Maria Menounos’ Plastic Surgery: Has The Television Presenter Had Cosmetic Procedures?


Maria Menounos' Plastic Surgery: Has The Television Presenter Had Cosmetic Procedures?

Maria Menounos never even had a chance at avoiding becoming the subject of plastic surgery speculations. The journalist and TV presenter hasn’t changed much in all these years and looks the same as ever, which has led people to suspect that she has had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, and breast augmentation. Maria Menounos has never given any time to those plastic surgery speculations and is yet to confirm or deny them. 

Maria Menounos is an American journalist, television presenter, and actress. She currently serves as the CEO of the online podcast series network AfterBuzz TV, which she also co-created. Currently, she is also signed to WWE. She has served as an ambassador of WWE since 2013. She also hosts the podcast Conversations with Maria Menounos.

You might remember her from when she was a TV correspondent for Today, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood. You might also recognize her from when she hosted Extra and E! News, and from the time she co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Greece. Either way, she has been everywhere and she is very popular.

People have noticed that she has not changed much throughout all these years, which has given a rise to plastic surgery speculations about her. She is in her mid-forties now and yet, she looks young as ever. Fans highly suspect it has more to do with cosmetic treatments rather than just skincare, diet, and workouts. Let’s find out more about Maria Menounos’ plastic surgery!

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Maria Menounos’ Plastic Surgery: The Television Presenter is Speculated to Have Had Botox, a Nose Job, Lip Fillers, and Breast Augmentation!

Maria Menounos (@mariamenounos) is undoubtedly an extremely gorgeous woman. She looks very radiant and glowing and young at 44 years of age. This makes up a question: Is she all-natural or did she have plastic surgery because surely, she couldn’t look that youthful at her age without any artificial interventions? Fans have answered that question for themselves. They believe she has gotten Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, and breast augmentation.

In showbiz (she has come a long way in Hollywood and has gotten her first leading role), it’s a plastic surgery rumor waiting to happen if people over the age of 35 don’t immediately start developing a few wrinkles and lines because how else could you know that the person is growing old and aging? By that standard, Maria Menounos has had almost a decade to show signs of aging and yet, there she is looking like she has always looked, looking the way she looked (looks) when she was young.

So, obviously, people were naturally going to make speculations that the television presenter has had Botox. Yes, she must have had anti-wrinkle injections and that is how she must have stayed wrinkle-free like that. Because even with the best skincare and a proper diet and a rigid exercise regime, one ought to have a few lines and wrinkles by 44. But she has not. She must have had Botox then.

Also, people also suspect Maria Menounos has had a nose job. Though this one has nothing to do with her aging and is done for aesthetic purposes than as an anti-aging procedure, it still is plastic surgery. As fans were going through her pictures of when she was young and her recent pictures and marveling at how she has not changed much in those years, they saw a change in her nose.

Now, the perceived change in her nose could be due to several things. It could be because of light placement in the photos, or it could be contouring and makeup. But people think a nose job might be the reason. After all, it’s very common for celebrities to get a rhinoplasty. In fact, this plastic surgery is more like a rite of passage for them. They believe that her nose now looks more pointed and straighter. Well, no nose is perfect for Hollywood. So, maybe she got it done. However, some think that it doesn’t make sense for Maria Menounos to get a nose job because as a wrestler, it seems too much of a hassle when there is a chance that her nose could be broken in the ring again.

Besides a nose job, Maria Menounos is also suspected of having undergone breast augmentation. She has at least gone two cup sizes up and increased to 32 C is what many people who have observed her throughout the years believe. They think that her breasts now look rounder and more perfect than before. And that could be possible only with plastic surgery.

There are other rumors that she injected fillers into her lips. She apparently had thin lips whereas she now has plump and bigger lips.

All these rumors and speculations about Maria Menounos have never been confirmed or denied by her. She never addressed them.

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