Why Did Omid Scobie Have To Get All That Plastic Surgery?


Omid Scobie went way overboard with plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Omid Scobie has gone way overboard with plastic surgery. You don’t even need before and after pictures to tell that he has surgically altered his face because even without the comparison, he looks uncanny valley. Omid Scobie has never admitted to having plastic surgery other than Botox but he is suspected of having a nose job, lip fillers, jaw implants, and eyebrow lift as well. 

Omid Scobie is best known for co-authoring a book that focuses on the British royal family. He used to work for Us Weekly where he was primarily required to report on the royals. He continued on with reporting about royals as he took a job as royal editor-at-large at Harper’s Bazaar and the royal contributor at ABC News. Then, in 2020, he, along with American journalist Carolyn Durand, co-wrote a book titled Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

Just this month, Omid Scobie released another book called Endgame, in which he criticizes the institution of the British royal family and the individual members as well. As he did the publicity round for the book, people remembered how manufactured and un-lively he looked. Anybody could tell he has gone overboard with plastic surgery. Now, it has once again become a hot topic of discussion!

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Omid Scobie’s Before and After Plastic Surgery: He Looks So Manufactured Now!

Omid Scobie (@scobiesnaps), you can tell by how he looks that he has umm…abused plastic surgery, for lack of a better word. He has not ever revealed it but lots of people seem to think he has had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, an eyebrow lift, and jaw implants.

Omid Scobie appears to have had tons of plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comOmid Scobie appears to have had tons of plastic surgery.
Image Source: The Mirror

It’s very unfortunate for Scobie that it does not take a genius to tell that he has dabbled in all sorts of cosmetic procedures that have ever been invented because he has not just dabbled in them, he has messed with his face with them. I don’t mean to be overdramatic but every time he went under the knife or injection, each time, the innocence and naturalness of his face was stolen. He went crazy with plastic surgery when he could have just stopped after a few.

Omid Scobie looked perfectly fine when he was natural. He looked fine as in he did not have any unconventional features that would stand out and due to which he would be deemed ugly by society. But I guess once the money started pouring in, he couldn’t resist altering himself to give himself a more macho-type look. By the way, the way he’s bought a stronger jawline makes it look like he’s giving himself a masculine makeover with plastic surgery.

Now, it’s sad to look at him because he is a complete disaster. You don’t even need before and after pictures to tell that Omid Scobie has had cosmetic procedures because even without comparison, he looks like a mess. He looks uncanny valley, like he’s not even a human. So manufactured and so fake. Somebody on the internet said that he looked like an inflatable Ken doll from the 60s and they couldn’t have more apt in their description. He really should have known when to stop with plastic surgery.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Has Omid Scobie Had?

Omid Scobie has only ever admitted to Botox. houseandwhips.comOmid Scobie has only ever admitted to Botox.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

Scobie should not have had tons of Botox and fillers because it has made him look so rubbery and waxy like a mannequin. He should not have had that nose job because it now looks too perfect but generic and his face does not really have character now, if that makes sense. And that eyebrow lift has given him a forever surprised look. Also, I think he can’t move his face now. He looks too stiff. I don’t know if plastic surgery has made even a little improvement on his natural face.

Omid Scobie’s stronger jawline seems to have drastically changed his appearance and made him look more striking but that’s it. Other than that, no other procedures have gone well for him. Even though the fact that he has abused cosmetic treatments and messed with his face is very obvious, he still won’t admit it. Not that he owes any of us any explanation of what he does with his face, but the way he admits to only Botox as if he hasn’t had other plastic surgery is so annoying.

In an interview with The Times, he confessed that he has tried Botox and Ultherapy and that’s it. Come on! Does he really think that people would buy that? It’s like, either completely refrain from making comments on the plastic surgery speculations or reveal it all. Don’t lie by omission because it’s really an insult to the intelligence of the public. He really said with a straight face,

I have not been under the knife, not done anything crazy.

Not that he can express much with his stiff face but it’s a bit appalling, all the same, Omid Scobie.