Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery: Has He Had a Nose Job?


Patrick Dempsey's followers want to know if he has had plastic surgery.

Patrick Dempsey’s plastic surgery speculations have been on the rise since he was declared the sexiest man alive of 2023 by People. Well, going by the wrinkles and lines he has, it looks like the actor is aging without the use of Botox. The only thing he seems to have had is a nose job because he had a deviated septum. Patrick Dempsey has never made any mention of other plastic surgery. 

Patrick Dempsey is probably going to be remembered forever as the neurosurgeon Derek ‘McDreamy’ Shepherd in the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy even though he has gone on to star in loads of notable movies since then. He has made his name with his roles in romance movies such as Enchanted and he has also impressed people with his dramatic roles in movies such as Outbreak and Ferrari.

Patrick Dempsey’s great at every role he does and not only he is extremely talented at something that he loves second to auto racing and motorsports, but he is very gorgeous as well. It’s not for nothing that he was named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2023. Oh, did you know that he was named the sexiest man alive? Why do you think there has been a rise in plastic surgery speculations about him? Let’s discuss whether he has had cosmetic treatments or not!

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Patrick Dempsey’s Plastic Surgery: He Does Not Seem to Have Had Botox!

The general public wants to know if Patrick Dempsey (@patrickdempsey) has taken any help from plastic surgery to maintain his looks and become the sexiest man alive. They want to know if he has used Botox and such to keep aging and wrinkles at bay. There are no reports of Botox but there have been rumors that she has had a nose job.

Patrick Dempsey does not appear to have had anti-aging plastic surgery procedure. houseandwhips.comPatrick Dempsey does not appear to have had anti-aging plastic surgery procedures.
Image Source: Bustle

The hot news this week is that People magazine has chosen its Sexist Man Alive in 2023 and it’s none other than our dreamy Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy. You got to admit that Dempsey is indeed hot. But how is he so hot? How can he be sexy when he’s nearing his sixties? I am not being ageist by implying that an old man can’t look good. It’s not a rhetorical question, people genuinely want to know how he has maintained himself to look that great at his age. Has he had plastic surgery?

Hollywood folks getting cosmetic treatments as they age is very common and Patrick Dempsey is one of them too. While it’s true that he’s very gorgeous, it’s also true that he’s old and he’s aging, and generally, when people tend to age, when they start developing wrinkles and stuff, they stop being considered attractive or sexy. Only if they manage to age like wine i.e. without creases and lines will they be regarded as good-looking but that’s not possible without plastic surgery.

Only if people get the right amount of Botox to smooth out the wrinkles from their faces without getting all waxy and stiff will they have aged the right way. The general public wants to know if Patrick has done that. Has he had the anti-wrinkle injection to sort his lines and creases? Was he considered sexy because of that? Well, it looks like his sexiness mostly has to do with how extremely fit and well-maintained he is because Botox, he has definitely not gotten. He seems to have grown old without anti-aging plastic surgery.

Patrick Dempsey’s Nose Job: Check Out His Before and After Plastic Surgery Pics!

Now, Patrick Dempsey might not have gotten cosmetic treatments to de-age his age but he did get it for aesthetic purposes. There have been countless reports in the past that he got a nose job. If you look at his before and after pictures, you can tell that his nose is different now. Looks like the sexiest man alive is definitely not without plastic surgery.

Patrick Dempsey is rumored to have gotten a nose job. houseandwhips.comPatrick Dempsey is rumored to have gotten a nose job.
Image Source: People

His nose used to be very wide and the tip too bulbous as well. Now, it looks much narrower and sharper. It’s a whole different shape now and noticeably so. Though it very much seems like a choice guided by aesthetic reasons, he reportedly said that he underwent the plastic surgery procedure to fix the deviated septum he had as a result of a childhood sports injury.

Apparently, Patrick Dempsey started to have trouble breathing because of his nose after which he had to operate on it to open his airways which led to the change in the shape of his nose. While it became easier for him to breathe after he got the plastic surgery, visually, he said he was dissatisfied with the way his nose looked.

The rhinoplasty made his nose more asymmetrical and distinctive and kind of hardened his look. He lost that softness he had but that does not seem to be a problem now that he’s gotten old and it gives him a more rugged look. In fact, he seems to have declared the sexiest man alive because of his hardened look. So, maybe we can’t tell that Patrick Dempsey has gotten the title without the help of plastic surgery.

Note that these are all unverified reports.