Did Miley Cyrus Get a Nose Job? Check Out Before and After Pics!

Derick Scholz

Miley Cyrus' nose job is very obvious. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Miley Cyrus has had a nose job among many other plastic surgery procedures. The popstar’s nose was very big, wide, and bulbous whereas it looks very petite and refined now. Miley Cyrus has never confirmed having a nose job but I don’t think her rhinoplasty can go unnoticed. 

It’s nothing short of iconic how Miley Cyrus has gone from starring in one of the most successful Disney shows, Hannah Montana, and being one of the most famous child stars to being a showstopping rock star who’s established her music legacy with her talent and exceptional vocal prowess. She was hailed as the “Teen Queen” in the 2000s. Now, she’s known as the “Pop Chameleon” because of her versatility and ever-evolving artistry. In simple words, she is a multi-genre queen and we can’t help but stan.

There’s a buzz every time Miley Cyrus releases new music these days and every time she releases new music and comes into the spotlight, her fans start speculating about her plastic surgery. She has evolved not only in terms of her artistry but also in terms of her looks which is something people love to discuss. They especially like to talk about her nose job because it’s the most obvious cosmetic surgery she has gotten. So, let’s talk about her rhinoplasty!

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Miley Cyrus Before and After Nose Job: Her Nose Looks Much Slimmer Now!

Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) looks nothing like she did in her Hannah Montana days and one of the reasons why is her nose job among many other plastic surgery procedures she seems to have gotten.

Miley Cyrus has obviously undergone a nose job procedure. houseandwhips.comMiley Cyrus has obviously undergone a nose job procedure.
Image Source: Billboard

Do you remember how Miley used to look when she was starring in and as Hannah Montana? If you didn’t know her then, do you think that you would be able to recognize from the pictures that she’s the rockstar Miley of today? I bet you couldn’t because she does not even look remotely similar to how she looks now. She’s changed so much that it’s hard to tell it’s the same person. She’s had almost every plastic surgery procedure – a nose job, eyelid surgery, veneers, cheek fillers, buccal fat removal, and many others.

You might think that the transformation is just Miley Cyrus growing into her looks as she aged and while it might be partly true, that’s not the complete truth. I mean, fine, time might have made her eyelids less hooded and it might have plumped her cheeks and then, with time, she may have lost her baby fat from her cheeks. But what about her nose? Is it possible that noses get slimmer as one ages? Yeah, I don’t think so. She’s had a nose job for sure.

Miley Cyrus’s nose was very prominent when she was a child star because it was big. She had a very distinctive and wide nose with a notably bulbous tip. It wasn’t the most aesthetic-looking. Things have changed since then and Miley, as an adult, has an extremely slim and sharp nose. It’s more button-like than it ever was. It’s so obviously tiny compared to before. It’s petite. And that’s how you can tell that she has had a nose job.

Miley Cyrus Has Never Confirmed Having a Nose Job!

Miley Cyrus has not confirmed that she has had her nose done. houseandwhips.comMiley Cyrus has not confirmed that she has had her nose done.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

If you still are not convinced that the Flowers hitmaker has had rhinoplasty and believe that it’s contouring that gives the illusion that she has a slimmer nose or something like that because she has not admitted to having the plastic surgery, then let’s hear from the experts who can distinguish contouring from plastic surgery much better than you can. Spoiler Alert: They think she has had her nose done. This is what cosmetic surgeon Dr. Aamer Khan had to say regarding Miley Cyrus‘ nose job.

From my experience, I think Miley’s had her nose changed. The tip looks as though it’s been refined, as it was a little bulbous before. And her nostrils appear to have been narrowed.

Dr. Gary Linkov also seemed to agree with pro makeup artist and YouTuber Stephanie Lange that the Party in the USA singer has gotten a rhinoplasty. Lange stated that Miley’s nose was made “too thin” which didn’t suit her face as well as the thicker bridge did and Linkov had this to say about Miley Cyrus’ nose job.

I definitely see what Stephanie is referring to here. It looks like the bridge of the nose has narrowed, as has the tip as well. It still has some semblance of her old nose but it definitely looks smaller. The way that the bridge has narrowed in a case like Miley’s is through osteotomies, where the bones of the nose are actually broken to allow them to come together for that bridge to look thinner.

Dr. Anthony Youn also seems to think that Miley Cyrus has had a nose job.

So overall, the change with Mile Cyrus (nose) is fairly modest, but there definitely is a change there, so this is one that I believe is a really nice example of a hidden rhinoplasty or nose job.