Nigella Lawson Does Not Need Plastic Surgery to Look Young!


Nigella Lawson has not admitted to having plastic surgery. – Nigella Lawson has never admitted to having plastic surgery even though she is widely suspected of having taken help from cosmetic procedures with aging. The food writer looks as young as she was in her 20s and possibly even more beautiful than then, in her sixties. Nigella Lawson insists on skincare but people think it’s plastic surgery anyway, including Botox, fillers, a facelift, breast implants, and liposuction.

Nigella Lawson is truly a Domestic Goddess, not because of how expertly she can manage households, but also because of how incredible she looks. She has worked as a book reviewer, she has been a restaurant critic, and she has worked as a freelance journalist, writing for a number of newspapers and magazines. She also has her own cooking show and she has her own cookware line called Living Kitchen as well. But let’s not talk about any of that, let’s talk about her looks today!

Nigella Lawson has revealed herself as someone who never ages with time. I mean, it does not seem possible but she looks more beautiful than she did when she was young. Looking at her and then learning that she is 63 now just blows your mind because what woman in her sixties looks like that? She has perfect skin and the most gorgeous face. People suspect that she has had plastic surgery but she insists on a skincare regimen. People don’t believe her.

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Nigella Lawson’s Plastic Surgery: What’s The Reason Behind Her Ageless Looks?

Nigella Lawson‘s (@nigellalawson) followers are of the opinion that she has had plastic surgery to help with her aging. She is suspected of having Botox, fillers, a facelift, breast implants, and liposuction.

Nigella Lawson is widely suspected of having plastic surgery to look young. houseandwhips.comNigella Lawson is widely suspected of having plastic surgery to look young.
Image Source: British Vogue

Nigella literally blinds everyone who sees her with her perfect shiny skin. She has the brightest and smoothest complexion that looks so dreamy and she is 63. She looks better and younger than when she was actually young. She really has not aged a bit and people can’t help but think she has had the aid of plastic surgery. But if you ask her, it’s the feeling healthy and good that has kept her from aging. In an interview in 2008, Nigella Lawson said,

I think what ages a face most is disappointment and a lack of enjoyment. So I try to do what I love.

The cook writer has her share of bad days sometimes, and it almost always “exposes” her a little bit. For instance, in 2014, she was spotted looking very pale, stiff, swollen, and puffy. Granted, she was coming off a transatlantic flight then but it’s amazing how she looks when there is no makeup to cover her face. Maybe if she had worn makeup then, she wouldn’t look as stiff and swollen. That look of hers made it seem like she had had plastic surgery. Botox because she looked frozen and fillers because how puffy her face was!

Nigella Lawson had posed for the cover of Vogue magazine just the previous year and had admitted at the time that she was terrified of being pictured without her make-up on and I think we know why. She thinks that she does not look good when she is bare-faced. Also, it acts as a cover for the plastic surgery (it definitely looks like she has had anti-wrinkle and filler injections).

I hate having my looks talked up. It always makes me feel I’m going to be a disappointment in the flesh.

Nigella Lawson Has Never Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Nigella Lawson has never admitted to having cosmetic treatments. houseandwhips.comNigella Lawson has never admitted to having cosmetic treatments.
Image Source: The Mirror

Nigella’s never a disappointment when it comes to flesh. She’s always serving with her looks. And even when she looked stiff and puffy, it was her bad face day but she still looked good. I think it’s just her that keeps raising the standard for herself because people are so used to her looking perfect and drop-dead gorgeous all the time. She has done a great job of maintaining herself. How? A mix of plastic surgery and skincare regimen, most likely, though she has never admitted to the former. She only swears by the latter. She swears by facial massage and products.

Nigella Lawson would admit to using washing gloves to exfoliate her face but she wouldn’t admit to having a facelift or breast implants or liposuction. Many are convinced that she has had a facelift because her face looks tight and pinned up and, alo breast implants because her breasts are bigger and rounder than they were when she was young. She is also suspected of liposuction because of her toned physique but people might be wrong on that one because her weight often fluctuates and it’s well-known that she has a personal trainer and that’s how she might be maintaining her. Either way, lots of plastic surgery accusations and nothing from her.

As far as she is concerned, the reason behind her youthful and flawless skin and crystal clear complexion is that she exfoliates them with dishwashing gloves.

I am the sucker who buys things. I recently bought some washing up gloves with silicone bits on the palm for scrubbing. I exfoliate with them. I like them.

Note that the doctors have warned against that cheap hack and that Nigella Lawson might be lying with that one in order to cover for her plastic surgery. It’s just speculation but it might be true. Even if she had surgery, I don’t think she’s someone who would admit to it.