Julie Chen Before Plastic Surgery: Did the Big Brother Host Undergo Procedures Other Than Double Eyelid Surgery?


Julie Chen Before Plastic Surgery: Did the Big Brother Host Undergo Procedures Other Than Double Eyelid Surgery?

Big Brother host, Julie Chen has apparently undergone double eyelid surgery, a type of plastic surgery. The viewers are interested in learning more about her and examining her cosmetic procedures through before and after pictures, notably Double Eyelid surgery, Botox, Rhinoplasty, and Cheek Augmentation. Here is everything we know about Julie Chen’s alleged plastic surgery in 2022!

Julie Suzanne Chen Moonves mostly known as Julie Chen ((born on January 6, 1970) is an American television personality, news anchor, and producer who has served as the host of the American version of the CBS reality-television program Big Brother since its premiere in July 2000.

Julie co-anchored The Early Show on CBS from 2002 to 2010. Chen wed CBS executive Les Moonves in 2004. From 2010 to 2018, Chen Moonves co-hosted and moderated the CBS Daytime talk show The Talk. This was after numerous sexual assault and harassment claims against her husband Les Moonves came to light.

In 2018, Chen Moonves published her first children’s book, When I Grow Up, which she had written and dedicated to her son Charlie.

If you watch TV then you must know Julie Chen and after people saw changes in her appearance, the viewers are accusing her of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. So, how much of this is true? Let’s find out by reading this article!

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Julie Chen’s Plastic Surgery: A Complete Breakdown of The Talk Star’s Before and After Transformation!

Not many are willing to acknowledge having undergone plastic surgery. Julie Chen (@juliechenmoonves), on the other hand, has been open about her procedure. The Big Brother host is thought to have had Double Eyelid surgery, Botox, Rhinoplasty, and Cheek Augmentation among other plastic surgery treatments.

Chen encountered a lot of prejudice when working as a young TV reporter; she frequently overheard angry and prejudiced remarks. Her news director repeatedly remarked on how Chen’s eyes gave off a bored and uninterested appearance. Chen broke down when she was finally told that she would never work on the main news desk because no one could relate to an Asian reporter.

Julie Chen, a star of The Talk, has previously acknowledged getting cosmetic surgery, but have you ever seen her before? Julie disclosed a procedure she underwent more than 20 years ago to enlarge her eyes when someone remarked that she appeared bored while working as a TV reporter.

Julie Chen underwent a Blepharoplasty, which raises and reshapes the upper eyelids. She had a crease made and the extra skin over her eyelids removed. Julie was clearly pleased with her results, however, she did wonder how much of the motivation for the surgery came from outside pressures and how much was from her own desire.

Jobs started to come her way, but they were probably due to her newly found confidence in her appearance rather than her surgically enhanced American Eyes.

Julie’s parents, on the other hand, didn’t believe it was a good idea for her to have the surgery, and they even had a fight about it. Julie Chen stated,

[My parents and I] had a long conversation about if it would be denying my heritage, you know, my mom calls one auntie, my father calls an uncle… it spread to my entire family. It divided the family. Members of my family wanted to disown me if I got it done.

Julie even said that she is glad to be Chinese and that she did not get surgery because she detested her ethnicity. She also acknowledges that whatever choices she takes, she will have to live with them for the rest of her life. Every choice she made has contributed to who she is today, and she has decided not to look back.

The 52-year-old television personality admitted that Double Eyelid surgery is the only procedure she has ever had done, but plastic surgery professionals disagree. Regarding her plastic surgery rumors, other plastic surgeons had their opinions.

Dr. Adam Hamawy, a plastic surgeon, who has never personally treated Julie, said in an exclusive interview that she may have had a rhinoplasty to give the front of her nose more projection and definition in the past, as well as eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear bigger and more alert.

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, facial plastic and reconstructive expert, said Jules had the dorsum of her nose refined using crushed cartilage or other techniques to make it more elevated and refined. The tip has also been improved.

Dr. Andrew Miller, who has never personally treated Julie, believes the Big Brother contestant is simply aging well. He believes she may have added a little cheek filler, at most. It appears that she may have undergone rhinoplasty to make her nose appear narrower as compared to way back when.

Whether Julie Chen had plastic surgery or not, she looks fantastic for her age. For the record, Julie Chen has only admitted to having blepharoplasty; all other claims about the extent of her surgeries have been made by her adoring fans.

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