Maggie Oliver Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With Her Wrinkleless Face!


Maggie Oliver appears to have gotten plastic surgery on her face. – Maggie Oliver has people wanting to know if she has had plastic surgery after her recent appearance on GB News. The former detective used to look like a regular 68-year-old woman but now, her skin looks much smoother and is wrinkle-free which is in contrast to her neck and chest which is full of wrinkles. Maggie Oliver has not responded to the plastic surgery speculations but it does look like she may have dabbled in Botox. 

Maggie Oliver is a former detective who turned into a whistleblower who exposed the poor handling, gross negligence, and sheer incompetence of the Rochdale child s*x abuse ring case by the Greater Manchester Police, which was a part of. She was a Detective Constable in the police force that she had joined in 1997. She remained with the force but after she realized that they were not taking the s*xual abuse and grooming of young girls in Rochdale seriously, she resigned.

Since then, Maggie Oliver has been tirelessly working to try to serve justice to the victims and protect them by bringing the grooming gang to justice. You can also see her raising awareness about grooming and s*xual abuse and what people can do to tackle that problem. She’s recently made an appearance on GB News to talk about how the grooming case was handled. That appearance, among other much heavier and serious things, sparked plastic surgery speculations about her. Because people cannot help but talk about it and we cater to queries about cosmetic works, let’s talk about that!

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Maggie Oliver’s Plastic Surgery: The Wrinkles of Her Face Have Disappeared!

Maggie Oliver (@maggieoliveruk) is now facing speculations that she has indulged in plastic surgery because of how smoother and younger she has gotten in her recent appearances, compared to before. She looks like she has dabbled in Botox to get rid of the lines and creases on her face.

Maggie Oliver has become the subject of plastic surgery discussion. houseandwhips.comMaggie Oliver has become the subject of plastic surgery discussion.
Image Source: BBC

I would never have thought that Maggie, the detective turned into a whistleblower, among other people, would ever be the subject of discussions about cosmetic procedures but here we are now. Because she does not belong to the entertainment industry and her credit to fame (her being a public figure) is very dark and sinister, nobody would have thought that people would talk about her plastic surgery in case her name came up in any way.

Also, it’s the fact that Maggie Oliver has always looked her age. She has never looked plastic but she has never looked ageless as well. She does not look young at all. She looks like a regular aging woman with lots of wrinkles and lines. Nobody would ever look at her and think, “Wow! She’s maintained herself really well, she’s looking really good for her age,” or “Oh, she should have stayed away from plastic surgery and let herself age naturally.” But how things have changed since then?

It was noticeable that Maggie Oliver does not look like a regular aging woman anymore when she made an appearance on GB News. “The review into Operation Span and the investigation of non-recent child s*xual exploitation in Rochdale” was published on 15 January and she was invited by GB News to talk about the publication of the first part of that independent review. It was this appearance of her that sparked plastic surgery speculations about her.

Maggie Oliver Has Not Talked Plastic Surgery Ever!

Maggie Oliver may have dabbled in Botox. houseandwhips.comMaggie Oliver may have dabbled in Botox.
Image Source: BBC

As Oliver spoke of how failures are still happening and how what happened with the Great Manchester Police and the Rochdale grooming case is a systemic problem that needs to be reformed and broadened beyond the grooming gangs, people could not help but be distracted by how smooth her face looked. They remember that it’s not how she used to look. She used to have wrinkles and lines all over her face but suddenly, she was wrinkle-free. That’s when they realized that Maggie Oliver may have indulged in plastic surgery.

If there’s anybody out there with the argument that she just looks like that because she has been de-aged in post-production, then let me remind you that she’s appeared on a news program, not a movie and I will also point out that it’s clearly not de-aging because look at her neck and chest and then, look at her face. How come she is only de-aged in the face but is still full of wrinkles on her neck and chest? Answer: Maggie Oliver is not de-aged, she has just had plastic surgery on her face.

She has most likely had Botox to get rid of the wrinkles and lines on her face. There’s no other explanation. Just look at her older pictures and compare them side-by-side to her recent ones and you will see how smooth her skin looks compared to before. The same cannot be said for her neck and chest which is in stark contrast to how youthful her face looks. If that’s not enough proof that Maggie Oliver has had plastic surgery, I don’t know what is. Also, note that she has not responded to the speculations.