Kelly Monaco Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look So Puffy and Weird?


Kelly Monaco is believed to have had plastic surgery to maintain her youth.

Kelly Monaco is suspected of having plastic surgery to maintain her youth. Fans began to think the General Hospital actress had cosmetic procedures including Botox, lip fillers, and dermal fillers after her facial features changed drastically and she started to look puffy and frozen. Kelly Monaco has denied having plastic surgery a few times but people don’t buy that. 

Kelly Monaco is mostly recognized and celebrated for her portrayal of Sam McCall on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She also played the role of Livvie Locke on the soap opera Port Charles from 2000 to 2003. Not just an actress, she is also a television personality who is known as the first-season winner of the reality television competition series Dancing with the Stars. She is also a model and started her career in the entertainment industry in 1997 when she was featured on Playboy as Playmate of the Month for April.

It’s been more than 25 years since she started her career in showbiz. She has changed a lot in these years which her fans suspect is not due to natural aging but because she got plastic surgery to intervene in natural aging. They think that she might have gotten cosmetic procedures to look young but it ended up having the opposite of the intended effect as she now looks older and very strange. Let’s discuss Kelly Monaco’s plastic surgery!

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Kelly Monaco’s Plastic Surgery: She Looks So Strange and Unnatural!

Kelly Monaco (@kelly_m23) is thought to have undergone plastic surgery including Botox, lip fillers, dermal fillers, and a facelift, to look young and fresh.

Kelly Monaco appears to have undergone plastic surgery to remove signs of aging. houseandwhips.comKelly Monaco appears to have undergone plastic surgery to remove signs of aging.
Image Source: Us Weekly

The General Hospital actress has been portraying the character of Samantha McCall since 2003 which has made her a familiar face in many households. Because she has been around for more than two decades and basically grew old publicly, people notice every little change in her. And lately, she seems to have changed a lot. Her face does not look as it used to. Her fans suspect plastic surgery is the reason behind that.

I mean, of course, Kelly Monaco is not going to look the same as she did twenty years ago because people age and grow old with time but the way she has aged does not look very natural and you can’t help but think that she has had plastic surgery. It would be aging naturally if she had started to develop wrinkles and lines on her face and her cheeks had begun to sag down. But no, that has literally not happened. She’s 47, that would have happened if she had aged normally.

But the Port Charles actress has shown no signs of aging. She does not look old as she was supposed to. But the thing is that she does not look young either. She just looks weird and strange with her wrinkleless, frozen, and puffy face. Every single facial feature of hers screams plastic surgery. If she had had plastic surgery which many suspect she had, she must have had it to remove signs of aging and look young but it seems to have ended up making the opposite of the intended effect.

What Plastic Surgery Has Kelly Monaco Had?

Because Kelly Monaco‘s face might have no wrinkles and lines but she does not look fresh as a result of that. Instead, she looks very frozen and smooth and weird. Plastic surgery did her no good. Fans think she didn’t know when to stop Botox and had too much of it. If she had known, she would not have looked that smooth. Plus, the same thing must have happened to her when she got fillers, going by her puffy face.

Kelly Monaco is suspected of having Botox, lip fillers, dermal fillers, and a facelift. houseandwhips.comKelly Monaco is suspected of having Botox, lip fillers, dermal fillers, and a facelift.
Image Source: Metro UK

The model’s face may not have drooped down and she has a very plump face. Too plump to the point that it looks noticeably puffy. It must have been because of too much fillers on her face. If her swollen-looking face does not make it clear that she has had fillers, her weird skin texture does it. It must be the combination of Botox and fillers that makes her skin look too pillowy and unnatural. If she had had just the correct dose of Botox and fillers, maybe nobody would be able to tell that she had had plastic surgery.

Kelly Monaco is also believed to have undergone a facelift and lip fillers. Her lips do look way too plump than they did before and her face looks too tight and pulled back for someone her age. It does not look like there’s any other way to explain why her face looks the way it does, besides plastic surgery.

However, she has never admitted to having plastic surgery. She has expressly denied having cosmetic procedures and she has claimed that she is all-natural. She has even called out haters for making wrong assumptions that she had work done. But her fans just don’t believe her. She continues to insist that she has not gone under the knife but people just don’t buy that.

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