the biggest countries which are the world’s largest polluters seems very important and a step forward in solving the ongoing climate crisis. But it doesn’t look like the people understand the gravity of this whole thing because their takeaway from the meeting was that Kerry appears to have had plastic surgery.

John Kerry unfortunately failed to yield a significant agreement with China and has come up empty but sure, let’s talk more about his appearance. Granted people talking about climate change is going to contribute absolutely nothing but still. And besides, look at Kerry. He looks so captivating and not in a good way. He has got that weird unnatural look about him that screams plastic surgery.

The politician’s skin texture looks very strange and unnatural. He does not look young at all but people can’t help but wonder if he had Botox shots because of his unusual skin texture. Also, they suspect he has had fillers too not because his face looks plump but because his face has not drooped down yet and he’s pushing 80 so, it is supposed to be sagging down. Surely, he had to have plastic surgery because that seems to be the reason why he doesn’t look as old as he was supposed to.

Anyway, this is not the first time John Kerry has been accused of getting plastic surgery to fight aging. He’s been sparking cosmetic surgery speculations for ages. It’s not new to see headlines about his face. In 2013, the media made a huge deal about his face and reported their observations about how he must have had Botox and fillers because the laugh lines, crow’s feet, and deep forehead creases that were evident in his 2004 official Senate portrait were notably absent and instead of looking old and wrinkled as everyone expected anyone of his age to, he looked super smooth and puffy.

John Kerry is believed to have had Botox and fillers. houseandwhips.comJohn Kerry is believed to have had Botox and fillers.
Image Source: Boston Herald

In response to all those think-pieces about John Kerry’s appearance, his reps denied that he had plastic surgery. They claimed that he had no work done. In the words of his spokesman Glen Johnson regarding Kerry having cosmetic procedures,

No. End of story. That’s not a denial, that’s a fact.

But that denial amounted to nothing, especially in the light of experts’ observations and opinions about the diplomat’s appearance and plastic surgery. Dr. Jeffrey Speigel, chief of the division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Boston University Medical Center, made an observation that he looked very gaunt and the side of his cheeks were sunken and hollow before and added that he must have had a ton of fat grafting into his lower face because he didn’t look the same way. He said that Kerry’s been a little over-injected.

Dr. Adam Scheiner, a Tampa plastic surgeon and the author of The True Definition of Beauty, also made the same observation about John Kerry. He noted how he had a lot of facial fat loss as he aged which he seemed to have rectified going by the massive amount of fullness in his mid to lower face. He couldn’t help but think that Kerry had some kind of volume added there with plastic surgery.

Scheiner said it was very noticeable that Kerry had some work done because his face looked very jarring because as per him, the lower part of his face looked appropriate for someone in their 40s or 50s whereas the upper part looked like someone in their 60s or 70s. He supposedly had some kind of filler like Restylane or Juvederm. It’s technically not plastic surgery but whatever. Kerry has had a cosmetic procedure.

John Kerry and His History With Plastic Surgery Allegations!

John Kerry is not new to plastic surgery rumors about himself. 
houseandwhips.comJohn Kerry is not new to plastic surgery rumors about himself. 
Image Source: New York Post

And it was not just fillers. According to the rumors that had been hounding John Kerry for years, he had much more than just fillers. It was in the books that he had an operation supposedly to correct a malocclusion (a problem with his bite that caused clicking in his jaw) in the ’70s. There were also talks that he got the surgery because he had a hockey injury. But whatever the reason, the operation shortened his long jaw and made him more handsome which made it seem like plastic surgery and not some corrective thing.

Also, there was a time in 2004 that came to everybody’s attention. Kerry was giving his acceptance speech to his party’s nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention during which his face sweated profusely except his forehead. The rumors about Botox spread like wildfire then.

History repeated itself in 2012 when he showed up at the White House celebration for the Boston Bruins sporting two black eyes. John Kerry insisted that it was not plastic surgery, not a facelift, just another hockey injury. Apparently, he suffered a nasty spill while playing hockey with family and friends. Whatever it was, people didn’t buy that. They were and are of the opinion that he had work done.