Mila Mulroney Would Absolutely Get Plastic Surgery!


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Mila Mulroney has had the most obvious cosmetic surgery. – Mila Mulroney has definitely had plastic surgery done on herself. By her own admission, she got a nose job to fix it after she sustained injuries due to a car accident ages ago. By the looks of her stiff and pillowy face, she has had Botox and fillers as well. She has not admitted to having anything other than the nose job. But Mila Mulroney has never struck anyone as the type who would not go under the knife.

Mila Mulroney is the widow of Brian Mulroney, the former and 18th Prime Minister of Canada. She is one of the most popular Prime Minister wives because as a housewife, she appealed to all kinds of demographics, and she also played a greater role during her husband’s tenure than the previous wives, especially by campaigning for several children’s charities. She did not just enjoy love and adoration from the Canadian public but she also faced severe criticism for her lavish spending habits.

Mila Mulroney, who is a former celebrity patron of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, was as popular as her Prime Minister husband during his tenure because she very actively supported him in everything. Many PC campaigns featured her face along with her husbands because ‘she will get more votes for Brian than he will for himself’. I think you can tell that she was and is a celebrity in her own right. So, as we do about any celeb who looks like a mannequin or just about any celeb, let’s talk about all the work she has had!

Mila Mulroney Has Gone Overboard with Botox and Fillers!

Mila Mulroney’s plastic surgery is the easiest to tell because it’s as obvious as it can get. Even with untrained eyes, you can tell that she has overloaded her face with too much Botox and fillers. As for her nose job, she has already admitted to it. 

Mila Mulroney has absolutely had cosmetic work done. houseandwhips.comMila Mulroney has absolutely had cosmetic work done.
Image Source: The US Sun

If you think that anyone who comes from a political background doesn’t care much for their appearance and aesthetics, then Mila is one to prove you wrong because she’s very meticulous and fussy about her looks, more so than anyone from the glam industry. She is kind of obsessed with the way she looks which must be why she has not dealt well with aging. How can we tell that she is not so fond of aging? From the tons of cosmetic procedures she has had.

Looking at her, it looks like Mila Mulroney pulled out all the stops to prevent her youthfulness from slipping and to stop aging altogether, and even went beyond that which is to say that she had more Botox and fillers than it required to de-age her. She must not have known when to stop or she probably thought, ‘the more you inject your face, the younger you look’ or something because she would not have looked like a mannequin otherwise. That she has gone under the knife and injections is the most obvious because she has overloaded her face with it.

It has not bode well for Mila Mulroney that she is someone who has all the resources at her disposal because that combined with her obsession with looks has pushed her to the path of cosmetic surgery that she has not been able to stop walking from the looks of it. Her face is very smooth, it’s smooth to the point that she looks like marble in some pictures. She looks that stiff and pillowy as well. The tons of Botox and filler have certainly done a number on her face. Her face just screams botched cosmetic treatments.

Mila Mulroney Has Not Mentioned Having Anything Except for a Nose Job!

Mila Mulroney has gone overboard with Botox and fillers. houseandwhips.comMila Mulroney has gone overboard with Botox and fillers.
Image Source: The US Sun

She has never talked about having her face injected, she has only ever admitted to having a nose job. In ‘Mila’, an authorized biography about her, it was mentioned that she had gone under the knife to repair and reduce the size of her nose after she sustained injuries in a car accident. But even the nose job she opened up about, she didn’t say it was for cosmetic purposes. Going by that, I don’t think Mila Mulroney would admit to Botox and fillers or any elective procedures.

Well, it’s not like she would be keeping people in the dark about her cosmetic surgery with her silence because not only is it so obvious, but she also strikes everyone as someone who would absolutely get work done on her appearance because everyone knows that she is a glamorous spendthrift. She was once infamous for her lavish spending habits and her materialistic tendencies. As such, people would be shocked if Mila Mulroney did not have cosmetic treatments. As it is, to them, it just tracks that she looks the way she did because it’s in keeping with what their opinions about her being superficial and materialistic are.

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