Sharleen Spiteri Plastic Surgery: Her Secret to Anti-aging?


Sharleen Spiteri Plastic Surgery: Her Secret to Anti-aging?

Many fans believe Sharleen Spiteri, 56, has undergone plastic surgery, including Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift because she appears wrinkle-free in some of her photos. 

Sharleen Eugene Spiteri is a Scottish singer and guitarist best known for her work with the rock band, Texas. She has been a prominent figure in the music industry since 1988, with a contralto vocal range.

Recently, viewers have been fascinated by Sharleen Spiteri’s change in appearance. Many people claim her facial seems very different than when she first appeared in the late 90s. As a result, they are curious to know if she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Sharleen Spiteri Is Suspected of Undergoing Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures in Order to Appear Younger Than Her Actual Age!

If you’re not aware, Sharleen Spiteri (@sharleenspiteri) first gained fame in the late 1980s when her debut album, Southside, debuted at the top of the charts. While she is still active as a singer, she has largely fallen off the radar with the current generation due to her frequent disappearances from the public eye. So, looking at her now, no one would recognize her because her appearance has completely changed so much due to plastic surgery.

Sharleen Spiteri has been accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures to prevent aging. houseandwhips.comSharleen Spiteri has been accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures to prevent aging.
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People probably remember her from the time she sang her anthemic, White on Blonde, in 1997. Everyone remembers her, but she looks nothing like she did back then. Since then, she no longer seems the same youthful sensation that enthralled and mesmerized the Scottish with that performance. So, many believe she received plastic surgery to stay younger than her actual age.

Sharleen Spiteri appears to have undergone Botox treatments, but it’s unclear when she has stopped because her face appears to have been attempted to be completely erased, rather than just the wrinkles and lines. Just look at her flawless skin texture, which appears eerie, and you’ll understand what we mean. Also, her pillowy and strange complexion had to be caused by fillers.

Furthermore, The singer also appears to have received a facelift, as her face appears snatched and tight. There have also been rumors that she had a nose job. However, she has neither accepted nor denied the allegations yet. All of the above information is based on speculation.

In conclusion, more than 20 years have passed, so it’s unlikely that Sharleen Spiteri would still look the same without plastic surgery. She would have aged and looked nothing like herself. Despite her natural aging, people would have recognized her because she was the same person behind the wrinkles and lines.

However, just have a look at her now and see if she resembles herself in any way from her younger years. Let me assure you that she does not, probably as a result of plastic surgery.

A Quick Look At Sharleen Spiteri’s Early Life!

Sharleen Spiteri was born in Bellshill, Scotland, and came from a mixed background that included German, Italian, Irish, and Maltese ancestry. Her father, Eddie, was a guitar-playing merchant seaman, and her mother, Vilma, was a singing window dresser. During her childhood, the family relocated from the Glasgow suburbs to Balloch, near Loch Lomond.

Sharleen Spiteri is the lead singer of the rock band, Texas. houseandwhips.comSharleen Spiteri is the lead singer of the rock band, Texas.
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Later, she found solace and fascination in pop culture during her teen years. Music became her refuge, and she remembers spending Saturdays buying singles with colorful plastic sleeves. Her bedroom had a mural of the legendary singer, Siouxsie Sioux. She emphasized in her youth that musicians begin as geeks and progress to become rock stars.

Sharleen earned the nickname ‘Spit the Dog’ while attending Vale of Leven Academy, inspired by a character from the TV show, Tiswas. Despite the label, her early experiences shaped her passion for music, paving the way for her future as Texas‘ lead singer and solo career. She co-founded the band in 1989 while working as a hairdresser in Glasgow.

The band’s debut album Southside (1989), achieved international success with the hit single, I Don’t Want a Lover. Later, they released several albums such as White on Blonde (1997) and The Hush (1999) over the years, reaching the pinnacle of success with multiple chart-topping singles.

However, Sharleen Spiteri later went solo in 2008, releasing albums such as Melody and The Movie Songbook. Despite a five-year hiatus from 2005 to 2013, Texas triumphantly returned with albums such as The Conversation (2013) and Hi (2021). Furthermore, her contributions to Texas and solo endeavors have cemented her status as a prominent figure in the music industry, with chart-topping hits, critical acclaim, and a resilient presence in the spotlight.