Madison Beer’s Nose Job: Is It Just Contour or Surgery?


Madison Beer's fans are convinced that she had a nose job.

Madison Beer’s fans are convinced that she got a nose job to get it narrowed down to fit in with the button nose aesthetic. The singer has always maintained that she has not had rhinoplasty, she just contours it, and that her nose looks different from her side profile. Several plastic surgery experts are of the opinion that Madison Beer has not had a nose job.

Fame has come down hard on Madison Beer because ever since she rose to prominence, she faced extreme scrutiny of her physical appearance which only got more and more intense as she grew up. As the singer grew up and became an adult, she changed a lot which many people thought was because of plastic surgery. They are not ready to accept the fact that she could have changed because she had transitioned from a teenager to an adult woman.

Every time Madison Beer’s name comes up, people bring up her looks, how she is not natural at all, and how she must have had plastic surgery to attain that. Most of them were convinced that she had undergone a nose job and lip fillers. Lip fillers do not really qualify as surgery because it’s non-invasive and she has already admitted to getting fillers injected! So, the debate on social media when it came to her was whether or not she had gotten rhinoplasty.

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Madison Beer’s Nose Job: It Looks So Perfect and Trendy!

Madison Beer (@madisonbeer) has a perfect nose that meets all the standards (some would say it exceeds the standards even). Her nose was always cute but when she was young, it was bigger and more bulbous. But now, it’s very narrow, slightly upturned, and is no longer bulbous. The tip is very much refined. The change is noticeable when her old and new pictures are compared side-to-side. So, many strongly believe that she has had a nose job.

Madison Beer's fans are convinced that she had a nose job to make it more aesthetic. houseandwhips.comMadison Beer’s fans are convinced that she had a nose job to make it more aesthetic.
Image Source: Billboard

However, the singer has never accepted getting cosmetic work to alter her nose which is why she is criticized a lot. People on TikTok often hate on her for getting a nose job and then denying it. She couldn’t let that overstepping assumptions slide and hatred anymore when one of the TikTokers went as far as to make a video claiming that she was setting unrealistic body and face standards for young women by consistently lying about getting work done on her face and body.

Madison Beer, in response to that video, said that she was not the beauty standard and that nobody should be. She also said that she was done with the accusations of plastic surgery, particularly her nose job, before mentioning that there was a doctor on TikTok who used a heavily edited photo of her to try to make it look like she had altered her nose and asking fans not to fall for that.

If you don’t believe that the Home With You singer’s claims that she has not had a nose job and want an opinion from an expert, there’s Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon based in Troy, Michigan, who is of the opinion that Beer indeed has not altered her nose. Looking at her transformation for a video he posted in 2021, he concluded that she has had lip fillers but not rhinoplasty.

Comparing pictures of Madison Beer at age 15 and 21, Dr. Youn said that the bridge of her nose appears to be the exact same and she can’t have gotten a nose job. He also added that she looked great naturally and said that people who were trolling her for getting plastic surgery on her nose needed to let that go and leave her alone.

Madison Beer Has Not Had a Nose Job; It Just Looks Like That From Her Side Profile Because of Contour!

Madison Beer claims that her nose looks different from different angles and because of lighting. houseandwhips.comMadison Beer claims that her nose looks different from different angles and because of lighting.
Image Source: Glamour

Because Dr. Anthony Youn‘s opinions don’t match with people’s convictions, they have begun to disregard the expert’s opinions as well. They are utterly convinced that Madison Beer has had a nose job because her nose looks different than before and it sure does but can plastic surgery be the only reason that it has changed? Can’t it have been any other thing? Like makeup and angles and lighting.

The Melodies songstress has never straight-up denied that her nose looks different than before, she has only ever denied having a nose job. About the difference in her face, in a 2019 interview with Insider, she said

I’ve never had any work done on my face. I genuinely think it’s the lighting and makeup. I know people will say, ‘Oh, but her nose looks different, her lips look different,’ but that’s what happens when you gain weight and lose weight. Your features kind of move around.

In 2020, Madison Beer stressed that her face literally changes every day due to lighting which creates a false impression of what she looks like while denying that she has had any plastic surgery (nose job) on her face for the umpteenth time. Denying cosmetic work has never worked in her favor because people only think she’s lying through her teeth when she does that.

But when she took a new route and posted a video showing a before and after of her nose, she managed to convince some fans that she never had a nose job. In the TikTok video she posted on her private account, Madison Beer zoomed in on her face and showed her nose from every angle and highlighted how it looked normal from certain angles but of a completely different shape from other angles. Especially, it looked too perfect from her side profile. This video changed the opinions of many fans and now, they don’t give her much hard time about her nose.